FOSORC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 11

FOSORC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 11

The FOSROC Super Series Championship continued this weekend with Round 11 - here's how each of the teams got on.

Friday 13 October: Stirling Wolves V FOSROC Future XV

The evening’s scoring began after some relentless attack from Stirling Wolves allowed the ball to get into the hands of stand-off Craig Jackson. A nifty kick through the Futures feet let last minute replacement Euan Cunningham to chase and ground the ball over the line.

Another try came shortly after for the Wolves when the ball was picked out of the scrum and passed to wing Ross McKnight who sprinted down his channel and over the whitewash.

The third try came for Stirling Wolves in quick succession through the formidable joint effort of Ross McKnight, Eric Davey and Craig Jackson. It was offload after offload between the team mates to allow the stand-off to dive over the line.

Wolves got their try bonus right at start of play when Ed Hassell broke through the Futures defence and passed into the hands of Ross McKnight who touched down for his second try of the evening. Marcus Holden kicked the extras.

Ross McKnight’s hat trick came almost immediately after when any and all Futures defence was trampled by the wing to tap down for another 5 points. Marcus Holden got the conversion.

After about 15 minutes of strong attack and defence from both sides, Ross McKnight added his fourth try of the evening by slipping past the Futures defence. Marcus Holden added the two extra points.

HALF-TIME:  Stirling Wolves 36 – 0 FOSROC Future XV

A perfectly timed offload from Ryan Southern to Ross McKnight let him impressively add his fifth try by putting his foot on the gas and dotting down right under the posts. Marcus Holden added the extras again.

Out of a rumbling maul and a few pick and goes, Wolves’ Reyner Kennedy put his name on the scoreboard by stretching over the line. Marcus Holden’s kick was good.

Another score for the Wolves came through Ed Hassell who again slipped through the Futures defence. Marcus Holden converted again.

Mikey Heron had his go at adding points to the scoreboard when he made his way through the visitors to dot down over the white wash. Marcus Holden got the extras.

It was only two minutes later when Mikey Heron added his second try of the evening by sprinting past his opposition and scoring between the posts. Craig Jackson took over kicking duties and added the extras.

The final Stirling try came in quick succession when a fast paced Ed Hassell offloaded to replacement scrum-half Ben Afshar let him dive between the posts. Craig Jackson converted.

FULL-TIME:  Stirling Wolves 78 – 0 FOSROC Future XV

Referee: Hollie Davidson
FOSROC Player of the Match: Ross McKnight (Stirling Wolves)

Stirling Wolves: Euan Cunningham, Ross McKnight (5), Craig Jackson, Reyner Kennedy, Ed Hassell, Mikey Heron (2), Ben Afshar

Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden (7), Craig Jackson (2)


Saturday 14 October: Heriot’s Rugby V Ayrshire Bulls

The afternoon’s scoring was kicked off by a successful Heriot’s line out which allowed them to form a heavy driving maul with Wallace Nelson at the helm. Nelson piled over to bring the hosts up five points. Ross Jones made the extras.

The Bulls answered a few minutes later after a penalty was awarded to the visitors close to Heriots’ line. Jamie Shedden took a quick tap and go to stretch over the line in the corner.

A collaboration straight from the training field. Heriot’s response only came a couple minutes later when a break from captain Ruairidh Leishman let him pass inside to Grant Hughes who offloaded back to the captain who was over the whitewash. Ross Jones’ kick was good.

Ayrshire Bulls got their second try of the afternoon when the ball was played down the field through several teammates. The ball was picked out of the ruck by Reiss Cullen and passed to Chris Hyde who dived over. Brad Rodrick-Evans made the extras.

Ayrshire Bulls got themselves out in front by one point after a successful penalty kick to the posts by Brad Rodrick Evans.

After a long series of intense attacking and defence phases, Heriot’s finally managed to break through the wall of Bulls defence and Jack Blain was over for his first try of the game. Ross Jones secured extras, concluding the first half.

HALF-TIME:  Heriot’s Rugby 21 – 15 Ayrshire Bulls

In the first few seconds of the second half, Ayrshire Bulls already managed to add in another try through a perfectly timed inception by scrum half Reiss Cullen who dotted down right between the posts. Brad Rodrick-Evans’ kick was good.

The quick try from Bulls didn’t sit well with Heriot’s as they responded only a couple minutes later with a break from the ruck by Jack Blain who dived over the line. Ross Jones made the conversion.

As the Bulls made their way back up to the Heriot’s line, hosts captain Ruairidh Leishman was shown a yellow for illegally denying the Bulls’ score.

The next try for the Bulls’ came after a prolonged period of scrummaging. When the visitors were awarded a penalty advantage, from the scrum captain Blair MacPherson tanked his way past the defence and stretched over the line. Brad Rodrick-Evans made the extras.

Jack Blain got a hat trick on his Heriot’s debut after he slipped past the Bulls’ defence to crash down over the white wash. Ross Jones got the conversion.

Ayrshire Bulls’ fought back almost immediately when Thomas Glendinning’s interception from first phase of play got his name on the scoreboard. Brad Rodrick-Evans’ kick was good bringing the visitors back in front by a single point.

Jack Blain was on fire as he snuck in his fourth try of the afternoon after a series of intense phases close to the Bulls’ line. Dan King took over kicking duties and slotted it between the posts.

Bulls gained possession behind their own line but their kick to clear was scuppered by Heriots’ Fin Campbell who jumped to win the ball against his Bulls counterparts and touched down. Dan King’s kick snuck through the posts.

FULL-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 49 – 36 Ayrshire Bulls

Referee: Ian Kenny
FOSROC Player of the Match: Jack Blain (Heriot’s Rugby)

Heriot’s Rugby: Wallace Nelson, Ruairidh Leishman, Jack Blain (4), Fin Campbell
Ayrshire Bulls: Jamie Shedden, Chris Hyde, Reiss Cullen, Blair MacPherson, Thomas Glendinning

Heriot’s Rugby: Ross Jones (5), Dan King (2),
Ayrshire Bulls: Brad Rodrick-Evans (5)

Ayrshire Bulls: Brad Rodrick-Evans

Heriot’s Rugby: Ruairidh Leishman


Saturday 14 October: Southern Knights v Boroughmuir Bears

An early penalty at the six-minute mark to Boroughmuir Bears due to Southern Knights being offside saw the visitors get an early three points on the scoreboard.

Both sides fought furiously from the onset, and it appeared as though Knights would get the first try but an interception from Trystan Andrews saw the ball returned downfield where it remained for the next 20 minutes of play.

After multiple scrum penalties in the Knights 22, the Bears were finally awarded after a pass out wide to fullback Euan Muirhead saw him fly over the try line. Conversion was unsuccessful.

Strides from Aidan Cross got the ball back into Bears territory and it wasn’t long before the Knights driving maul got Corbin Thunder over the line. With the low autumn sun directly in Gregor McNeish’s eyes he missed the conversion.

A yellow card was drawn for Knights Harry Borthwick for a deliberate knock on, but Knights held a firm defensive set and did not allow the Bears to further their lead as they headed into the break despite being a man down for the remainder of the half.

HALF-TIME: Southern Knights 5 – 8 Boroughmuir Bears

Both teams were hungry for the win, and this was demonstrated through their powerful defensive work to keep each other at bay. However, it was Knights who managed to break through after a successful offload from Aidan Cross to Donald Crawford allowed him to sprint to the try line. McNeish’s conversion this time was successful.

After a period of pick and go’s Bears added their second try to the scoreboard after a driving maul went to deck with skipper Craig Keddie at the helm. Andrew McLean had taken over kicking duties and the ball soared through the posts.

Living up to him name the Knights hooker thundered over the try line from the back of the maul for the second time this game and put the hosts back in the lead. Extras were added.

Knights were coming in hot for the bonus point try and were successful as Mikey Jones sprinted from just over the halfway line and there wasn’t a Bear’s player on the pitch that could stop him as he crashed over the whitewash. Conversion was successful.

Closing the game, a penalty for Southern Knights taken in the 79th minute more than secured their victory at home as McNeish slotted the ball between the sticks.

FULL-TIME: Southern Knights 29 – 15 Boroughmuir Bears

Referee: Mike Adamson
FOSROC Player of the Match: Aidan Cross (Southern Knights)

Southern Knights: Corbin Thunder (2), Donald Crawford, Mikey Jones
Boroughmuir Bears: Euan Muirhead, Craig Keddie

Southern Knights: Gregor McNeish (3)
Boroughmuir Bears: Andrew McLean

Southern Knights: Gregor McNeish
Boroughmuir Bears: George Paul

Southern Knights: Harry Borthwick


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