The 2022/23 RugbyRight e-learning course is now available through Scottish Rugby’s Management System – SCRUMS.

For this season – RugbyRight has been split into 2 modules – RugbyRight-2022/23 and RugbyRight-Safeguarding

RugbyRight-2022/23 provides information and content around a wide range of player welfare subjects such as concussion management, tackle safety, law updates and anti-doping.

RugbyRight-Safeguarding provides coaches and match officials with important information around child protection, how to recognise and report potential abuse and best practice when working with children.

The RugbyRight-2022/23 course must be completed by all NEW coaches and match officials whilst RugbyRight-Safeguarding must be completed by all NEW coaches and match officials working players under the age of 18.

RugbyRight access options:

The course must have been completed by Monday 31st October 2022 to be compliant. Please note, these courses are not available to those operating outside of Scotland.

Any questions?

Please contact: email: [email protected] should you have any questions.


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