FOSROC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 12

FOSROC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 12

The FOSROC Super Series Championship continued this week with Round 12 - here's how each of the teams got on.

Wednesday 18 October: Stirling Wolves V Heriot’s Rugby (Rescheduled Round 10 fixture)

This week’s games began on Wednesday when Stirling Wolves and Heriot’s met at Bridgehaugh to play their rescheduled Round 10 fixture that was postponed a few weeks ago due to adverse weather conditions.

Heriot’s began scoring for the evening after a success line out got into the hands of captain and hooker Cammy Fenton at the helm of the maul who crashed over the line. Dan King’s kick was good.

The visitors secured their second try through a perfectly timed offload into the hands of scrum half Fin Campbell who slipped past all of his opponents to touch down behind the posts. Dan King got the extras.

Heriot’s added another five points after a series of physical phases which eventually landed the ball in the hands of newcomer Jack Blain who sprinted over the whitewash.

HALF-TIME:  Stirling Wolves 0 – 19 Heriot’s Rugby

After Heriot’s Jack Blain put his foot on the gas and slipped past all of Wolves’ defence, a nifty offload to Fin Campbell let the scrum half dive under the post for his second try of the evening. Dan King secured the conversion.

Finally Stirling Wolves managed to add their first try to their roster after a series of heavy attacking phases. Number 8 Ed Hassel managed to fight his way out of his opponents grip and fall over the line. Craig Jackson converted.

Heriot’s responded almost immediately when Grant Hughes got his hands on the ball in the Wolves 22 and slid past his defenders, securing the visitors fifth try. Ross Jones took over kicking duties and slotted the conversion.

The next score for the hosts came when Heriot’s tried to clear the ball with a box kick just shy of their 22 but a perfectly timed inception let Tom Smith collect and sprint over the line. Craig Jackson secured the extras.

Heriots’ sixth try came in quick succession when this time Matt Davidson side stepped his way past the Stirling defenders to dive over the white wash. Ross Jones kicked through the posts.

The final score came for the visitors when their attack gave everything they had to push past their hosts and get the ball to wing Jack Blain who squeezed the ball into the corner. Ross Jones got the extras, finalising the score.

FULL-TIME: Stirling Wolves 14 – 47 Heriot’s Rugby

Referee: David Sutherland
FOSROC Player of the Match: Fin Campbell (Heriot’s Rugby)

Stirling Wolves: Ed Hassel, Tom Smith
Heriot’s Rugby: Cammy Fenton, Fin Campbell (2), Jack Blain (2), Grant Hughes, Matt Davidson

Stirling Wolves: Craig Jackson (2)
Heriot’s Rugby: Dan King (3), Ross Jones (3)


Friday 20 October: Ayrshire Bulls v Boroughmuir Bears

Boroughmuir Bears were a tad too eager to get the game started at Millbrae as they were immediately offside conceding a scrum at the halfway line after running ahead of Kaleem Baretto’s starting kick.

The hosts were the first to score after a well-executed lineout following a penalty kick to the corner saw a signature Bulls driving maul go to deck and Alex McGuire planted the ball over the line. Although it remained dry at Millbrae the gusts of Storm Babet could be felt and Brad Roderick-Evans was unable to add the extras.

What followed was 25 minutes of impressive Bears defence work where they halted Bulls three times before they got to the try line.

The first of the hold-ups came after a kick from Andrew McLean was intercepted by Luca Bardelli who punted the ball downfield. Millbrae turned into a racing track and multiple players chased the ball down with McLean then beating Bardelli to the punch. A scrum on the Bears 5-metre line saw skipper Macpherson thunder to the try line but Trystan Andrews and Joe Jenkins held him up and the try was not awarded.

The Bulls went in again for the points moments later but were once again held up by Trystan Andrews this time with a new partner Duncan Munn as they halted Bulls’ Jamie Shedden as he flew up the wing and again referee David Sutherland denied the try.

Going in for their third attempt the Bulls looked like they might get over the whitewash, but captain Blair Macpherson was cut short following a knock-on under the sticks.

Finally, it was fourth time lucky for the hosts in a repeat of their first try of the match hooker Alex McGuire once against crashed over the line from the back of the herd’s driving maul for their second try at the 30-minute mark after multiple attempts. Roderick-Evan’s had better luck this time as the conversion soared through the sticks putting them ahead at the break.

HALF-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 12 – 0 Boroughmuir Bears

They Bull’s forwards were putting in a shift as a third driving maul try opened the scoring in the second half 18 minutes in and it was Rhodri Tanner who grounded the ball over the line. Conversion was successful.

After one hour of play at Millbrae the Bears changed from defence to attack and got their first try of the game. Strides were made by Max Loboda deep into the Bulls 22 followed by a series of successful passes out to the wing where full-back Euan Muirhead gathered the ball and dotted it down in the corner. The conversion by George Paul soared through the posts.

Soon after their first try the Bears came in hard for their second with a successful lineout at the 7-metre line allowed Kaleem Baretto the opportunity to sneak through a gap in the Bull’s line of defence as he planted the ball down under the sticks. The conversion was successful and the Bears caught up with the hosts in a space of minutes.

The visitors try’s sparked the Bulls into action and the call of the bonus point try beckoned skipper Blair Macpherson over the line following an offload to Reiss Cullen on the wing as the ball was then recycled and the bonus point try was awarded Extras added.

In the final five minutes of the game, the Bears hit back once again with their third try and it was Scott McGinley who went over the line from the back of the maul. George Paul went three for three with another successful conversion which narrowed the scoreboard once more, however the Bears fell short by five points at Millbrae as the Ayrshire Bulls took the win.

FULL-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 26 – 21 Boroughmuir Bears

Referee: David Sutherland
FOSROC Player of the Match: Trystan Andrews (Boroughmuir Bears)

Ayrshire Bulls: Alex McGuire (2), Rhodri Tanner, Blair Macpherson
Boroughmuir Bears: Euan Muirhead, Kaleem Baretto, Scott McGinley

Ayrshire Bulls: Brad Roderick-Evans (3)
Boroughmuir Bears: George Paul (3)


Saturday 21 October: Watsonians v Stirling Wolves

The visitors put the first points on the board at Myreside this evening after they were awarded a try following a momentous attacking front in the Watsonians 22. It was Ed Hasdell who thundered towards the line and the ball was sent though and gathered by Ross McKnight who neatly planted the ball over the line for a well-earned try. Marcus Holden’s conversion soared through the posts.

A Wolves penalty from inside Watsonians 22 saw the visitors extended their lead by a further three points as Marcus Holden’s kicked soared through the posts.

Ten minutes after the Wolves’ try the hosts came back with one of their own. A pass out wide from the back of the scrum found the hands of George Pringle who flew through a gap in the Wolves defence for the five points. Jason Baggott’s kick was successful and the gap on the scoreboard narrowed as we entered halftime.

HALF-TIME: Watsonians 7 – 10 Stirling Wolves

The second half had barely got underway when the visitors secured their lead for the first time in the game. After only being on the field for three minutes replacement back row Seb Cecil found his way over the line after a bit of ball juggling with his teammate Jason Baggott could have resulted in a fumble, but the ball was secured, and Cecil crashed over the whitewash. A successful conversion by Baggott followed.

Shortly after and keen to extend their lead Watsonians used their tried and tested driving maul manoeuvre and got Cal Davies over the line. Extras were added.

The hosts next try followed quickly as George Pringle broke away and flew up the pitch but was brought down inside the Wolves 22. However, this set the home side in good steading as a series of successful passes out wide found Alfie Scopes who threw a dummy and snuck past the Wolves defence for the bonus point try. Conversion was successful.

The final ten minutes of the match at Myreside really spiced up the scoreboard as Watsonians went in for their fifth try of the match with the forwards powering them towards the line, Lewis Berg was taken down just a couple of inches short but a quick pass out the side was gathered by Murdo McAndrew and he dotted it over the line. Lee Miller had taken over kicking duties and the ball soared through the posts.

Straight from the restart Wolves came ready to go and a cheeky grubber kick from Craig Jackson was scooped up by Ryan Southern as he stormed towards the try line. Holden’s kicking went three for three and the extras were added.

The clock had gone into the red, but a last-minute try was secured for Watsonians as Finn Duraj picked the perfect moment from the back of maul to slide over the line. Lee Miller missed the conversion, but the hosts had well secured their victory by that point.

FULL-TIME: Watsonians 40 – 17 Stirling Wolves

Referee: Ruairidh Campbell
FOSROC Player of the Match: Karl Main (Watsonians)

Watsonians: George Pringle, Seb Cecil, Cal Davies, Alfie Scopes
Stirling Wolves: Ross McKnight, Ryan Southern

Watsonians: Jason Baggott (4), Lee Miller
Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden (2)

Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden


Sunday 22 October: Heriot’s Rugby v FOSROC Future XV

Scoring began by the FOSROC Future XV after a series of controlled pick and goes which let the ball get into the hands of centre Kerr Yule who battled past the defence to dot down behind the posts. Isaac Coates got the extras.

A few minutes later Heriot’s got their first points when an overthrown Heriot’s lineout was quickly saved by centre Grant Hughes who slipped past all of the Futures defence to dive over the white wash. Ross Jones’ kick was good.

The Futures put on a good show of defensive work, spoiling several of Heriots’ attempts to score. However, after the ball was thrown overarm to Lewis Wells, the wing got over the line for Heriot’s second try. Ross Jones kicked the extras.

The next Heriot’s try came after another heavy attacking and defensive period, but the ball was passed out to Lewis Wells once again on the wing who managed to squeeze the ball in the corner.

The FOSROC Future XV secured their next try after some controlled attacking phases let them work their way up the pitch. Freddy Douglas kept his feet on the ground despite being tackled and push his way through to finally offload to Jonny Morris who crashed over the line. Isaac Coates’ boot was good.

Substitute centre Liam Richman got his name on the scoreboard right before half time after a series of offloads let him catch and sprint down the wing and over the line. Ross Jones got the conversion.

HALF-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 26 – 14 FOSROC Future XV

Lewis Wells secured his hat trick when the ball made its way out to the wing through a series of offloads, and he again squeezed the ball in the corner.

It was a classic driving maul that got Heriot’s their next try. Replacement hooker Michael Liness, with the help of his team mates, crashed over the line.

After a lengthy period of Heriot’s possession, the FOSROC Future XV finally had control. However a poorly timed offload in their 22 let Heriots’ Sam Pecqueur to intercept and sprint over the line. Ross Jones’ kick was good, finalising scoring for the afternoon.

FULL-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 43 – 14 FOSROC Future XV 

Referee: Jonny Perriam
FOSROC Player of the Match: Lewis Wells (Heriot’s Rugby)

Heriot’s Rugby: Grant Hughes, Lewis Wells (3), Liam Richman, Michael Liness, Sam Pecqueur
FOSROC Future XV: Kerr Yule, Jonny Morris

Heriot’s Rugby: Ross Jones (4)
FOSROC Future XV: Isaac Coates (2)

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