In order to help meet the cost of redeveloping Scottish Gas Murrayfield, Scottish Rugby has over the years issued a series of Debentures. Whilst the rights and benefits associated with each type of Debenture vary, the Debenture holder generally receives the right to purchase match tickets in return for their investment. For full details of the benefits of holding a Debenture, Debentures holders are advised to refer to the documentation issued with their Debenture.

Season 2024/25

The Scottish Rugby Debentures Season 2024/25 Brochure is available now. For key dates and information on how to book, please click on the Debenture brochure below.



Update your records!
Please ensure we have your up-to-date email address! Most, if not all of our communications to supporters are now sent by email, as it is the quickest, most efficient and environmentally friendly way of keeping people informed throughout the season. Please login to your Scottish Rugby account and ensure all your contact details are up to date.

Need Help?
If you have any questions related to your debenture or any of the games next season, please visit the Ask Scottish Rugby, section of our website, where you will find dedicated Debenture information. Alternatively, email the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre at [email protected]

Transfer a Debenture

Transferring your Debenture can be done by completing a “Stock Transfer Form”. Make sure you complete the correct form, depending on what type of debenture you have:

The correct completed Stock Transfer Form should then be returned to Scottish Rugby with the original debenture certificates and a cheque for £20 (made payable to Scottish Rugby Union Limited).

You can send the forms to us at:

Ticket Centre

Scottish Rugby Union

Scottish Gas Murrayfield


EH12 5PJ

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to your Debenture please visit Ask Scottish Rugby.

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