2024 Under-20 Six Nations

Stadiwm CSM, Colwyn Bay


37 - 29
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Wales penalty

Blyth-Lafferty thinks he’s got a ruck steal, but the referee adjudges that he went off his feet and Wales get the lineout inside our half.


Wales win

Scotland work into the 22 as they push for a losing bonus point, but Wales get it back and boot it off the pitch. It’s defeat in the opening Under-20 Six Nations game for Scotland, but they will take the losing point back to Hive Stadium next week, where they play France on friday night.


Pass into touch

Scotland work from right to left, but Johnston’s pass goes over Caqusau and into touch on halfway.


Price in again

Price scores in the left corner, and Wales lead by three.


Scotland lineout

Davies sends one downfield, and it’s returned and gone out at halfway. Scotland’s lineout on our right.


Wales surely seal it

Anderson chips over the top on the right, and it’s gathered over the line by Lewis to give Wales an eight point lead.


Yellow card

O’Driscoll is sin binned. Wales have the penalty 5m out, and opt to scrum.


Hocking on for Watson

Jack Hocking comes on to replace Fergus Watson.


Scotland take the lineout

Davey’s first act is to gather the kick off, then dust himself off after a brutal tackle and kick for touch.

It doesn’t quite make it there, but Price knocks on into touch and Scotland opt for the lineout.


TMO check

Alex O’Driscoll is penalised for an intentional knock on, just metres out.

We’ll go to the TMO to see if more punishment is required…


Another scrum penalty

Blyth-Lafferty is penalised at the lineout for a dummy throw, a free kick is given which Wales opt to scrum from.

That leads to another penalty, which is kicked to the corner.


Davey on, Lock off

Murdoch Lock, who has been outstanding, is getting a breather.

On comes Eric Davey.


Douglas at the double!!!

Douglas gets it down again!

The maul is stopped short, but two phases later it’s the number seven who crashes over again.

We lead by four.


Ackerman gets the bonus point

Wales go off the top at the lineout and Ackerman steps inside, finding his way to the line despite Caqusau’s attempt to hold him up.


Scotland’s turn?

Now it’s Scotland who get the penalty and kick it to the corner!

5m out on the left…



Scotland try to play from halfway, carrying for five or six phases, but then the penalty is conceded for offside and Wales kick to the left corner.


Wales exit

Another big carry from Yule after the lineout, but Wales steal it back in contact and exit.

Scotland lineout on halfway.


Good pressure

Davies is put under immense pressure as he tries to box kick, and that takes a few metres off it.

Scotland will have the lineout about 30m out.


Prop swap

McConnell knocks it on now, and that will lead to a scrum on Wales’ 22.

That gives an opportunity for Alex O’Driscoll to replace Robbie Deans at loosehead.


Big hit dislodges the ball!

Scotland’s defence is brutal. Another big hit leads to a knock-on, and we get the scrum in Wales’ half.


…and another

Another scrum after the lineout is knocked on by Scotland, and Wales get another penalty from it.

Wales kick into our 22 on their right.


Scotland pen!

Scotland steal the lineout, and get upfield. Then as Wales kick to the clear night skies, their forwards are all caught offside and Coates kicks a penalty into the 22 on the left.


Scrum pen

Another scrum pen for Wales. It’s kicked to just inside their half, on their right side.


Not releasing

So unlucky for Lock.

First Douglas carries well and offloads, but McVie can’t gather it. It falls behind him to Lock, who goes forward and gets up from a tackle thinking it hadn’t been completed.

But the referee felt otherwise, and Wales get the penalty under their sticks.


Knock on, and a sub at hooker

It won’t be a hat-trick for Young, just the two tries!

A knock on in midfield after the lineout gives Scotland the scrum, but before that Jerry Blyth-Lafferty will enter the fray at hooker.


Big Kerr-y!

A big carry from Kerr leads to a penalty!

The winger rampages up the right and then Wales play the ball illegally at the ruck.

Scotland are in the 22 on the right.


Wales jackal

Wales’ turn for a jackal penalty, but Wilde’s kick doesn’t find touch.

Scotland can escape.


Welsh pen

A scrum penalty a piece. This time Wales get it.

They kick into our 22, on their left side.



Wales exit, and from the resulting lineout Elliot Young tries to break but there’s a block and Wales get a penalty.

The home side hoof the ball into our 22 on their left.


Scotland scrum in Wales’ half

A kick through from Scotland, which Price drops.

Scotland scrum, about 35 metres from Wales’ line.



The maul doesn’t get there, but the inside centre does!

It’s the bonus point for Scotland, as the maul gets so close before Scotland play from the right into midfield for Kerr Yule to bulldoze his way over his defender and over the line.

That will have gone down well in Cardiff, where Scottish Rugby’s Head of Strength and Conditioning Stuart Yule, Kerr’s dad, is watching on with the men’s team ahead of their match tomorrow!


Back to play in the Bay

The teams are back out, and Isaac Coates will soon restart this contest.


Scotland penalty

The ball goes loose at the lineout, and Scotland fire it out to the left where Kerr Johnston breaks.

Another ferocious carry from Yule in midfield, and Scotland win the penalty for not rolling away.

It’s kicked to the right corner. The maul has gone well so far…


Here we go!



Half time

Down by three at the break, but we’ll play downwind in the second 40.


On the full from Lock

Scotland carry back into their own 22, and Lock’s kick goes straight out.

Wales have the lineout on their left, 21 and a half metres out.


Another Douglas steal!

Freddy at the ready!

Some strong carries from Wales, but the back-row jackaling specialist latches onto the ball and gets it back for us!


Young over again!!!

What a game we have here!

Wales kick down the middle after the restart, and Fergus Watson charges 50 metres downfield before offloading to Yule.

A couple of phases of tight possession later, it’s Elliot Young who goes over for his second!

Coates nails the conversion.


Forward pass

Wales keep looking for Price on the left, but this time the pass to him is forward.

Scotland have the scrum, inside the 22.


Morse in for the third

Price comes firing through the middle, and is excellently stopped by Douglas. But Wales go quick again, and Morgan Morse is over for the hosts’ third.


Wales on the edge of the 22

Another overthrow and Wales are nearly in on the left again, but Scotland survive this time.

Lock exits to just outside our 22.



A knock on in midfield from Scotland, and then after a kicking battle, we’re penalised for being offside.


Scotland lineout

Good exit from Wales after the kick off, and Scotland will throw in from the left, just inside our half.


We’re maulin’ this together!!!

The maul goes over again!!

This time it’s Freddy Douglas who goes over, into the left corner.

Coates’ conversion hits the post.


Out on the full

Wilde’s restart goes out on the full. Scotland get the ball back via the scrum on halfway.


Wales lead again

Wales take the tap and go penalty, and after Davies’ initial break, it’s put on a plate for Price on the left wing.

Conversion drifts wide in the strong wind.


Scotland lineout, 30 out

Scotland go right from the scrum, and Gwynn hacks through.

Wales kick clear, and Scotland have the lineout around 30m out on the right.



No issues for Wilde. Two point game.


Another penalty

A brilliant 50:22 from Scotland!

Then the forwards try to get the maul going again, but Wales bring it down.

Coates finds the left corner…


Excellent scramble defence!

Scotland overthrow at the lineout, and Morgan Morse is through down the middle.

The back three recover well, and Wales try to go up the left. But Freddy Douglas gets stuck in with the jackal, and the ballcarrier is penalised for an extra roll on the ground.

Coates finds touch on the right.


Wales’ first try

An overthrow again at the lineout, and three phases later Ackerman is through and finds Anderson to score.

Conversion is missed.


McConnell on the gallop!

Liam McConnell gathers the kick off, and the captain races down the right side.

The ball is dropped in the next face though, and Wales hack downfield into Scotland’s 22.

Murdoch Lock finds touch from the box kick.


Scotland pen after excellent attack!

Nearly an instant response!

After Kerr Johnston gathers Lock’s kick, Amena Caqusau makes a half-break on the left. Kerr Yule then charges through the middle, and Scotland win the penalty.

But Isaac Coates has kicked it dead, and Wales exit with the 22 dropout.



Scotland penalty

Geordie Gwynn nudges through, and Wales then return it.

Lock sends a box kick to the skies, and Wales are penalised for an offside.

Coates finds touch on the right, just inside the 22.


Wales to kick at goal

Wales come forward, and Scotland are again penalised when going for the ruck jackal turnover.

Harry Wilde will kick at goal from right in front…



A 22 METRE MAUL!!! And Elliot Young goes over!

The forwards get moving after the lineout, and make an amazing initial surge. Twice it seems to slow down, but picks up momentum again, and our hooker crashes over.

Coates’ conversion is low and wide.


No try!

Scotland survive. Davies’ pass to Ackerman went forward.

The visitors will scrum down on their own five.


Scrum penalty!

Norrie and Deans get the nudge on!

The Scottish props get a drive going at the scrum, and they are rewarded with a penalty.

Isaac Coates finds touch.


Free kick at the scrum

A free kick given to Wales, and they choose to scrum again.


Welsh penalty

Wales make a half-break on the right side through Rees-Weldon, and Kerr Yule is penalised at the ruck for being off his feet.

The hosts kick into the right corner.


First possession Wales

Scotland exit through scrum-half Murdoch Lock, and Wales then carry left to right, then back towards the left.

Play is halted for an injury to Tom Currie.


First score Wales?

Scotland defend the maul well after the lineout, but Davies finds half a gap and offloads to Ackerman, who gets to the line.

But was the last pass forward?


Early change

Unfortunately, after a long stoppage, Tom will have to come off. We wish him a speedy recovery.

On comes Jonny Morris. As Wales had the ball when play was rightly stopped, they will get the scrum just inside our 10m line.


Anthems complete

Here we go!

Wales will kick us off tonight.


Here come Scotland!

For the first time this year, Scotland U20 jog out onto the pitch for an Under-20 Six Nations match.

They are followed by our officiating team, and then Wales U20.

A wee bit of singing to be done, then the tournament begins.





Dan King in the moonlight one year ago

The last time these two sides met, it was a win for Scotland U20 at Scotstoun, with a late Dan King penalty securing the four points.

Can Scotland produce something similar tonight?


It’s game day for our U20s!

Join us for live coverage this evening – kick-off is at 6.45pm


A change at prop

Here’s how Scotland U20 look in their Under-20 Six Nations curtain-raiser.

In a change to the original lineup, Callum Norrie comes in to start and Ryan Whitefield joins the bench.


Fit like?

Hello one and all, and welcome to tonight’s match centre for Wales U20 v Scotland U20!

Keep your eyes firmly locked to this page for live updates from Stadiwm CSM in Colwyn Bay.


Wales U20 Team

Here is the Wales U20 team we’ll face in Colwyn Bay later.


Scotland U20 Team

Here is the Scotland U20 team to play Wales U20 in Colwyn Bay on Friday night – live on BBC iPlayer.

Kick-off 6:45 pm