Silver Saturday 2024 match reports

Silver Saturday 2024 match reports

Seven finals in one action-packed day. Silver Saturday is taking over Scottish Gas Murrayfield and Hive Stadium as the country's top men's and women's teams battle for silverware.

Women’s Shield Final, Scottish Gas Murrayfield, KO 11am – Biggar RFC v West of Scotland FC

A beautiful day at Scottish Gas Murrayfield was the perfect setting for the exciting Women’s Shield Final, where Biggar RFC beat West of Scotland RFC to lift the trophy. 

Scoring got underway almost immediately for Biggar when Geraldene Kimm got her hands on the ball and ran almost the full length of the pitch to dot down over the line. Emily Armstrong’s kick was good.

Biggar added their second try of the morning when the ball was collected close to the try line and passed out to Freya Lejkowski who broke through the West of Scotland defence to dive over the white wash. Emily Armstrong made the conversion.

Just a couple of minutes later, Freya Lejkowski added her second five-pointer when a nifty side step let her dodge the defense to race down and over the line. Emily Armstrong’s boot was good again, adding the full points.

Within the 26th minute, West of Scotland got their taste of scoring when the ball was offloaded throughout the backs and out to Olivia Martine MacCann on the wing who battled past the defense to dot down. 

West of Scotland added their second try of the morning after Rowan Todd got her hands on the ball and crashed through the defenders right under the sticks.

Just minutes before half time, Biggar got their fourth try when Emily Coubrough slipped through the West of Scotland defense and put her foot on the gas to dive over the line. Emily Armstrong’s kick was good again.

HALF-TIME: Biggar RFC 28 – 10 West of Scotland FC

The second half scoring got underway when Biggar were awarded a penalty close to the try line and Jennifer Bell took a quick pick and go to crash over the line. Emily Armstrong made the conversion.

Immediately after in the next phase of play, speedy Geraldene Kimm gathered the ball to race down half the length of the pitch, adding her second and her teams sixth try of the morning. Armstrong’s boot was the gift that just kept on giving, and she added the extras.

After a penalty advantage was awarded to West of Scotland close to the try line, Rowan Todd pushed past the defence to collapse over in the corner and add her second try of the morning.

In the 60th minute, Biggar brought play back up the field and just shy of the 22, Alexandra Phillips found the space and made a break for the try line adding another five.

Another four minutes later and Biggar added yet another try when a perfectly timed inside offload from Freya Lejkowski close to the try line got into the hands of Jennifer Bell who added her second try. Lejkowski converted.

Freya Lejkowski was on absolute fire as she picked up the ball within the West of Scotland half and tanked down the full length of the pitch to dive over the line for her hat trick. If that wasn’t enough, she converted her own try.

Biggar added yet another when a fantastic break and battle through defence from MacIver got the ball to Lisa Brown who dived over the line and got her taste of try scoring.

Merely seconds before the full time whistle, a quick offload to Olivia Martine MacCann saw the West of Scotland wing push past the defence and stretch over the line for the final score of the game.

FULL-TIME: Biggar RFC 66 – 20 West of Scotland FC

Player of the Match: Freya Lejkowski (Biggar RFC)

Biggar RFC: Geraldene Kimm (2), Freya Lejkowski (3), Emily Coubrough, Jennifer Bell (2), Alexandra Phillips, Lisa Brown 
West of Scotland FC: Olivia Martine MacCann (2), Rowan Todd (2) 

Biggar RFC: Emily Armstrong (6), Freya Lejkowski (2)

Referee – Madeleine Bullen
AR1 – Hannah Stewart
AR2 – Niamh Hay

Team sheets:
Biggar RFC: 15. Geraldene Kimm, 14. Alexandra Philipps, 13. Freya Lejkowski, 12. Abbie Baillie, 11. Fiona Laing, 10. Farah Conn, 9. Charlotte Harris, 1. Megan MacIver, 2. Alyson Henderson, 3. Poppy Clarkson, 4. Alison Russell, 5. Lily Glendinning, 6. Elise Knights, 7. Alison Orr (C), 8. Emily Armstrong
Replacements: 16. Verity Kennett, 17. Cerys Forrest, 18. Jennifer Bell, 19. Emily Coubrough, 20. Abigail Barrett, 21. Lisa Brown, 22. Eilidh Armstrong 

West of Scotland FC: 15. Amber Johnston, 14. Ailsa Neilson, 13. Jade Scott, 12. Rowan Todd, 11. Olivia Martine MacCann, 10. Alexa Smith (C), 9. Rachel Morrison, 1. Natasha Burge, 2. Pamela Duffy, 3. Vanessa Reid-Phelps, 4. Louise Wilson (VC), 5. Megan Scullion, 6. Holly MacDonald, 7. Rosie Broadhurst, 8. Ellie Williamson
Replacements: 16. Ashley Blair, 17. Ciera Campbell, 18. Rachael Millar, 19. Caitlin Reilly, 20. Erin Peden, 21. Bex Francis, 22. Ellen Forsyth


Men’s Bowl Final, Hive Stadium, KO 11am – Irvine RFC v Blairgowrie RFC

Under some spring sunshine in HIVE stadium Irvine stand-off Christopher Hobson got the Men’s Bowl final underway, in one of the first finals of Silver Saturday.  

The first points of the game came on the 15th minute when Blairgowrie’s scrum-half Rory Grant made a break up-field. Just short of the tryline they stayed calm through their phases of play before number 8 Fergus Barron forced his way over the whitewash with winger Jai Connely adding the conversion.  

Blairgowrie pulled ahead with a second try of the day as full-back David Rattray-Paterson produced some nifty footwork to dance in for a score near the corner.  

Not long after Irvine had a chance to get points on the board with a penalty shot at the posts just outside of the 22 but the attempt from fullback Calum Ridout was just short of the uprights.  

Just before half-time Irvine did manage to get themselves on the scoreboard. After a sustained period of attack Irvine were awarded a scrum on the five-meter line, as they drove forward number 8 Ruchin Filander picked the ball up twisted and turned his way over the tryline. The score was converted by stand-off Christopher Hobson.  

In the last play of the half, Blairgowrie stretched ahead with a penalty from winger Jai Connely to give them an eight-point lead going into the second half.  

HALF-TIME: Irvine RFC 7-15 Blairgowrie RFC

Just three minutes into the second half and Irvine were back to within a point after winger Mark Storm lived up to his name as he broke the Blairgowrie line and powered over between the posts. Again, Hobson converted the kick.

10 minutes later Blairgowrie stretched four points ahead thanks to a long-range penalty kick by Jai Connely approx. 30 meters out.  

Irvine took the lead for the first time in the game thanks to a well worked team try which was finished off by prop Logan Ferguson on the wing, successfully converted by Christopher Hobson. Only minutes after they stretched to a 10-point lead thanks to a try from fellow front row Jonathan Webster, again converted by Hobson. 

They continued their lead when James Wilson crashed over for Irvine with Hobson once again adding the extra two points on offer.  

However, Blairgowrie responded only moments later with a well worked try through number 8 Fergus Barron which was converted by Connely with ease to reduce the deficit to 10 points.  

In the last moments of the game Blairgowrie mounted an attack with inside centre Irvine Laing crashing over and Connely adding the extras but it was too little too late as Irvine held on to win the National Men’s Bowl Final.

FULL-TIME: Irvine RFC 35-32 Blairgowrie RFC 

Watch the Men’s Bowl final highlights here.

Player of the Match: Logan Ferguson (Irvine RFC)

Irvine RFC: Ruchin Filand, Mark Storm, Logan Ferguson, Jonathan Webster, James Wilson
Blairgowrie RFC: Fergus Barron (2), David Rattray-Paterson, Irvine Lang

Irvine RFC: Christopher Hobson (4)
Blairgowrie RFC: Jai Connely (3)

Blairgowrie RFC:
Jai Connely (2) 

Yellow Cards:
Blairgowrie RFC: Samwel Obure

Referee – Alex Obreja
AR1 – Kyle McAlinden
AR2 – Sean Mallon

Team sheets:
Irvine RFC: 15. Calum Ridout, 14. John ‘Mark’ Storm, 13. Neil McMillan, 12. John Carson, 11. Brodie Mentiolay 10. Christopher Hobson, 9. Sam Auld, 1. Jonathan Webster, 2. Ben Auld, 3. Logan Ferguson, 4. Sandy Thomson, 5. John Hutton, 6. Iain Speirs, 7. James Wilson, 8. Ruchin Filander (C)
Replacements: 17. Aaron Robertson, 16. Raymond Festorazzi,18. Alan Nugent, 19. Cameron Scott, 20. Scott Kerr, 21. David Logan, 22. Martin ‘David’ Baird

Blairgowrie RFC: 15. David Rattray-Paterson, 14. Samwel Obure, 13. Logie Walker, 12. Irvine Laing, 11. Jai Connely, 10. John McLaren, 9. Rory Grant (C), 1. Peter Duncan, 2. Callum Michie, 3. Thomas Bannon, 4. Arran Todd, 5. Alistair ‘Grant’ Watson, 6. Jordan Lynn, 7. Andrew McOuat, 8. Fergus Barron
Replacements: 16. Oran Hepburn-Clark, 17. Allan Guild, 18. Scott Gordon, 19. Matthew McOuat, 20. Sean Morrison, 21. Robbie Mason, 22. Thomas Helyer


Men’s National League Cup Final, Scottish Gas Murrayfield, KO 1.45pm – Lasswade RFC v Falkirk RFC

The stand was packed at Scottish Gas Murrayfield as the Men’s National League Cup Final got underway. Both sides were hungry for the first points but it was Falkirk who was quenched after Connor Faulds sprinted through the 22 for a swandive try under the posts. It was easy kicking for Glen Faulds as he slotted the ball through the posts for the extras.

Lasswade retaliated soon after with a well worked try of their own from Grant Innes, with Matthew Smith adding the extras to level the scoreboard.

Tensions were running high and Lasswade’s Steven Hunter was shown a red card leaving them with just 14 men after 20 minutes on the clock.

Lasswade did not let being a man down stop them from adding another try to the scoreboard. After multiple attacking phases Lasswade’s James Elliot managed to squeeze through Falkirk’s defence before a cheeky offload to David Hall provided the perfect opportunity to go for the points under the posts. Matthew Smith went two for two with another successful conversion.

Falkirk’s forwards were putting in a massive shift as they charged into Lasswade’s half with some powerful scrums. As they advanced to the try line it was a strategic pass from Glen Faulds out to the wing where Gregor Brodie gathered to plant the ball down in the corner. Conversion went wide and Lasswade were slightly ahead as they headed into the break.

HALF-TIME: Lasswade RFC 14 – 12 Falkirk RFC

As the second half got underway both teams went down to 14 men as a yellow card was shown for Falkirk’s Andrew Graham.

Lasswade opened the scoring in the second half after initially being held up by Falkirks defence it was Number 3 Dale Robertson who twisted his way over the line. Matthew Smith’s golden boot hit again with another successful conversion.

A fire was lit under Falkirk as they were determined not to let Lasswade lead get away from them. Connor Faulds sprinted towards the try line evading Lasswade’s multiple attempts to bring him down as he went over for his brace. Conversion was unsuccessful.

Referee Fergus Hollins reached into his pocket again, this time for a yellow card for Lasswade’s Dale Robertson.

Falkirk capitalized on their number advantage and answered immediately with a try from Stef Yarrow with Glen Faulds adding the extras allowing Falkirk to take the lead for the first time in the match.

In the 65th minute a clean break from Falkirk’s number 10 Glen Faulds saw him slide through Lasswade’s defensive line for another try. Conversion was missed.

Lasswade had the potential to get some points on the board with a much-needed penalty opportunity but the ball ricocheted off the posts and wasn’t meant to be.

Concluding the scoring for the game and truly securing their win Falkirk skipper Harry Russell crashed over the whitewash for the final try, the conversion was missed but was not needed as Falkirk walked away with the silverware.

FULL-TIME: Lasswade RFC 21 – 34 Falkirk RFC

Player of the Match: Gregor Dodd (Falkirk RFC)

Lasswade RFC: Grant Innes, Daid Hall, Dale Robertson
Falkirk RFC: Connor Faulds (2), Gregor Brodie, Stef Yarrow, Glen Faulds, Harry Russell

Lasswade RFC: Matthew Smith (3)
Falkirk RFC: Glen Faulds (2)

Yellow Cards:
Lasswade RFC: Dale Robertson
Falkirk RFC: Andrew Graham

Red Cards:
Lasswade RFC: Steven Hunter

Referee – Fergus Hollins
AR1 – Mary Pringle
AR2 – Charles Samson

Team sheets:
Lasswade RFC: 15. Russell Gladstone (C), 14. Ciaran Lamont,13. Mark Wilson, 12. David Hall, 11. Grant Innes, 10. Matthew Smith, 9. Daniel Sutherland, 1. Graeme Cook (VC), 2. Paul Wilson, 3. Dale Robertson, 4. Alistair Lamond, 5. Stephen Hunter, 6. James Elliot, 7. Liam Jackaman, 8. Blair Smith
Replacements: 16. Chris Blackie, 17. Mark Billingham, 18. Gavin Wright, 19. Darren Tiffney, 20. Nick Elliot, 21. Scott Sinclair, 22. Andrew Hall

Falkirk RFC: 15. Connor Faulds, 14. Gregor Brodie, 13. Andrew Graham, 12. Euan Cassells, 11. Gregor Ramsay, 10. Glen Faulds, 9. Harry Russell (C), 1. Stuart Serafini, 2. Andrew Gillespie, 3. Lewis Skinner, 4. Stef Yarrow, 5. Gregor McKinnon, 6. Callum Hunter, 7. Keiran Ross, 8. Gregor Dodd
Replacements: 16. Connor Hazlett, 17. John McKenna, 18. Kerr Williamson, 19. Cole Ronald, 20. Taylor Paul, 21. Duncan Tompkins, 22. Liam McNicoll

Men’s Shield final, Hive Stadium, KO 1.45pm – Cumnock RFC v Moray RFC

Cumnock produced a stunning comeback to win the Men’s Shield Final 34-32 against Moray in a thriller at Hive.

A raucous atmosphere met the teams as they emerged at Hive Stadium. Cumnock stand-off Nicky Davidson got the contest started.

A solid first scrum on halfway allowed Moray to build early pressure. After Rory Millar’s penalty kick found touch, the north side moved the ball well from right-to-left of the lineout. Winger Lewis Hay was thwarted yards from the line before the ball went loose.

The first score came on ten minutes as Cameron Hughes went over for Moray’s first score. Solid consecutive phases saw them sustain pressure in the 22, with the centre spinning well before burrowing over. Millar applied the kick.

Moray scrum-half Douglas Ireland was causing trouble in the ruck. His turnover allowed another entry into the 22, but solid defending forced the knock-on. Cumnock then launched their first attack after a sublime kick-to-touch. From the lineout they mauled well, but were eventually held up by a resolute Moray defence.

Cumnock got their first score on 25 minutes. Several strong carries saw the ball find the hands of Steven Lowrie. His offload found Robbie McLaren, who showed some impressive juggling to keep hold of the ball and charge through to close the arrears. The kick was just off the mark.

A frantic spell five minutes short of the break saw Cumnock’s Owen Young make a lung-busting run through the centre. However, as he entered the 22 he was hit with a well-timed tackle which forced a knock-on. Moray came the other way with the advantage and shifted play wide left. Although Lewis Hay was apprehended, referee Scott Cubitt had already blown for a penalty in the centre. Millar struck again with the kick, sending it through.

HALF-TIME: Cumnock RFC 5 – 10 Moray RFC

Moray’s second score came two minutes into the second half. Following several carries in the Cumnock half, the play moved wide sharply for substitute Finnley Cameron. He skipped a tackle to go over in the far corner. The kick was just off the mark this time from Millar.

A strong run from Millar put Moray on the five-metre line, where Cumnock were penalised for not rolling away. The north side decided to tap and go, and after some dogged play, Hughes found the line again for his second try of the game. Millar’s kick was just wide.

Two minutes later the lead was strengthened as the impressive Hay broke the line again. This time he was supported by Neil Alexander, who gathered the offload and got the ball down. Millar’s conversion was good this time.

Cumnock were not giving in and hit back with their next attack. Following a clean lineout, the ball broke to Richard Carmichael to stride underneath the posts at the Murrayfield end. The kick was good.

Cumnock were wrestling back the momentum and went over again on 65 minutes. A lineout on the left was moved into the centre and wide right. After what appeared to be a high tackle, play continued and Owen Young found space on the wing and he made no mistake with the finish. Again, Davidson’s kick was good.

After being under the cosh, Moray got the next score through substitute Fraser Ireland. A scrum on the five-metre line was worked inside then back out to the left for the score to stretch the lead with just over five minutes to go. Millar’s conversion failed to add any extras.

A quickfire Cumnock double reduced the arrears to two points as Kevin Van der Leest and then Lewis Young went over impressively. Neither were converted but the atmosphere inside Hive was deafening.

Cumnock piled on the pressure as the clock turned red. They were awarded a penalty on the 22 and opted to tap and go. There were bodies everywhere as the Shield hung on the line. Phase after phase the ball was kept alive, before eventually finding its way to the right flank for Robbie McLaren to go over for the winning score [34-32, 82 mins]. The Cumnock contingent inside Hive were in full voice as the referee blew the full-time whistle to end an enthralling contest.

FULL-TIME: Cumnock RFC 34 –32 Moray RFC

Watch the Men’s Shield final highlights here.

Player of the Match: Connor Hill (Cumnock RFC)

Cumnock RFC: Robbie McLaren (2), Richard Carmichael, Lewis Young, Kevin Van der Leest, Owen Young
Moray RFC: Cameron Hughes (2), Finnley Cameron, Neill Alexander, Cameron Ireland 

Cumnock RFC: Nicky Davidson (2)
Moray RFC: Rory Millar 

Moray RFC: Rory Millar 

Referee – Scott Cubitt
AR1 – Gordon Galashan
AR2 –  Brian McGuff

Team sheets:
Cumnock RFC: 15. John Watt, 14. Owen Young, 13. Lewis Young, 12. Andy Houston (VC), 11. Kieran Ferrans, 10. Nicky Davidson, 9. Zain Smith, 1. Euan Bell, 2. Steven Lowrie, 3. Jason McMillan (C), 4. Barry O’Dowd, 5. Martin Thomson, 6. Jamie Caldwell, 7. Robbie McLaren, 8. Connor Hill
Replacements: 16. Richard Carmichael, 17. John Crawford, 18. Michael Anderson, 19. Gus Glasgow, 20. Kyle Farrow, 21. Kevin Van Der Leest, 22. Ross Watson

Moray RFC: 15. Rory Millar, 14. Lewis Scott (C), 13. Connor McWilliam, 12. Cameron Hughes, 11. Lewis Hay, 10. Douglas Ireland, 9. Cameron Ireland, 1. Mark Taylor, 2. Marc Higgins, 3. John Westmacott, 4. Alex Matthews, 5. Hugh Macrae, 6. David Clarke, 7. Kris Morrison, 8. Neil Alexander
Replacements: 16. Sam Fletcher-Harrison, 17. Fraser Ireland, 18. Steven Clarke,
19. Finnley Cameron, 20. Ben Taylor, 21. Ewan Simpson, 22. Iain Stuart

Sarah Beaney Cup Final, Scottish Gas Murrayfield, KO 4.30pm – Watsonian FC v Hillhead Jordanhill RFC 

An experienced Watsonians team retained the Sarah Beaney Cup following a commanding performance at Scottish Gas Murrayfield.  

Hills kicked off the penultimate Silver Saturday match in the main bowl and within seconds it was a competitive, exciting game of rugby. Not surprising given both teams have met multiple times in this final before.  

Watsonians were first to take the lead with a try in the opening minutes from McNamara, which she duly converted as well to add the extra. 

Hills quickly took the chance to attack, but with metres left they gave away a penalty for not releasing. A break from Watsonians in the subsequent minutes from half-back Clements led to a second try from McNamara. This time her conversion was unsuccessful.

Watsonians made the most of this early momentum and following a lineout, their forwards put pressure on the line before feeding out to the backs, with winger Conchie dotting it over. With an unsuccessful conversion attempt, Watsonians maintained a comfortable lead.

Watsonians lock Anderson saw an opportunity for a speedy lineout break and powered over for the fourth try for Watsonians which was successfully converted by McNamara.

Pulling their lead away even further, Watsonians secured a fifth try with a quick break from the backs with Conchie going over with Hills quick on her tail. McNamara was unsuccessful with the conversion.

35 minutes in and Watsonians’ Philipps received a yellow card. Hills made the most of the opportunity with full-back Fraser spotting the gap in the Watsonians line to break through for the Glasgow outfits first try. Their conversion was unsuccessful. 

HALF-TIME: Watsonians FC 29 – 5 Hillhead Jordanhill RFC

Both teams came back from the break a little unsettled. They had some fresh legs off the bench to support in the high pace of the fixture. Watsonians benefitted from the return of Philipps and it wasn’t long before they spotted a gap on the wing. Out of the sin bin and into the try zone, Phillipps edged a nifty try right in the corner.

Hillhead Jordanhill showed a new determination and confidence in this half. They stayed patient when working through their phases but had a try disallowed.  

Scotland Women and Hillhead Jordanhill stalwart, Heather Lockhart, came on with 15 minutes to go. Their defense held strong in the face of some strong attacking performances from Watsonians. The Edinburgh side were forced to make some injury changes but captain, Law, kept her side calm. They were faced with another yellow card however, this time for a high tackle from Buckingham.  

With a second half score of only 5-0, it was certainly a match of two halves but the powerful first half from Watsonians made them the deserving Sarah Beaney Cup champions 2024. 

FULL-TIME: Watsonians FC 34 – 5 Hillhead Jordanhill RFC

Player of the Match- Rachel Philipps (Watsonians RFC)  

Watsonian FC:
Briar McNamara (2), Ami Conchie (2), Sophie Anderson, Rachel Philipps
Hillhead Jordanhill RFC: Roma Fraser

Watsonian FC:
Briar McNamara (2)

Referee – Beatriz Casares-Fernandez
AR1 – Allana McLean
AR2 – Yvonne Tunnicliffe

Team sheets:
Watsonian FC:
15. Shannon Macey, 14. Minala Taoi, 13. Rachel Philipps, 12. Briar McNamara, 11. Ami Conchie, 10. Susie Clements, 9. Rachel Law (C), 1. Ailie Tucker (VC), 2. Molly Poolman, 3. Caitlin Abernethy, 4. Anna Swan, 5. Sophie Anderson, 6. Lucy Winter, 7. Grace Laverty, 8. Freya Walker
16. Kaeli King, 17. Carly Hall, 18. Sarah Donnelly, 19. Jenny Menday,  20. Laura Buckingham, 21. April McKenzie, 22. Julie Lyons 

Hillhead Jordanhill RFC:
15. Roma Fraser, 14. Sonia Smolina, 13. Hannah McHugh, 12. Emma Barlow, 11. Brogan Carberry, 10. Carla McDonald, 9. Hannah Dunnett, 1. Senna Marra, 2. Frances Campbell, 3. Philippa Abernethy, 4. Caitlin McGowan, 5. Lauren Jane Crawford, 6. Debbie Lee, 7. Hannah Telling (C), 8. Kate Yeomans
16. Rochan Millar , 17. Heather Lockhart , 18. Rowan Davidson, 19. Suzanne Petiet , 20. Marie-Ann Wales, 21. Millie Warren, 22. Beth Tobin 


Women’s Plate final, Hive Stadium, KO 4.30pm – Caithness Krakens v Uddingston RFC

Caithness Krakens secured the Women’s Plate in the sun at Hive as they overcame Uddingston RFC 47-27 in a breathless encounter.

Uddingston started brightly and got the opening score after four minutes through Catriona Brannan. The winger was on the end of some fine build-up play from a lineout as Uddingston moved the ball sharply from side to side. Brannan collected the ball in her stride to dive gleefully over at the Murrayfield end. The score went unconverted.

The Glasgow side continued to probe and were rewarded for more strong phase play as Ellie Hancock plucked the ball from a superb offload and duly obliged to ward off an oncoming tackle for her side’s second try. Monica Carlin this time made the kick count.

Having made the mammoth journey to the capital for the final, Krakens got themselves on the board before the quarter hour through full back Caitlin Harvey. A seamless break through the middle from the North side freed the space for Harvey to dart through. The conversion went awry.

Caithness scored twice in quick succession to take the lead. First, a smart pluck-and-go from Justine Mackay saw her go under the posts to level proceedings. Then, almost from the resultant kick-off, Harvey steamed through again for her second of the half. Carly Erridge added one conversion to her side’s tally.

The side from the Highlands were on a roll, this time Erridge took her turn to break the Uddingston line for a free run to the posts. She converted her own score to extend the lead.

A poor box kick from Krakens gave Uddingston the opportunity to attack again. Quick ball in the 22 moved the ball right to left, allowing the two Catrionas to link up to great effect. This time it was Brannan to Hopkins, and the number four went over. The kick fell short.

With five minutes of the first period still to play, Caithness crossed again, this time in the left corner through captain Nicola Mackay. Erridge’s boot was proving effective, and she struck again with the extras.

As half-time approached, Uddingston reduced the arrears with two quick tries. The first coming through vice-captain Jen Schahill, then scrum-half Clare Yule crossed. Neither score were converted as referee MC Dixon brought the half to a close.

HALF-TIME: Caithness Krakens 33 – 27 Uddingston RFC

The second half began in cagey fashion. The first score of the second period went the way of Caithness as Caitlin Harvey completed her hat-trick in the right corner. Smooth ball in hand play saw the ball move wide, and Harvey raced off the touchline to go over and secure a favourable conversion position. Erridge added the two points.

Caithness were holding out well, managing to thwart several Uddingston attacks, including a sublime rip from the arms of Catriona Brannan as she looked set to reduce the deficit for Uddingston.

With little over five minutes to go, the north side all but secured victory as vice-captain Emmerleigh Smith broke through from deep to cap a fantastic display. Erridge was trusty with the boot once more, with what proved to be the final score of the match.

FULL-TIME: Caithness Krakens 47–27 Uddingston RFC

Watch the Women’s Plate final highlights here.

Player of the Match: Caitlin Harvey (Caithness Krakens)

Caithness Krakens:
Caitlin Harvey (3), Justine Mackay, Carly Erridge, Nicola Mackay, Emmerleigh Smith
Uddingston RFC: Catriona Brannan, Ellie Hancock, Catriona Hopkins, Jen Schahill, Clare Yule

Caithness Krakens:
Carly Erridge (6)
Uddingston RFC: Monica Carlin

Referee – MC Dixon
AR1 – Sue Jones
AR2 – Jess Butler

Team sheets:
Caithness Krakens: 15. Caitlin Harvey, 14. Carly Erridge, 13. Lauren Gunn, 12. Karlyn Bernard, 11. Megan Douglas, 10. Caitlin Flavell, 9. Aileen Simmonite, 1. Hazel Stewart, 2. Abbie Gunn, 3. Shauna Malcolm, 4. Justine Mackay, 5. Ellie Anderson, 6. Nicola Mackay (C), 7. Helen Richard, 8. Emmerleigh Smith (VC) 
16. Donna Edwards, 17. Beth Douglas, 18. Lara Campbell, 19. Holly Trick, 20. Olivia Henderson, 21. Emily Flavell, 22. Lyndsey Dunnet

Uddingston RFC: 15. Emily Plant, 14. Catriona Brannan, 13. Ellie Hancock, 12. Hannah Ferguson, 11. Kirsti Wilson, 10. Monica Carlin, 9. Clare Yule, 1. Chloe Fisher, 2. Kirsten Harkness, (C) 3. Erin Drain, 4. Catriona Hopkins, 5. Caitlin McEwan, 6. Sophie Buchanan, 7. Aimee Dallas, 8. Jen Scahill (VC) 
16. Laura Peters, 17. Courteney Williams, 18. Claire Gladwell, 19. Heather Black, 20. Sophie Byers (VC), 21. Mia Kirkwood, 22. Sophie Brown

Scottish Cup Final, Scottish Gas Murrayfield, KO 7:15pm Hawick RFC v Edinburgh Academical 

Despite a near-miraculous comeback from Edinburgh Academical in the second half of the Scottish Cup final, Hawick RFC could not be stopped from completing back-to-back victories at Scottish Gas Murrayfield in Silver Saturday’s pinnacle event.

Edinburgh Academical kicked off, and after a period of pressure from Hawick, Accies were penalised for not rolling away about 35m out from their posts. Hawick stand-off Kyle Brunton duly converted a three-pointer to open the scoring.

Accies then found themselves in a good attacking position after Hawick penalised in the same way. The ball was booted to about 10m out from the green line, but the resulting lineout wasn’t of use to the blue and white.

A huge scrum in midfield saw Accies win another penalty and Ben Appleson lined up from nearly 40m out. But the left footer pushed his attempt and the score remained 3-0, seven minutes into the match.

Hawick heaped on the pressure and an attacking lineout in the Accies 22 resulted in the ball being spun wide for outside centre Andrew Mitchell to beat two defenders and dive over for the match’s first try. Fullback Kirk Ford extended the lead by converting.

A silky set play from the green machine saw the ball chipped through by Kyle Brunton and the bounce of the rugby ball saw it fall kindly to Calum Renwick, Kirk Ford added the extras after 16 minutes to see the score shoot up to 17-0.

Accies responded with a period of pressure of their own, and after a strong carry from winger Max Wallace, the ball was popped to number eight Jamie Sole to touch down in his final match for the club. Appleson couldn’t add the extras.

A frantic first half of the first half ended with a penalty to Accies on halfway, which was booted into touch inside Hawick’s 22. The lineout was won and a huge push ensued as Accies made metres towards the green line. The ball was flung wide, and a misjudged intercept saw not only a penalty try given, but Hawick’s Charlie Welsh sent to the sin bin too – Accies 12, Hawick 17.

After a short tussle in midfield, 26 minutes into the game, Hawick won a penalty on Accies’ 22m line, and opted to kick to touch rather than at goal. Thrown to the back, Hawick’s forward pack went to work, pushing towards the line. Another advantage came, and the ball was spun way out wide to left winger Ronan Mckean, who picked the ball up brilliantly and skipped past a tackler to dot down in the corner. Ford drilled the resulting conversion over from the sideline.

Ten minutes from the half, a penalty was given to Accies for Hawick not releasing on their 40 and the ball put in touch about 10m out from the green line. The resulting drive was held up over the line, but Accies were far from out of the match.

Penalties from either side stifled any real momentum in the final 10 minutes, seeing Edinburgh Academicals go into the sheds 12 points adrift of Hawick.

HALF-TIME: Hawick RFC 24 – 12 Edinburgh Academical

An early second half penalty in the Accies 22 was taken quickly by scrum half Gareth Welsh, who popped the ball to lock Connor Sutherland to fall over the line. Ford couldn’t keep his 100 per cent record, leaving the score at 29-12 to Hawick after 45 minutes.

After trading penalties, Hawick ended up in a strong kicking position on the Accies 22. Ford made the most of the opportunity to extend the green’s lead – Hawick 32-12 Accies.

A penalty on the halfway line for Hawick was taken quickly by replacement Ross Graham brilliantly, running through three defenders on his way to be 10m out from the line. After several phases going back and forth across the tryline, a scrum was given to the defending team.

Accies settled into a rhythm of their own, heaping pressure on the team in green. Winning their own box kick on halfway, a clever kick followed, forcing Hawick to knock the ball out of play and give the blue and white a lineout on the 22.

Halfway into the second half, a penalty conceded by Hawick on their 22 allowed Accies to put the ball into the corner and set up their successful lineout. And they made them pay. Patient phases saw the ball finally flung wide to substitute Kieran Slingsby, who snuck over in the corner. The conversion attempt was unsuccessful though.

A penalty for offside lent another chance for Accies to put the ball into the corner with 10 minutes to play – and the resulting lineout saw the ball bundled over from the back of the maul by Fraser McAslan and the try converted by Ross Cadzow.

With three minutes left to play, Accies once again found themselves in an attacking position after another penalty was given in Hawick’s 22. Opting to tap, the ball was slow coming to winger Max Wallace who skipped over in the corner to make Hawick fans’ hearts leap to their mouths. The conversion was unsuccessful though, leading to a tense final minute.

And despite an incredible second half, it wasn’t to be for Accies, falling just short of a miraculous comeback – the final pass landing in touch instead of in the hands of a winger, leaving the blue and white devastated, and the men from Hawick elated.

FULL TIME: Hawick RFC 32 – 29 Edinburgh Academical

Player of the match: Lee Armstrong (Hawick)

Hawick RFC: 
Andrew Mitchell, Calum Renwick, Ronan Mckean, Connor Sutherland
Edinburgh Academical: Jamie Sole, Penalty Try, Kieran Slingsby, Fraser McAslan, Max Wallace

Hawick RFC:
Kirk Ford (3)
Edinburgh Academical Ross Cadzow (1)

Hawick RFC:
 Kyle Brunton

Yellow Cards:
Hawick RFC:
Charlie Welsh

Referee – David Young
AR1 – Tom French
AR2 – Digby Thomas

Team sheets:
Hawick RFC: 15. Kirk Ford, 14. Charlie Welsh, 13. Andrew Mitchell, 12. Lee Armstrong, 11. Ronan Mckean, 10. Kyle Brunton, 9. Gareth Welsh, 1. Shawn Muir (C), 2. Fraser Renwick, 3. Nicholas Little, 4. Connor Sutherland, 5. Dalton Redpath, 6. Stuart Graham, 7. Calum Renwick, 8. Jae Linton
16. Russell Anderson, 17. Tom Hope, 18. Ross Graham, 19. Fraser Wilson, 20. Deaglan Lightfoot, 21. Bailey Donaldson, 22. Morgan Tait

Edinburgh Academical: 15. Robbie Chalmers, 14. Gavin Welsh, 13. Robbie Kent, 12. Neil Armstrong (C), 11. Max Wallace, 10. Ben Appleson, 9. Patrick Ritchie, 1. Cole Imrie (VC), 2. Cal Davies, 3. Calum Crookshanks, 4. Jake Mills, 5. Struan Whittaker, 6. Tom Drennan, 7. Alistair Wood, 8. Jamie Sole 
16. Fraser McAslan, 17. Ross Dunbar, 18. Cameron Bain, 19. Kieran Slingsby, 20. Ross Cadzow, 21. Connor Allan, 22. Finlay McNeill


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