FOSROC Super Series Sprint | Review of Round 5

FOSROC Super Series Sprint | Review of Round 5

After a bye week the FOSROC Super Series Sprint continued this weekend with Round 5. Here is how each game went.


After a week of rest both teams charged out of the tunnel on the hunt for the win this evening at Meggetland.

Watsonians found a gap instantly in the Bears defence which allowed Seb Cecil to spectacularly swan dive for the first try of the evening right under the posts. Jason Baggott added the extras which placed the visitors in an early lead with three minutes on the clock.

Eager for more a driving maul of blue pushed Watsonian’s Captain Cal Davies over the line. Unfortunately, Baggott’s conversion was unsuccessful second time around.

Bears quickly retaliated with a successful throw in which led to a grizzly push over the try line where Corey Tait grounded the ball. Tom Quinlan was unsuccessful with the conversion meaning the visitors still held the lead.

Bears were recklessly giving aware penalties which Watsonians tried to pick up. They lost easy points when one penalty kick ricocheted off the post and straight into Bears hands.

Unable to hold possession for long they gave another penalty away, on this occasion for a high tackle. This time Baggott’s kick flew over the posts adding the extra three points to an already leading scoreboard.

A stellar catch from Callum Ramm transitioned seamlessly into some beautiful offload work from Bears Joe Jenkins and Alex Thom which provide Thom the opportunity to swiftly move through the Watsonian’s line to get the home side their second try of the game. Quinlan’s kicking proved successful this time around and he added the extra two points to close the gap on the leader board as they headed into the break.

HALF-TIME: Boroughmuir Bears 12 – 17 Watsonians

Still on a high from their whistle try at the end of the first half Boroughmuir Bears added the first points on the board of the second half. A strong break from Bears scrumhalf Ruiaridh Swan gave the forwards the advantage they needed to secure the ball and Trystan Andrews crossed over the whitewash for the try. Quinlan again added the extras.

Bears lead did not last long as Watsonians made their presence known with a tried and tested move of using their powerful driving force which once again allowed Captain Cal Davis to ground the ball over the line. Conversion went wide.
As the 55th minute mark approached the two teams scored even after a penalty kick from Bears Quinlan drew the teams equal at 22 all.

Watsonians continued to apply pressure as they pushed into the Bears 22 and another Watsonians’ maul crashed over the try line which secured a hattrick try for Captain Cal Davis while also securing the visitor’s their bonus point. Extras added by Baggott.

A yellow card for Bear’s Callum Ramm for a deliberate knock on saw the home side down a man which Watsonians took advantage of after a successful penalty from Baggott widen the point gap by ten.

As the clock ticked over the 80-minute mark Bears sent the home crown into a frenzy as Mason Cullen incredibly evaded upward of three soft tackles from the Watsonians wholly defence as he sprinted from over the halfway line and secured the final try of the game. Callum Ramm had taken over kicking duty and thanks to Cullen’s try placement directly under the sticks, the ball soared through the posts.

Watsonians narrowly took home the win at Meggetland and both team secured bonus point try’s.

FULL-TIME: Boroughmuir Bears 29 – 32 Watsonians

Referee: Ruairidh Campbell
FOSROC Player of the Match: Cal Davies (Watsonians)

Boroughmuir Bears: Corey Tait, Alex Thom, Trystan Andrews, Mason Cullen
Watsonians: Seb Cecil, Cal Davies (3)

Boroughmuir Bears: Thomas Quinlan (2), Callum Ramm
Watsonians: Jason Baggott (3)

Boroughmuir Bears: Thomas Quinlan
Watsonians: Jason Baggott (2)

Boroughmuir Bears: Callum Ramm



The sun was shining gloriously at Bridgehaugh on Saturday afternoon as both teams took to the pitch. Knights are hungry for their first win of the Sprint but Wolves were determined to make it a difficult game from the first whistle.

Wolves made light work early in the game when Ben Salmon made glorious strides up the pitch but was stopped short ten metres from the try line. The ball was quickly recycled by Benedict Grant who offloaded to Glenn Bryce who dotted the ball in the far corner for the first try of the game. Marcus Holden’s conversion was successful.

It wasn’t long before Wolves Captain Marcus Holden scored the second try of the game for the home side and as he successfully converted his own try he secured the 14 point lead.

Wolves continued to force the Knights defence to work hard as they remained relentless in their attack.  A yellow card for Wolves Gregor Hiddleston opened the window of opportunity for Knights and they took full advantage of the Wolves 14-man side as they entered the Wolves 22 for the first time in the game.

A powerful Knight’s maul pushed themselves over the try line as they gained their first try of the game courteous of Ben McLean after 30 minutes of play. Callum Grieve’s kick went wide.

The final points on the board in the first half went to Wolves following a penalty where Holden’s golden boot was once again successfully as it secured the Wolves lead as they headed into the break.

HALF-TIME: Stirling Wolves 17 – 5 Southern Knights

A high tackle from Wolves granted Knights a penalty which was no trouble for Grieve as the ball soared through the posts and the first points of the second half were put on the board.

After a lengthy period of pick and go’s both teams seemed to be exhausting each other but without any follow through of points.

There was a case of deja-vu as another penalty for Knights due to Wolves being offside was awarded which Grieve happily put through the sticks.

Finding their second wind Wolves went on the attack and a brilliant offload from Glenn Bryce into the hands of Kyle McGhie allowed him to sprint down the pitch to score beneath the sticks. Holden added the extras.

Quick as a flash off the back of his first try Kyle McGhie went in for his second moments later. Holden’s kick was successful.

After a pause in play Captain Marcus Holden gets the final try of the game but missed the conversion however there was no need for the two points as the Wolves had more than secured their victory.

FULL-TIME: Stirling Wolves 36 – 11 Southern Knights

Referee: Jonny Perriam

FOSROC Player of the Match: Glenn Bryce (Stirling Wolves)


Stirling Wolves: Glenn Bryce, Marcus Holden (2), Kyle McGhie (2)
Southern Knights: Ben McLean


Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden (4)


Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden
Southern Knights: Callum Grieve (2)


Stirling Wolves: Gregor Hiddleston



The sun was shining down on Millbrae as Ayrshire Bulls’ fullback Elias Caven kicked off the final match of Round 5.

Frazier Climo opened up the scoring for the day as he put his foot on the gas and sprinted past the Heriot’s defence to dot down over the line. Elias Caven got the extras.

There was not stopping the Bulls as this time Luca Bardelli put his football boots on to kick and chase the ball down the pitch. He proved too quick for the Heriot’s defence and squeezed into the corner, adding his team’s second try of the evening. Elias Caven kicked through the sticks again.

After some ball recycling and a pass out to the wing, Jamie Shedden managed to stretch over the whitewash, adding another five points for the hosts. Elias Caven was on fire and kicked the conversion once again.

The determination was apparent from the visitors and a fantastic run from Mikey Gray down the wing let him chip kick it over towards the line. The ball was like a bar of soap for Bulls’ Frazier Climo who allowed it to be picked up and run over the line by Aidan Boyle. Bruce Houston kicked the extras.

There was no stopping Heriot’s fullback Dan King when he got his hands on the ball. King raced up almost the full length of the pitch to offload to his supporting teammate Cam Jones who dotted the ball down right under the sticks. Bruce Houston got the extras, finishing off the scoring for the first half.

HALF-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 21 – 14 Heriot’s Rugby

The second half began with an acceleration from Eli Caven down the right wing which allowed him to offload the ball to Rory Jackson who was over the line to add the host’s try bonus. Conversion was missed.

Euan McLaren managed to close the gap even more when after some consistent pick and go’s, he reached past the Bulls’ defence and over the line. Replacement stand-off Ross Jones got the extras.

A collective driving maul got the visitors up to the line where Ian Wilson found the space to get the ball over the line, bringing Heriot’s level with their hosts with under 5 minutes to go. The conversion was missed.

It was neck in neck until the very end, but when the Bulls’ conceded a knock on close to their try line, the referee called full time with the equal result.

FULL-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 26 – 26 Heriot’s Rugby

Referee: David Sutherland

FOSROC Player of the Match: Rory Jackson (Ayrshire Bulls)


Ayrshire Bulls: Frazier Climo, Luca Bardelli, Jamie Shedden, Rory Jackson
Heriot’s Rugby: Aidan Boyle, Cam Jones, Euan McLaren, Ian Wilson


Ayrshire Bulls: Eli Caven (3)
Heriot’s Rugby: Bruce Houston (2), Ross Jones

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