First Responder Course

Learn life saving skills with Scottish Rugby's First Responder course.

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Following on from the launch of Scottish Rugby’s Player Welfare Action Plan for the domestic game, a new First Responder course has been created and is now available for the rugby community to undertake.

This First Responder online course will help develop your understanding of basic principles for bystanders offering assistance in the event of a serious injury or illness until more skilled help arrives.

This course does not replace first aid training nor gives you skills to be appointed as a qualified first aider. It aims to help you recognise when an immediate response is required to keep a player safe and use the basic skills discussed. Some of these skills can be life saving, for example CPR and use of an AED.

This course is suitable for players, coaches, spectators, families and carers and requires no previous experience, and forms the first step in Scottish Rugby’s First Aid Educational Pathway.

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