FOSROC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 6

FOSROC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 6

Round 6 of the 2023 FOSROC Super Series Championship got underway this weekend! Here's how each game went.

Friday 1 September : Watsonians v Heriot’s Rugby

Heriot’s drew first blood at Myreside after a delicate kick from Bruce Houston over Watsonians defensive line saw Fin Campbell gather and he grounded the ball by his fingertips for the first try of the evening. Bruce Houston’s kick was successful, and the visitors were in the lead after eight minutes of play.

After an untidy Heriot’s throw in it looked this the opportunity of a try was lost but this was quickly rescued, and Matt Davidson crashed over the whitewash for the five points. Grant Hughes added the extras.

A pickup and go from the back on the scrum was gathered by Bruce Houston and a series of successful throws found their way out to the wing where Sam Wallace was eagerly waiting and happily planted the ball over the try line. Houston’s kick was a good one and the visitors stormed ahead.

A penalty was awarded after Watsonians full-back Dom Coetzer pushed Grant Hughes to the ground which helped to further Heriot’s lead by another three points.

Watsonians were scrambling to try and gather some points ahead of the break, but Heriot’s were relentless. The visitors secured their bonus point try after Grant Hughes charged through the woolly Watsonians defence before an inside offload to Sam Wallace saw him crash over the line for his second try of the game. Houston’s golden boot did it again.

A missed Heriot’s penalty just before the half time whistle was not needed as the visitors dominated the first half.

HALF-TIME: Watsonians 0 – 31 Heriot’s Rugby

Heriot’s did not take their foot off the gas as the second half got underway. They made their way easily into Watsonians 22 and an offload from Lewis Wells to Liam Richman saw him crash over the try line. Extras were added.

Heriot’s added to their total yet again after an attempted kick by Jason Baggott was intercepted by Sam Wallace who left the Watsonian players in his wake as he tore up the pitch for his hat-trick try. Conversion was successful.

Watsonians were working tirelessly to regain some territory in this match and get some points on the board however the boys in the blue were not going to let that happen. An intercepted pass by Matt Davidson allowed him to break away from inside their own 22 and he sprinted up the field for his second try. The conversion was an easy one for Houston and it soared through the posts.

The stand at Myreside thought they were seeing double as a Matt Davidson did it again, another interception and another charge up the pitch for his hat-trick try. Another easy conversion for Houston in front of the sticks.

After multiple offsides the referee drew a yellow and it was Heriot’s Josh King who was sent to the sin bin for the team but Watsonians were unable to capitalise on the 14-man side and Heriot’s stood firm until they were back to a full squad.

Not satisfied with three tries to his name Sam Wallace went for a quartet of tries at Myreside with his final one coming from a grubber kick from Bruce Houston that ricocheted of a Watsonians player’s which Wallace took full advantage of. The conversion was unsuccessful but it was not needed as Heriot’s dominated the field of play with the home side not gaining a single point.

FULL-TIME: Watsonians 0 – 64 Heriot’s Rugby

Referee: Ian Kenny
FOSROC Player of the Match: Cammy Fenton (Heriot’s Rugby)


Heriot’s Rugby: Fin Campbell, Matt Davidson (3), Sam Wallace (4), Liam Richman

Heriot’s Rugby: Bruce Houston (7), Grant Hughes

Heriot’s Rugby: Bruce Houston

Heriot’s Rugby: Josh Scott


Saturday 2 September : Southern Knights v Stirling Wolves

The sun was shining at the Greenyards as the game got underway as both sides put in a shift for the first quarter of the game and held firm.

However, a series of attacking plays in the Wolves 22 helped Knight’s Allan Ferrie plough his way through to the try line and their hard work paid off after 20 minutes on the clock. Cal Grieve’s conversion was successful.

Another try for the hosts was not far behind the first after a strong cross field kick from Gregor McNeish found its way to Aidan Cross out on the wing and he crashed over the whitewash. Grieve’s kick nicked the post on the way over but added the extra two points.

The Knight’s continued on their try streak after a driving maul shy of the posts saw them push themselves over for a third ahead of the break. As the maul went to deck it was Chris Bell who grounded the ball over the line. The conversion went wide but the hosts were comfortably in the lead heading into the break with the Wolves yet to add any points to the scoreboard.

HALF-TIME: Southern Knights 19 – 0 Stirling Wolves

Wolves found their way to the try line early in the second half as Gregor Hiddleston put his foot on the gas to get over the line for the visitor first points. Marcus Holden’s conversion was successful.

Another try came for Wolves after a penalty kick brought them within the five-metre line, a successful throw in led to a powerful driving maul try for Connor Gordon. Holden added the extras.

After a quiet start in the second half from Knights they retaliated with their own driving maul after a successful throw in steered the maul over the try line with Luke Thomson at the helm for the bonus point try. Conversion went wide.

A penalty for Knights right in front of the sticks made it easy kicking for Callum Grieve and the hosts extended their lead by an extra three points.

As the clock ticked closer to the 80-minute mark Wolves made one last ditch effort to close the gap on the scoreboard. Their attack was relentless against the Knights, and it was Glenn Bryce who managed to slip through out on the wing for the try. Marcus Holden took the conversion from his hand in a rush and the kick went wide off the posts.

Southern Knight’s strong first half performance put them in good steading, and they remained firm in the second half letting them walk away with the well-deserved victory.

FULL -TIME: Southern Knights 27 – 19 Stirling Wolves

Referee: Rob McDowell
FOSROC Player of the Match: Gregor McNeish (Southern Knights)

Southern Knights: Allan Ferrie, Aidan Cross, Chris Bell, Luke Thomson
Stirling Wolves: Gregor Hiddleston, Connor Gordon, Glenn Bryce

Southern Knights: Callum Grieve (2)
Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden (2)

Southern Knights: Callum Grieve


Saturday 2 September : Ayrshire Bulls v FOSROC Future XV

Bobby Beattie began the scoring for the evening within the second minute when he found a gap in the Futures defence and sprinted towards the corner to dot down. Christian Townsend’s kick was good.

The second try came for the hosts within the 10th minute when a heavy driving maul from a successful Bulls line out drove hooker Alex McGuire over the whitewash. Christian Townsend’s boot was good again.

It wasn’t until another 18 minutes later that the next try was scored. The Bulls secured their third try through a series of recycled balls, allowing captain Blair MacPherson to crash over the line. Another successful conversion for Christian Townsend.

HALF-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 21 – 0 FOSROC Future XV

Blair MacPherson earned his second try of the evening when a sprint up the wing from Luca Bardelli allowed him to offload to the captain just before the try line which allowed him to secure the bonus point.

The next try came within the 60th minute when the ball was collected out of a ruck and passed to replacement centre Andy Stirrat who found a gap in the Futures defence and was over the line. Kicking duties were taken over by Brad Rodrick-Evans who made a successful conversion.

A couple of minutes before full time the Bulls managed to bulldoze a driving maul over the line which allowed Ryan Sweeny to secure the try. Conversion was made by Andy Stirratt.

FULL -TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 40 – 0 FOSROC Future XV

Referee: Ruairidh Campbell
FOSROC Player of the Match: Alex McGuire (Ayrshire Bulls)

Ayrshire Bulls: Bobby Beattie, Alex McGuire, Blair MacPherson (2), Andy Stirrat, Ryan Sweeny

Ayrshire Bulls: Christian Townsend (3), Brad Rodrick-Evans, Andy Stirrat


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