2023 Under-20 Six Nations

Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow


17 - 40
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Full time

Scotland’s Under-20 Six Nations comes to an end in Glasgow.


Sixth Italy score with final play

Italy’s forwards push towards the line, and Gasperini goes over.


Another pen

Italy win another penalty from the scrum, and this time kick to the corner.


Held up

Italy cross the line again, but this time they are held up.

They had penalty advantage though, and will scrum down six metres out on the right side.


Scotland playing from deep

Italy win the scrum penalty and kick forward, but Scotland get it back.

The hosts play from deep, throwing it around it nicely.

There’s an Italian knock on as they attempt to win it back, and Scotland have the scrum between the 10 and 22 in their own half.


Better from Scotland

Scotland come forward straight away, but there’s a knock on as we attempt to gather a kick through.

Italy have the scrum on their 10m line.


Italy kick to corner

Clare breaks up the left from the scrum, but his pass inside is intercepted.

Italy hack on, Duncan Munn gathers and Italy win the penalty at the breakdown.

They kick to the corner five metres out.


Where there’s a Will, there’s a way!

Scotland see the space out right, and Will Robinson dives over in the corner!

Rocketman Richie nails the conversion from the touchline.


Italy down to 13

Another penalty for Scotland, and Elletri will join his teammate in the bin.

Scotland tap and go five metres out…


Scotland 10m out

Another penalty against Italy, and Scotland kick to 10m out.


Final change

Afshar will make way for Charlie Clare for the final nine minutes.


Yellow for Italy

The high tackle leads to a penalty for Scotland, and Lavorenti has been sent to the sin bin.

Scotland kick into Italy’s 22.


TMO intervention

The TMO has intervened here, and we’re looking at a high tackle on Ben Afshar.


Penalty at the maul

It’s another penalty for Italy.

Simpson had kicked through into their 22, but as they set up the maul to exit Scotland are penalised.

Italy kick clear, and then attack up the right. But there was a foot in touch and Scotland will have a lineout on their 22.


Further changes

Kerr Johnston makes way for Will Robinson.

Earlier, Harris McLeod also came on for Eddie Erskine.


High penalty count

Scotland steal the lineout and come forward up the right, but an extra roll in the tackle gives Italy another penalty.

They’ve exited to between our 10 and 22m lines.


Fifth for Italy

Italy rampage through the middle, and Gallorini grounds the ball in almost the exact spot at which he scored his first.


Scotland offside

Scotland try to pressure Italy’s midfield, but Simpson is adjudged to be offside.

Italy have the lineout just outside our 22.


Scotland in at the side

Italy’s exit from kick off goes out on the full, and after a knock on from the visitors at the lineout, Scotland get the scrum.

We attack up the left, but side entry at the ruck is called against us and Italy will exit to halfway.


Out on the full

After a couple of phases from Scotland, Afshar tries to get us in behind with the boot.

He doesn’t catch it as he’d like though, and it’s gone out on the full. Italy have the lineout on halfway.


Scotland scrum

Scotland haven’t had much ball in this half so far, but an Italy knock on gives Afshar the feed at the scrum just inside Scotland’s 10.


Bonus point for the visitors

Scotland hold firm on the line for a few phases, but Gallorini gets over the line.

The TMO has a look, but the try stands.


Home change

Jonny Morris’ shift concludes, and he is replaced by Ewan Guy.

At the lineout, Scotland lose it forward and Italy will have the scrum.


Double movement

Botturi thinks he has scored again, but is called to have moved twice.

Italy had penalty advantage from the scrum though, and kick to the corner.


Frantic spell

Both sides had opportunities to attack in a long spell with ball in play. Kerr Johnston nearly escaped up the right for the hosts.

Italy halt the action by sticking a grubber through, and Scotland have a lineout inside their own 22.


Triple change

Craig Davidson, Jerry Blyth-Lafferty and Kerr Yule have been replaced by Max Surry, Corey Tait and Ben Salmon.

Salmon nearly has an instant impact up the left, but is tackled into touch.


Italy lead

A strong carry from Botturi a couple of phases after the scrum sends him over just right of the posts.

The conversion is good, and Italy lead for the first time.


Italy scrum

Italy win another penalty and kick to around 10m out.

The lineout goes wrong and Blyth-Lafferty gathers, but he loses it in the tackle and Scotland have the scrum.


Third try for Italy

Italy attack up the left, and their kick ahead is grounded by Kerr Johnston, who carried it over the line.

Italy’s scrum is just too strong, and Battara grounds it at the base.


Italy penalty

Scotland exit, but they are then penalised at a ruck and Italy will have the lineout just outside our 22.


Second half underway!

The teams are back out, and Brisghella gets the second half started.



Simp-le stuff

Richie Simpson then hoofed a penalty over from over 40 metres.

That kick gave Scotland a five point lead at the break.


Scotland lead at the interval!

Italy attack up the right, but the kick in behind goes out and that will be half time.

The supporters like what they’ve seen from the hosts in the first half, and show their appreciation as the team head into the tunnel!


Catch him if you Dan

Dan King got Scotland’s only try of the half, pouncing on a loose ball and sprinting from the left side to dot down under the posts.


Another scrum penalty

Scotland knock the ball on inside Italy’s 22.

We’re struggling at scrum time, and Italy win another penalty. They’ve kicked it out on the right side just inside Scotland’s half.


Italy exit

Scotland get the maul going, but Italy get to Blyth-Lafferty and hold him up. They get the scrum.

They’ve won a penalty at the scrum as well, and clear to their own 10m line.


Scotland attack from 22

Scotland now get a penalty, and Simpson nudges the ball into the 22.


Gywnn down the left!

After a short spell of kick tennis, Scotland fire the ball wide left to Gwynn.

He chips over the last man, but can’t quite get their first and Italy clear to just outside their 22.


Afshar just wide with the boot

Scotland win a penalty just inside Italy’s half, and Ben Afshar has a crack at goal.

It has the legs, but misses wide left and Italy will have the 22 dropout.


Scotland’s scrum penalised

Italy win a scrum penalty, and they clear up the right.


Knock on from the hosts

Scotland attack the left side from the scrum, but this time it’s the hosts who knock on.

Italy feed the scrum inside their own 22.


Forced change

Eben Cairns has picked up an injury, and he’ll be replaced by Robbie Deans.


Scotland scrum in midfield

Italy’s lineout isn’t straight again and Scotland exit. After brief passages of play from both sides, Italy knock on around halfway, and Scotland will have the scrum.


Italy kick into the 22

Scotland get a penalty themselves, but then concede another one in the middle of the park.

Italy have kicked it out inside Scotland’s 22 on their right side.


Italy penalty

A good spell of play from Scotland inside Italy’s half there, with a half-break from Jerry Blyth-Laffery, but Scotland are eventually penalised for holding on at the ruck and Italy clear up the left.


Let off…

Italy’s lineout isn’t straight again, and Scotland then opt for the lineout themselves.

There’s a loose pass in midfield from the Scots which is nearly gathered by Bozzoni, but he’s knocked it on.

Scotland scrum between their 10 and 22m lines.


Rocketman from over 40 metres!

This is frantic just now!

Italy are pinged for not rolling away, and Richie Simpson gives it a hefty dunt with his right boot.

That was around 42 metres out, and his kick had plenty of distance to spare!


McConnell to the rescue!

Scotland give away a penalty from the kick off, and Italy kick to the right corner.

They get a maul going, but Liam McConnell wriggles in there and gets wrapped around the ball.

It’ll be a scrum to the hosts on their own 5m line.


Italy hit back

Scotland are penalised for going off their feet at the ruck, and Italy kick to the left corner.

The maul is good from the Italians and Quattrini goes over, but the conversion goes wide so Scotland lead by two.



Italy are held up as they attack, and Scotland have the scrum on halfway.

It’s a good scrum from the visitors, and the ball comes loose. But Richie Simpson just comes alive in broken play. He gathers it, runs up the left, and after his pass is intercepted, Italy throw a loose pass themselves.

Dan King is first to react and runs it under the sticks.

Richie converts. Rocketman just doesn’t miss those.


Early pen for Italy

Scotland get the early attacking platform as Italy clear the kickoff, but obstruction is called as Scotland set up the maul.

Italy boot it to halfway.


First attack from the hosts

Italy’s lineout isn’t straight, and Scotland themselves opt for a lineout and this time get the maul going.

It got a fair way up the right touchline, and the ball then went wide left to Geordie Gywnn, but Scotland are penalised and Italy will clear.


Kick off!



Formalities completed

Right then, let’s have some rugby.

Dan King will be the one to start the match.


Here we go!

The teams are out on the pitch at Scotstoun.

It’s anthems time!


Back inside

The warmups are complete! Scotland have headed back into the changing rooms for a final chat before kick off.


Coach Kenny

Scotland U20 Head Coach Kenny Murray is putting his team through their paces as the warmups head towards a conclusion.


Scotland win the toss

Captain Liam McConnell is out warming up now, but earlier he won the coin toss and elected to kick off.

Scotland will be attacking the East Stand in the first half.


Here come the fans!

The early birds of today’s spectators have made their way in.

They’ll be hoping to see Scotland U20 finish off their Six Nations in style!


Team reminder

Here’s a reminder of your Scotland U20 team at Scotstoun today.



Good Afternoon from Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow where Scotland U20 round off their Under-20 Six Nations campaign against Italy U20 at 2pm.

We’ll bring you live updates throughout right here on our match centre.

Scotland are in the building, and were out on the pitch moments ago to begin preparations.

Kick-off 2:00 pm