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To help improve the standard of front row play across Scotland, Scottish Rugby has launched a programme called Scrum School.

This year’s edition of Scrum School aims to bring high quality scrummaging content to coaches and players across Scotland.

In what will be a celebration of all things that makes packing down an art form, Scrum School will continue to educate coaches whilst giving players the opportunity to show off their skills.

Consisting of a series of practical workshops, online content, player competitions and celebration days; Scrum School will aim to develop the components strength, power and agility that define scrums.

The target group of players will be U16 & U18 so that we have a new crop of skilled forwards ready to make the transition into adult rugby.


Scrum School Timeline

Regional Coaching Workshops – Round 1

The programme will kick off with a series of practical workshops for coaches coaching youth players in the U15-18 age bands to enhance their knowledge of the scrum and get an insight into how to deliver high class, engaging sessions for the players in their environment.

Coaches will observe two example scrummaging sessions which they will then have the opportunity to develop and deliver in their own environment. Coaches will also learn about strength and mobility exercises which will support the individuals in their environments.

We encourage one coach from each club to attend to become the scrummaging expert within their environment. By attending the workshop, coaches will be able to support players’ engagement with the online content whilst understanding what they are looking out for when coaching a session.

Scrum School – Building a Scrum

Confirmed Dates

Book now 22 May (6.45pm – 8.30pm) Caledonia North – Highland RFC
Book now 29 May (6.45pm – 8.30pm) Caledonia Midlands – Kirkcaldy RFC
Book now 30 May (6.45pm – 8.30pm) Glasgow North – West of Scotland FC



To register for a course, please login to SCRUMS (more dates and locations to be added).

Player Challenges

By attending the first round of workshops, coaches will gain access to weekly online challenges that they can engage with and share with the players in their environment. The coaches can help the players complete the challenges and players can share their attempts with the chance to be featured across Scottish Rugby Platforms as our weekly Scrummaging Hero.

Scrum School – Player Challenges

Video Observation

Coaches will be given the opportunity to film themselves coaching a session within their environment. This is an opportunity for them to put what they learnt into practice. Each week, coaches can upload a 15 minute video of them coaching a scrum session. Then one of the Scrum School Educators will provide feedback to the coach based on the content of the session and the delivery.


Regional Coaching Workshop – Round 2

This time round it is the club coaches that will take the lead. Coaches will be invited to attend sessions and coach a group of players whilst being observed by the Scrum School Educators. The Educators will provide live feedback to develop the coaches knowledge and delivery. This will enhance the provision of scrum sessions across the nation.


Scrummaging Heroes

This is a day for the players. The heroes that are the bedrock of our game. The powerhouses in the Front Row. We will invite players to sessions across the regions that will be a celebration of scrummaging. Players will compete against each other in the challenges that they have been practising over the summer. Scrum School Educators will be in attendance to give tips and advice to the players so that they are ready to explode into the new season.



The Scrum School resources are hosted on Gainline and contains a wide range of activities for both coaches and players. Gainline will be going live at the Community Game Conference so sign up HERE to be among the first to have access to the content.

If you have any questions about Scrum School, please contact [email protected].

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