FOSROC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 7

FOSROC Super Series Championship | Review of Round 7

As we entered the final round of fixtures before the stand-bye week the Championship is at the half way point. Here's how each game in Round 7 went.

Friday 8 September: Stirling Wolves v Boroughmuir Bears

As the game got underway at Bridgehaugh for the first eight minutes Stirling Wolves were dominate in the Bears half, but the visitors remained firm and pushed back successfully.

An awarded penalty for Wolves not releasing allowed them to strategically kick and take the lineout from the five-metre line. Kaleem Barreto scooped the ball from the back of the maul and after a series of successful throws he recycled his own ball to score the first try under the sticks. George Paul’s kick was successful.

The visitors were on a roll with another try coming in quick succession this time by Euan Muirhead. He flew up the wing and after a dummy throw confused Glenn Bryce, he slipped through his loose tackle and crashed over the try line for the Bears second try. Paul added the extras.

A yellow card was shown for Wolves Ross McKnight for taking Mason Cullen down without the ball as Muirhead went for the successful try.

The hosts were determined to not let the opposition get comfortable with their lead as they scored their first try shortly after. A powerful driving maul saw them remain deep in the Bears 22 and a series of successful offloads got the ball into the hands of Ryan Southern and he barrelled over the line for their first try. Marcus Holden’s conversion was successful, and the hosts closed the gap on the leaderboard.

A second yellow card was drawn in the first 40 minutes, this time for Bears fly-half George Paul for jumping over the ruck.

A last-minute penalty for Bears just before the half time whistle for a mid-air tackle was taken by Euan Muirhead right in front of the posts and was successful which only widened their lead heading into the break.

HALF-TIME: Stirling Wolves 7 -17 Boroughmuir Bears

It was Stirling Wolves who put the first points on the board in the second half. Ross McKnight made powerful strides through the Bears defence before an inside offload to Kyle McGhie saw him swan dive over the try line. Holden’s conversion was successful.

Stirling Wolves conceded another penalty in front the posts similar to the one at the end of the first half, this time George Paul takes the kick having returned to the field from the sin bin and it soared over for the three points.

The hosts found themselves over the try line for the second time this half after a line-out maul following a penalty kick to the corner saw Gregor Hiddleston crash over the line. Holden’s kick ricocheted off the posts and bounced back and they remained behind the Bears by only one point.

It was not long after their third that the hosts fourth bonus point try was scored. Ryan Southern broke through the Bears defence and sprinted up the pitch offloading to skipper Holden in the corner who bowled the ball along the ground. This was gathered by full-back Glenn Bryce, and he grounded the ball over the line for the try. Extras were added.

The clock had gone into the red at Bridgehaugh but Stirling Wolves were not ready to finish until they scored one final try. An intercepted ball by Eric Davey was kicked ahead and it is Ross McKnight who planted it over the line. Holden’s kick was successful and after a tough first half Stirling Wolves secured the win at home.

FULL-TIME: Stirling Wolves 33 -20 Boroughmuir Bears

Referee: David Sutherland
FOSROC Player of the Match: Kaleem Barreto (Boroughmuir Bears)

Stirling Wolves: Ryan Southern, Kyle McGhie, Gregor Hiddleston, Glenn Bryce, Ross McKnight
Boroughmuir Bears: Kaleem Barreto, Euan Muirhead

Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden (4)
Boroughmuir Bears: George Paul (2)

Boroughmuir BEARS: Euan Muirhead, George Paul

Stirling Wolves: Ross McKnight
Boroughmuir Bears: George Paul


Saturday 9 September: Watsonians v FOSROC Future XV

The first score of the afternoon came for Watsonians within the third minute after a series of pick and goes let the ball get into the hands of Bobby Bratton who crashed over the line.

After Watsonians were awarded a penalty in the Futures 22, Jason Baggott took his shot at the posts. His kick was successful, brining the hosts up another three points.

The next 15 minutes or so saw a lot of back and forth but a successful line out for the Future XV within the Watsonians 22 allowed a heavy maul to form. It was a valiant effort from almost all of the team which allowed them to heave Freddy Douglas over the white wash, securing their first try. Isaac Coates got the extras, bringing the visitors one point behind their hosts.

Some reorganisation from Watsonians and a series of recycled ball allowed George Pringle to find some space in the Futures defence and dart towards the try line. He offloaded to scrum half Connor McAlpine who finished off nicely by diving just right of the posts. Jason Baggott made a successful conversion.

The Future XV responded almost immediately when a perfectly timed interception by Ben Salmon within the Watsonians 22 let him pass the ball through his team mates and out to Amena Caqusau on the wing who dotted down over the line. Isaac Coates made the conversion again.

The Future XV added their third try of the afternoon through yet another heavy maul with hooker Corey McCormack at the helm. Isaac Coates conversion attempt hit the post but managed to fall through.

HALF-TIME: Watsonians 15 – 21 FOSROC Future XV

Watsonians began the second half scoring when after a series of heavy pick and goes, Kwagga van Niekerk barrelled over the line, bringing the hosts to one point behind.

The score remained stagnant for over 20 minutes until a successful kick and chase let Murray Scott sprint up the left wing and dot down in the corner. Jason Baggott’s conversion was successful.

The hosts got their third try of the second half when a successful line out let the powerful forwards push over Gregor Scougall in the maul. The kick from Jason Baggott was successful, finishing the scoring of a competitive clash.

FULL-TIME: Watsonians 34-21 FOSROC Future XV

Referee: Ian Kenny
FOSROC Player of the Match: Bobby Bratton (Watsonians)

Watsonians: Bobby Bratton, Connor McAlpine, Kwagga van Niekirk, Murray Scott, Gregor Scougall
FOSROC Future XV: Freddy Douglas, Amena Caqusau, Corey McCormack

Watsonians: Jason Baggott (3)
FOSROC Future XV: Isaac Coates (3)

Watsonians: Jason Baggott


Saturday 9 September: Heriot’s Rugby v Southern Knights

It was a scorcher on Saturday as the match got underway at Goldenacre and the hosts were quick off the start securing their first try within five minutes. Grant Hughes charged ahead of the pack before a successful offload to Matt Davidson sent him over the line. A successful conversion was made by Ross Jones.

Jones showcased his kicking skills further after an on-field kick out to the wing was gathered by George Barber as he weaved his way through the Knight’s defence and grounded the ball under the posts. Light kicking work again for Jones as he added the extra two points.

The next 20 minutes of play saw a lot of back and forth from both sides, but Southern Knights were rewarded for their perseverance in the Heriot’s 22. A penalty kick out to the corner set the stage for a successful line out, the ball found the hands of Sam Derrick and he crashed over the whitewash. Conversion was unsuccessful.

Heriot’s retaliated quickly with another try of their own as Lewis Well dotted the ball in corner just shy of the break. The conversion was missed but the hosts were comfortably in the lead after a dominant first half performance.

HALF-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 19 – 5 Southern Knights

The first try on the second half was almost immediate after a penalty from the kick-off to Knights led to a throw-in from the 10-metre line. The forwards fought hard and found their way to the try line with a driving maul. Cal Grieve’s kick was successful.

The referee showed a yellow card for Heriot’s Fin Campbell for being offside and the home side were down to 14 men. Southern Knights took advantage of this immediately with another try coming quickly after, this time it was Alan Ferrie who found his way over the line with the help of the forwards. Extras were added.

The hosts retaliated quickly with a driving maul try of their own and as the maul went to deck it was Sam Wallace who grounded the ball. Jones added the extras once again.

Both sides were putting their all into their performance and Knights found their way over the try line again – after a series of tactical plays Aidan Cross was unstoppable as he headed for the line. Extras were missed.

The Knights were on a roll as they went for the bonus point try. A breakaway from Calum Barrett saw him make huge strides up the pitch getting into the perfect position to offload to Sam Derrick as he went over for his second try of the game. Conversion was missed.

The visitors continued to be a force to be reckoned with as a quick interception and breakaway from Chris Bell saw him sprint from beyond the halfway line. He flew up the pitch leaving the Heriot’s players behind as he soared over the line. Conversion was missed.

Heriot’s were not about the let the visitors stay in the lead for long and Michael Liness broke through the Knight’s defence before an offload to Ronan Seydak saw him crash over the line. Conversion was successful.

The final play was underway, and Heriot’s Dan King pushed his way over the line in the corner at the final moment and as he got the winning try the stand at Goldenacre erupted. Conversion was missed but the try alone was enough for Heriot’s to pull ahead at the final minute and they secured the win at home.

FULL-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 38 – 34 Southern Knights

Referee: Ruaridh Campbell
FOSROC Player of the Match: Sam Derrick (Southern Knights)

Heriot’s Rugby: Matt Davidson, George Barber, Lewis Wells, Sam Wallace, Ronan Seydak, Dan King
Southern Knights: Sam Derrick (2) Allan Ferrie, Aidan Cross, Chris Bell

Heriot’s Rugby: Ross Jones (4)
Southern Knights: Callum Grieve (2)

Heriot’s Rugby: Fin Campbell


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