2024 Under-20 Six Nations

Hive Stadium, Edinburgh


14 - 29
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France take it

An improved second half from Scotland U20, but France U20 are 29-14 winners tonight.

We’re off next weekend, and then it’s back to Hive Stadium to face England U20 in a fortnight’s time.

Thanks for following the match centre tonight. We’ll be back tomorrow for the Guinness Men’s Six Nations match between Scotland and France, which is underway at 2.15pm!


Scrum penalty our way!

France steal it back, but then knock on just inside their 10m line.

And then Scotland’s pack earn the scrum penalty, but a fourth kick for touch goes dead. France will scrum where it was taken.


France penalty

Clock in the red now, and France have won a penalty in midfield.

Looks like they’ll end it there.



France go to the maul, but again Scotland trap the ball and get the scrum!


Double change

Off are Ruaraidh Hart and Jonny Morris, on come Archie Clarke and Monroe Job.


Our turn for the 50:22!

Brave play on our own line!

Coates chips ahead, which is caught by Caqusau who is brought down on halfway. Then Patterson boots it ahead and finds touch on the right! Our put in inside the 22.


Another penalty

France offside again, and we’ll kick for the right corner.

But again, it’s gone dead. French scrum, 30 metres from the line.


It’s good

29-14 to France.



Fantastic kick there from Souverbie, and France get the 50:22.

They’ll throw in to the lineout around six metres out.


End to end!

It’s all action here!

Patterson breaks on the left and kicks through, gathers and launches a pass in field as he’s falling to touch, but it goes into French hands.

France come forward but then Scotland get it back and Patterson is away again, this time through the middle.

A lengthy spell of play is ended when we get the penalty in midfield. We’ll restart with a lineout on the right just inside France’s 22.



Held up!

France get over the line, but it’s held up by Deans!

We exit from the goalline dropout.


Scrum half change

Off comes Lock, on comes Hector Patterson.


Hocking on

Jack Hocking is on in the back three, off comes Fergus Watson.


Shot at goal

Desperes will have a kick at goal here after Scotland were penalised.

Right in front on the 22.


Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

The maul goes over! It’s Jerry Blyth-Lafferty who grounds it, our third maul try of the tournament in two games.

Coates converts expertly from the left.


France 5 out

Scotland exit, then France chip ahead and Fergus Watson is knocked back. France go over the top at the ruck and win the penalty five from our line.


Not rolling

We go left from the scrum, and then France don’t roll.

It’s kicked into France’s 22 by Coates.


Swap in the second row

Theo Currie comes off the pitch, and Ryan Burke is on in the second row.


Freddy’s feelin ready!!

Another ruck steal from Freddy Douglas!

It gets us into France’s half via the penalty kick from Coates.


France shown the yellow

Gambini is sent to the naughty chair for collapsing the maul, the unfortunate man after a string of penalties in a row against the French.

This penalty is kicked right into the corner…


Scrum time

France steal the lineout, but then pressure in midfield from Scotland’s defence causes a knock-on. Our put in on France’s 10.


5 out!

Scotland get a penalty five metres out, and it’s kicked to the right touchline.



Quick thinking from Murdoch Lock, and we’re on the board!

France offside, and from 15 metres out the scrum-half takes a quick penalty and sprints under the posts unnoticed.

Coates converts.


France into the 22

A French box kick is knocked on by Douglas, then Morris is offside when he grabs it.

The visitors kick the penalty into our 22, but it’s knocked on from the lineout and Scotland get the scrum.


Scrum pen

France win the penalty at the scrum. They’re now just shy of halfway on the right with the lineout.


On the edge of the 22

Scotland go wide to the right, and then France look to have turned it but are penalised at the ruck.

A great touchfinder from Coates, who gets us just outside the 22.


Smyth back off

Smyth picks up an injury in the first play. Deans comes back on, and France will put into a scrum on their 22 as they had possession there when the referee halted play for Smyth to be treated.


Penalty kicked dead

Scotland get a penalty for a French offside after a break from Douglas on the right, but Coates kicks it dead.

French scrum on their 10m line.


Knock on

France attack up the middle but they lose it in contact. Scotland will scrum down on our 10m.


Swap at prop

Callum Smyth is on at loosehead, off comes Robbie Deans.


Coates restarts it



Half time

France in command at the break.


Teams back out

France reappear first, followed by the hosts.


Hooker replacement

Young is forced off with the injury. Jerry Blyth-Lafferty joins the action.



France steal the lineout, and Desperes breaks down the left.

The visitors look likely to find the bonus point score, but an accidental offside gives Scotland the scrum.

It’ll be just outside our five metre line, on the left hand side. But we’re pausing for an injury to Elliot Young.


Scrum pen leads to bonus point

With the last play of the half, Castro-Ferreira goes over on the right after a scrum penalty is taken quickly. Desperes converts.


Jackal penalty

A few phases in midfield from the Scottish forwards, and they’re getting over the gain line each time.

But then Castro-Ferreira latches on to it, and France kick a penalty onto our 22m line.


Another 22m lineout, opposite side

Scotland a nuisance at the French lineout, and get a steal. It’s cleared and then Scotland pinch it back again, and Coates finds touch just outside our 22.


Knock on

Some territorial kicking, which France choose to end by attacking up the right.

It goes forward though, and Scotland will feed the scrum on France’s 10m line.


France 5m out

A smart grubber in behind from France, and Scotland are forced in touch.

France will throw in from five metres out on the right flank.


Stealing it back!

France win their lineout, but a phase later Elliot Young jackals well and gets the penalty!

Coates finds touch just inside France’s half.


French on the attack

Another penalty against Scotland, this one in the middle of the pitch.

It’s kicked to touch on our 22, France will go from there on our left.


Third score

France gather their lineout, and Souverbie dives over on the right.


French penalty

A short kicking battle after the restart, then France win the breakdown penalty for a Scot not rolling.

They now have the lineout 30 metres from our line, on their right wing.


Counter attack chance!

A ruck steal from Scotland, and Lock goes up the right and grubber’s on.

Gwynn is narrowly beaten to it five metres out, then Scotland are penalised at the ruck.


Another opportunity

Scotland pinch the lineout and throw it out to the opposite wing, where Gwynn boots in behind.

Gwynn and Amena Caqusau are both after it, but the winger knocks it on and then from the scrum, France get a penalty.

They exit to their own 10m line.


Grubber through into touch

France head to the right from the scrum, and Taccola hacks through. It bounces into touch about 15 metres from our line for our lineout.


Jackal penalty

Freddy Douglas with a trademark ruck steal!

After losing the lineout, we’re forced to defend in our 22 but Freddy does what he does best and we get the penalty, which is kicked into touch by Coates on the left.


Second French score

France gather Lock’s kick, and move the ball right to left.

Bosmorin is tap-tackled, but rises and heads under the posts. Desperes converts.



France drive for the line from the lineout, but the ball’s stuck in the maul and Scotland get the scrum!

We’ll put in five metres from our line.


Out on the full

Coates’ restart goes straight out. France will put in to a scrum on the centre spot.


BIG hits!

Lots of contestable box kicks coming in from Lock, and it feels safe to say Kerr Johnston is enjoying chasing them. Some monster tackles coming in!

Scotland get it back from Hart’s charge down of a kick on France’s 22, but we knock it on and then give away a breakdown penalty.

France kick to the left corner.


Norrie nicks it!

Scotland clear to halfway and France run it back.

But Callum Norrie gets over it on the ground and is rewarded with the penalty!

Touch is found by Coates on France’s 10.


France open the scoring

Lock’s box kick doesn’t find touch, and Bosmorin runs it back.

From the next phase Mousques breaks through in midfield and scores under the posts. Desperes converts.


Exit, and a pen!

Ruaraidh Hart plucks the ball out of the brisk Edinburgh sky from the lineout, and Murdoch Lock clears.

France try to maul from the lineout, but Scotland barge them back and win the penalty!

Ball into touch from Coates, our lineout on France’s 10m.


Try saver!

Isaac Coates, take a bow!

Joe Quere-Karaba rips the ball in contact and sprints down the left touchline. Coates gives it everything he’s got and makes an unbelievable tap-tackle on the flanker, before he’s bundled into touch on our own 5m line.

Lots of territory lost but it could have been a lot worse but for the determination of the Edinburgh Rugby man.


Kick off!



Opening defensive set

France ship it out right from the scrum, and Scotland are forced to defend a few phases, which they do admirably.

A knock on gives us the ball back on our 22.



France to kick off

Axel Desperes will start this one in a matter of seconds…


Teams emerge!

Anthems incoming!


First penalty to the hosts

Scotland exit well, and then France are offside just inside our half.

Isaac Coates go for touch from the penalty, but he’s kicked it dead. Scrum France where it was kicked, on the visitors’ left 45 metres out.


Friday Night Hive

Evening all!

Welcome to the Scottish Rugby Match Centre for Scotland U20’s clash with France U20 in the second round of the Under-20 Six Nations.

Keep your eyes right here for updates throughout tonight’s encounter, which kicks off at 8pm.


Team reminder

Scotland U20 as announced tonight, no late changes.


Warm ups complete

The final words are spoken. Actions soon to follow.

Scotland are back in the changing room.


Pre-match viewing

Jamie Lyall, Chris Paterson and Dale Clancy sat down recently to discuss some of the players to look out for in the U20 Six Nations.


Scotland U20s back home tonight

Scotland U20s take on France at Hive Stadium in Edinburgh tonight – kick-off is at 8pm.

The game is live on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website, you can also join us for live coverage here.


Kerr-unching clash last week

Scotland U20’s campaign began last week, with a topsy-turvy match in Colwyn Bay against Wales U20. The lead changed hands several times before Wales ultimately triumphed 37-29.

Elliot Young and Freddy Douglas both grabbed doubles for the young Scots, with Kerr Yule crashing over for the fifth try.


France Team

Here is the France U20 team we’ll face at Hive Stadium in Edinburgh on Friday night.


Scotland Team

Here is the Scotland U20 team to play France in Edinburgh.

Kick-off 8:00 pm