FOSORC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 8

FOSORC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 8

The FOSROC Super Series Championship is back this weekend after its stand-bye week - here's how each of the teams faired as the second half of the Championship got underway.

Friday 22 September: Watsonians v Ayrshire Bulls

It was a crisp evening as the game got underway at Myreside as both teams danced around each other without any points being scored for the first 25 minutes of play.

Both sides conceded multiple penalties during the first half, but it was only after Bull’s were offside that Watsonians Jason Baggott opted to kick from the 10-metre line and the ball soared through the posts putting the first points on the board.

Those first points ignited a spark in the opposition as they forced their way back into Watsonians territory. A successful throw-in led to a driving maul try and it was Jamie Drummond who crashed over the line for the Bull’s first points and the first try of the game. The conversion was successfully kicked by Brad Roderick-Evans

The hosts hit back almost instantly with a try of their own as they applied the pressure and put Bull’s defence to the test. It was Cal Davies who picked the ball up from the back of the ruck and grounded it over the line. The conversion was successfully kicked by Jason Baggott and the hosts led as they entered the break.

HALF-TIME: Watsonians 10 – 7 Ayrshire Bulls

The second half was much quicker to get started compared to the first but was almost a mirror image of the first points as an offside penalty awarded to Watsonians was neatly put away by Jason Baggott.

Hot of their penalty points Watsonians put seven more on the board after a cheeky inside pass from Cal Davies was gathered by Dom Coetzer and the fullback weaved his way past the Bull’s defence and sprinted to the try line. Extras were added.

Bulls retaliated quickly with a replicate of their first-half driving maul try and the pack was unstoppable with Alex McGuire planting the ball over the line for the try. The conversion was successful.

Bulls conceded another penalty to the hosts this time for a high tackle, and it was Lee Miller to stepped up to the kicking tee for the three points.

Another offside penalty was awarded again to Watsonians after they made multiple attempts at the try line hoping for the full seven points but settled for the three points as a consolation award secured again by Lee Miller.

The clock had ticked over the 80-minute mark but both teams continued to test each other. A yellow card was shown for Watsonians Mak Wilson for repeated weakness of the scrum which then resulted in a penalty-try for Bulls, closing the scoring for the game.

The final points were not enough to steal the win away from Watsonians as the hosts walked away victorious at Myreside.

FULL-TIME: Watsonians 26 – 21 Ayrshire Bulls

Referee: Ian Kenny
FOSROC Player of the Match: Kwagga van Neikerk (Watsonians)

Watsonians: Cal Davies, Dom Coetzer
Ayrshire Bulls: Jamie Drummond, Alex McGuire

Watsonians: Jason Baggott (2)
Ayrshire Bulls: Brad Roderick-Evans (2)

Watsonians: Jason Baggott (2), Lee Miller (2)

Watsonians: Mak Wilson


Saturday 23 September: Heriot’s Rugby v Boroughmuir Bears

Heriot’s opened the scoring at Goldenacre on Saturday afternoon after the forwards hard work paid off and they pushed themselves into the Bears territory and it was Fin Campbell who crashed over the whitewash. Ross Jones’ conversion was unsuccessful.

Bears remained ferocious in their attack and Heriot’s were being tested at every turn, but they were able to secure their second try at the 20-minute mark. Matt Davidson pushed his way into the Bears 22 past their defence before an offload to George Barber provided him the space he needed to score the host’s second try. Conversion was missed.

Heriot’s kept their momentum going and added their third after the ball was scooped up from the back of a driving maul by Callum Anderson who dove over the try line. Jones’ proved third time lucky and the conversion soared through the sticks.

The bonus point try was secured early for the hosts as Fin Campbell found his way over the try line again after being briefly held up by the Bear’s defence. Extras were added.

Bears found a spark of energy as the game approached half time and after a penalty kick got them deep into Heriot’s 22, they capitalised on this opportunity with a pass out wide to Callum Ramm who did not hesitate as he sprinted to the try line. George Paul’s conversion was successful, and Bears entered the break with seven points on the board but Heriot’s were leading the way.

HALF-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 24 – 7 Boroughmuir Bears

Heriot’s opened the scoring for the second half as the boys in blue headed for the try line after just eight minutes as Wallace Nelson grounded the ball for the try. Conversion was missed.

The Goldenacre outfit were at it again, this time the ball looked like it was going left which was enough to confuse the Bear’s defence for the split second it took for it to go to the right where Matt Davidson was there to gather and he scored the host’s sixth try. The kicking was proving difficult today as it went wide again.

Bears sought some consolation after a Heriot’s fumble presented the opportunity for the ball to be gathered on the wing by Euan Muirhead he had only been on the pitch for a couple of minutes flew over the try line. Extras were missed.

The final try of the game came for the homeside after replacement Euan McAra stormed up the pitch in the 78th minute. The conversion went wide but Heriot’s performance had more than secured their victory

FULL-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 39 – 12 Boroughmuir Bears

Referee: David Sutherland
FOSROC Player of the Match: Fin Campbell (Heriot’s Rugby)

Heriot’s Rugby: Fin Campbell (2), George Barber, Callum Anderson, Wallace Nelson, Matt Davidson, Euan McAra
Boroughmuir Bears: Callum Ramm, Euan Muirhead

Heriot’s Rugby: Ross Jones (2)
Boroughmuir Bears: George Paul


Saturday 23 September: Southern Knights v FOSROC Future XV

The FOSROC Future XV didn’t take long to get the ball rolling and within two minutes had already added points to the scoreboard. A successful lineout, fed in by Jerry Blyth-Lafferty in the Knights’ 22, let the Futures create a heavy maul to push Blyth-Lafferty over the line.

The Knights found a gap in the Futures defence and a dummy throw from Harris Rutherford allowed him to side step his opponents and pass to scrum half Chris Bell who dotted down. Harris Rutherford made the conversion, bringing the hosts out in front.

The response from the Futures came quickly when a cross field kick from Matthew Urwin landed in the hands of Kerr Johnston who pushed his way passed any Knights defence to dot down over the whitewash. Matthew Urwin’s conversion was good.

A inside pass to Aidan Cross stretched the Futures defence and allowed the wing to pass through the players in red and over the line. Harris Rutherford’s kick was good.

A series of powerful pick and goes and a stretch over the paint from Sam Derrick let him add his name to the scoreboard. Harris Rutherford’s kick was good again.

The Futures had to keep their cool after a couple of close tries, but when the they were awarded a penalty close to the line, a tap and go let captain Tom Currie to tank past the Knights’ defence and bring the visitors up another five points. Matthew Urwin’s kick was good.

After a series of heavy tackles, a nifty pass out Aidan Cross on the wing let him sprint past everyone in his path, securing another five points for the hosts. Harris Rutherford’s successful boot closed off the scoring for the first half.

HALF-TIME: Southern Knights 28 – 19 FOSROC Future XV

FOSROC Future XV’s Kerr Johnston nabbed his second try of the match when a pass out to him on the outside channel allowed him to put his foot on the gas and sprint up and over the white wash. Isaac Coates took over kicking duties and added the extras.

Some quick thinking, quick passes and even quicker running let the Futures offload through five players from the ruck and out to Amena Caqusau on the wing who dotted down for his first try of the game.

FOSROC Player of the Match Aidan Cross earned that title through a hat trick, when the ball was passed out through the Knights’ attack and to the winger who squeezed the ball in the corner. Harris Rutherford’s kick was good.

It was heartbreak for the visitors who almost secured a final winning try just before full time, but a badly timed infringement just before the try line meant the hosts secured a penalty and kicked the ball out of play.

FULL-TIME: Southern Knights 35 – 31 FOSROC Future XV

Referee: Mike Adamson

FOSROC Player of the Match: Aidan Cross (Southern Knights)

Southern Knights: Chris Bell, Aidan Cross (3), Sam Derrick
FOSROC Future XV: Jerry Blyth-Lafferty, Kerr Johnston (2), Amena Caqusau

Southern Knights: Harris Rutherford (5)
FOSROC Future XV: Matthew Urwin (2), Isaac Coates

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