FOSROC Super Series Sprint | Review of Round 6

FOSROC Super Series Sprint | Review of Round 6

All eyes were on the FOSROC Super Series Sprint this weekend as the top four teams in the table battle it out for the a spot in the 1st v 2nd playoffs next week. Here is how each game in Round 6 went.


The stakes were high at Millbrae on Friday evening as both teams knew they needed a strong performance to come out on top and secure their spot in the 1st v 2nd playoffs next weekend.

Watsonians opened the scoring early with their signature powerful maul that pushed its way into the Bulls 22. Bulls players had their eyes on Cal Davies who is the usual prominent driving power behind Watsonians’ maul and they missed scrumhalf Murray Scott picking up the ball at the back of the maul as he passed it out wide to Ben Riley who grounded the ball over the line. Jason Baggot made light work of the kick as it soared through the posts.

The home side retaliated moments later where a wide pass to Frazier Climo whose sneaky handoff to Kerr Yule allowed him to thread the needle through the Watsonians’ defence for the Bull’s first try of the game. Eli Caven successfully added the extras to draw the two teams even.

Tempers were high on the pitch as a fight broke out which resulted in a red card for Watsonians Bobby Bratton.

A rogue kick from Bull’s Bardelli lands straight in the hands of Watsonians Campbell Wilson who hands it over to Captain Cal Davies. A dummy throw from Davies confused the opposition which allowed him the seconds he needed to stretch over the line. Baggot added the extras.

Just like their previous try the Bulls did not wait long to level the scoreboard as they reacted instantly with a try of their own from Robert Beattie right under the posts. Caven added the extras.

The host’s attack remained relentless with a strong drive over the whitewash by Grant Stewart. Caven’s golden boot proved successful for the third time this evening.

Using their man advantage the Bull’s tries were coming in quick succession after a beautiful series of passes got the Bulls deep into the Watsonians 22 thanks to Captain Blair MacPherson making ground. A wide pass from Frazier Climo allowed Jamie Shedden to dot the ball in the corner. Conversion was missed.

Finding their second wind Watsonians Baggott intercepted the Bull’s ball and started a cat and mouse chase towards the try line. Bull’s Eli Caven chased him down but wasn’t quite quick enough off the mark to stop him as he added the visitor’s third try of the game. The kick was too tough an angel for Baggott as it went wide.

The scoring was unrelenting as the 14-man Watsonians squad remained unstoppable as young Jack Brown pushed pasted the host’s defence and dotted the ball in the corner for Watsonians just before the half -time whistle. Conversion was missed.

An incredible effort from both sides in the first half with only two points between them with eight tries on the board.

HALF-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 26 – 24 Watsonians

No points were added in the first ten minutes of the second half however both sides showed powerful displays of attack and defence.

Watsonians missed the opportunity for some points as a penalty was given for a high tackle, Baggott’s kick went wide, and the visitors remained behind by two points.

A huge team effort from Bulls got the first try of the second half try as Grant Stewart once again found his way over the try line. Caven’s kick soared over the sticks.

The determination of the hosts was incredible as a strong ball interception found its way into the hands of Eli Caven who was unstoppable as he sprinted towards the try line. Caven successful converted his own try and widen the Bull’s lead even further.

A case of deja-vu was in store for the hosts as they once again were quick on the interception from Watsonians Vice Captain Jason Baggott kick which allowed Bull’s Lewis McNamara to sprint over the line for the try. Conversion was once again successful.

Watsonians struggled to gain any real territory on the pitch in the second half as their score on the board remained unchanged from the break. The Bull’s power continued, and they showed no sign of taking their foot off the gas as a wide offload to Archie Smeaton out the back of a driving maul got the host’s their 8th try of the night in the corner. Brad Roderick-Evans had taken over from Caven in kicking duties and his kick unfortunately missed.

Closing off the scoring for the night was Robert Beattie, scoring his second try of the match for Bulls, he made light work of a Watsonians fumble getting the final try on the board. Brad Roderick-Evans was successful in his kicking this time round and cemented the win for the Bulls.

A game of two halves and the relentless power from the Bull’s proved successful as they walked away with the win and their place in the 1st v 2nd spot secured in the playoff’s decider next weekend.

FULL-TIME: Ayrshire Bulls 59 – 24 Watsonians

Referee: Jonny Perriam
FOSROC Player of the Match: Grant Stewart (Ayrshire Bulls)

Ayrshire Bulls: Kerr Yule, Robert Beattie (2), Grant Stewart (2), Jamie Shedden, Eli Caven, Lewis McNamara, Archie Smeaton
Watsonians: Ben Riley, Cal Davies, Jason Baggott, Jack Brown

Ayrshire Bulls: Eli Caven (5), Brad Roderick-Evans (1)
Watsonians: Jason Baggott (3)

Ayrshire Bulls: Bobby Bratton



After Friday’s evening’s game it was all to play for today at Goldenacre as both teams were determined to face Ayrshire Bulls in the 1st v 2nd playoff match next weekend.

A stop-start first half left us waiting until over half an hour was played for the first score. With the Wolves having penalty advantage, Craig Jackson kicked out to the right wing where Logan Jarvie gathered and dived over the line before he could be bundled into touch. Marcus Holden’s conversion was successful and the visitors got the first points on the board.

Having waited so long for that first score, a second one came soon after. A Stirling lineout on halfway proved profitable for Heriot’s, as the ball went loose in midfield and Grant Hughes gathered and sprinted under the posts. Bruce Houston added the extras and the team were even footing as they headed into the break.

HALF-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 7–7 Stirling Wolves

Heriot’s turned the game around in the opening minutes of the first half. Having got up two metres short on the right, the home side worked the ball left over several phases before Lewis Wells got the ball in space on the wing and finished off.

Heriot’s pulled further ahead in the 55th minute. Bruce Houston found half-gap in midfield just five metres out, and he offloaded inside to Callum Anderson who was too strong to be stopped from such close range, scoring just right off the posts.

The bonus point for the hosts came five minutes later. Wells made ground on the left side, and Euan McLaren showed good footwork in a tight space to stretch for the line.

Wolves clawed a score back with less than 10 minutes left, as a maul on the right hand side was finished off by Callum Norrie.

The visitors got a losing bonus point with the last play, as Jake Spurway crashed over the line under the posts.

A win for Heriot’s Rugby has secured their spot in the 1st v 2nd playoff final next weekend against the Ayrshire Bulls. .

FULL-TIME: Heriot’s Rugby 26–19 Stirling Wolves

Referee: Jonny Perriam

FOSROC Player of the Match: Grant Hughes (Heriot’s Rugby)


Heriot’s: Grant Hughes, Lewis Wells, Callum Anderson, Euan McLaren

Stirling Wolves: Logan Jarvie, Callum Norrie


Heriot’s: Bruce Houston (3)

Stirling Wolves: Marcus Holden (2)



An overcast sky hung over the Greenyards as the game got underway on Saturday evening.

A successful throw from Bears lead into a rolling maul which Arthur Allen took full advantage of as he grounded the ball over the line for the first try of the game. Tom Quinlan’s kick was successful.

Their first visit into the Bear’s 22 proved fruitful for the Knights as Finn Douglas squeezed into the corner and grounded the ball for the Knight’s first try. Conversion went wide.

Bears were quick to retaliate when a break from hallway for the Bears Scrumhalf Brodie Young after seeing a gap from the ruck. He is chased down by Knight’s Ollie Melville, but he isn’t quite quick enough and Young found his way over the line for the visitors second try. Quinlan again added the extras.

A Yellow card for Bears Arthur Allen for infringement of the maul lead to a penalty drive for Knights adding an instant seven points to the board.

A series of driving mauls for Knights provided the opportunity for Callum Davidson to crash over the whitewash for the try. Callum Grieve’s kick was successful, and Knights took the lead for the first time in the game.

The game turned into a kicking battle from both teams and the scoreboard laid idle for 20 minutes as the clock approached halftime.

A recycled move that proved successful at the start of the game from Arthur Allen gave the hooker his second try. A successful conversion from Quinlan gave the visitors the lead they needed going into the break.

HALF-TIME: Southern Knights 19 – 21 Boroughmuir Bears

The second half of play at the Greenyards opened with a long pass from Tom Quinlan out to the wing which provided Masson Cullen the space he needed to get over the line for the bonus point try. Quinlan’s golden boot proved successful once again.

Knight’s entered the Bear’s 22 multiple times throughout the second half but were unable to capitalise on the opportunity as the Bear’s defence was too strong and they continued to push them back every time.

A quick pick up and go from Bears Callum Ramm as he stormed into the corner for the try with multiple Knights players unable to bring him to the ground. George Paul had taken over kicking duties and was unsuccessful.

A yellow was shown to Bears Trystan Andrews however, being a man down did not stop the Bears in the final eight minutes as they held their ground till the end and took the win at the Greenyards after a stellar second half performance.

FULL-TIM’E: Southern Knights 19 – 33 Boroughmuir Bears

Referee: Michael Todd
FOSROC Player of the Match: Brodie Young (Boroughmuir Bears)

Southern Knights: Finn Douglas, Callum Davidson
Boroughmuir Bears: Arthur Allen (2), Brodie Young, Mason Cullen, Callum Ramm

Southern Knights: Callum Grieve (2)
Boroughmuir Bears: Tom Quinlan (4)

Boroughmuir Bears: Arthur Allen, Trystan Andrews

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