Scotland Rugby Quiz: 6

Scotland Rugby Quiz: 6

Virtual pub quizzes have become all the rage since the coronavirus lockdown started, what with video calls being a popular way to stay connected to family and friends.

We’ve pulled together some question inspiration for your next one in the calendar to introduce a Scottish Rugby round and to keep you entertained As One At Home. This has also been shared on our @scotlandteam Instagram Story if you would like to play along there, available to view as a highlight.

Calcutta Cup Quiz

1. Who currently holds the Calcutta Cup?

2. Scotland v England in 2018 at BT Murrayfield, what was the score?

3. In what year did the sides share a 15-15 draw at BT Murrayfield?

4. Which winger grabbed two tries in the 2019 draw?

5. What was the score at half-time of the 2019 draw?

6. Which centre scored tries for Scotland in the 2018 Calcutta Cup win?

7. Who was Scotland’s skipper for the 2018 Calcutta Cup win?

8. Who captained Scotland to their 1990 Grand Slam success?

9. What animal is featured on the Calcutta Cup?

10. What year was the first Calcutta Cup match?

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    1. England

    2. 25-13

    3. 2010

    4. Darcy Graham

    5. ENG 31-7 SCO

    6. Huw Jones

    7. John Barclay

    8. David Sole

    9. Cobra/Elephant

    10. 1879

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