Pregnancy and Rugby

Compliance with Scottish Rugby's Pregnancy and Rugby Policy is mandatory for all those participating in the game in Scotland.

Policy Statement

Scottish Rugby is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all those participating in our sport. In doing so we will adopt inclusive policies to enable players to play in an environment which protects the wellbeing of all players and which promotes fair competition. The privacy and the dignity of all players will be respected.

Everyone within the Scottish Rugby community will be made aware of our policies to promote the safety and wellbeing of those playing the game.

Key principles:

  • Primary responsibility for the health and wellbeing of each player lies with the individual player. In agreeing to participate players must take seriously the risk of injury to themselves and to others.
  • Scottish Rugby, and those governed by Scottish Rugby, will follow best practice in relation to the participation in the game by pregnant players.
  • We believe that best practice is currently represented by World Rugby’s Pregnancy and Rugby Guideline.
  • The principles contained within the World Rugby Guideline have been incorporated into Scottish Rugby’s Pregnancy and Rugby Policy.
  • Scottish Rugby supports moderate, low intensity exercise during pregnancy. However, due to the increased risk of injury to both the mother and the unborn child, pregnant players are not permitted to participate in contact rugby activities.
  • The welfare and safety of the player and the unborn child is paramount.

Raising a Concern

Failure to follow Scottish Rugby’s Pregnancy and Rugby Policy shall be regarded as an act of Misconduct under Scottish Rugby’s Disciplinary Rules.

Where a concern arises in the relation to the participation of a player who may be pregnant, or where there is concern that best practice is not being followed, the matter may be referred in confidence to Scottish Rugby Union’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Please contact: E: [email protected] ; T: 0131 346 5000.

The CMO will investigate any reported concerns and, where appropriate, shall refer them to Scottish Rugby’s Disciplinary Manager for consideration of Misconduct proceedings.

Scottish Rugby Pregnancy and Rugby Policy – August 2021

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