Male U16 – U18 Rugby Age Banding

Medical research into boys' rugby strongly indicates that there is an increased risk of serious injury when U16 players play U18 rugby. It is Scottish Rugby's policy that the age at which male players are allowed to play U18 rugby is 16 years old.

An U16 player’s age grade is determined by whether they were born on or between 1 September – 31 August at the beginning of each season. That age grade applies for the whole season. National and Regional Representation cut-off dates are 1 January.

Application Procedures

The application form for 15-year-old players to apply to play U18 rugby can be found below:

Application form for U16 into U18 for season 23/24

Please note that the player’s SCRUMS ID number must be submitted with the form so that the player’s playing history can be reviewed when considering the application.

Applications must be sent complete with all supporting documentation, and received by the below deadlines. If an application falls beyond a window deadline, it will be reviewed at the following Panel review.

Window 1 – 19 July 2 August
Window 2 – 2 August 16 August
Window 3 – 16 August 30 August
Window 4 – 13 September 27 September
Window 5 – 27 September 11 October
Physical Maturity Assessments

As part of the application, players must attend a physical maturity test at a designated appointment, arranged by Scottish Rugby (please see below dates). To book an assessment appointment, please specify this in the application email or contact [email protected].

19 July 3:30-4:30pm East – Meadowmill
19 July 4:00-5:00pm Glasgow North- Ravenscraig
25 July 9:00-10:00am Caledonia Midlands – Dundee RPC
26 July 12:00-4:00pm East – Napier University
26 July 4:00-8:00pm East – BTM
2 August 12:00-4:00pm East – Napier University
2 August 3:30-4:30pm East – Meadowmill
2 August 12:00-4:00pm East – Napier University
2 August 4:00-5:00pm Glasgow North – Ravenscraig
4 August 3:30-5:30pm East – Gala
17 August 6:00-7:00pm Glasgow North – Ravenscraig
21 August 5:00-6:00pm East – Gala
23 August 4:00-8:00pm East – BTM
23 August 12:00-4:00pm East – Napier University
13 September 5:00-6:00pm Glasgow North – Ravenscraig
18 September 5:00-6:00pm East – Gala
20 September 12:00-4:00pm East – Napier
20 September 4:00-8:00pm East – BTM
27 September 5:00-6:00pm Glasgow North – Ravenscraig
2 October 5:00-6:00pm East – Gala
11 October 12:00-4:00pm East – Edinburgh
11 October 4:00-8:00pm East – BTM

The below video summarises the application process:

Player Registration on SCRUMS

As part of the clearance process the player’s parents must register them on SCRUMS as this allows us to maintain details of the player and enables the club to add the player to a match team sheet. For younger players a parent or guardian’s input is required as part of the registration process.

Download guidance for parents on registering a youth player


Players must be 15 years old to apply to play U18 rugby and have completed World Rugby’s online Rugby Ready course, submitted a completed application form and undergone a physical maturity test.

World Rugby online RugbyReady

Front Row

15 year old Male players cannot play front row in U18 rugby until they turn 16 years old.


Please contact [email protected] should you have any questions.

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