National Schools Cup Finals 2022/23 | Match Reports

National Schools Cup Finals 2022/23 | Match Reports

Read about the action from across BT Murrayfield in-bowl, the BT Murrayfield back pitches and DAM Health Stadium at the National Schools Cup Finals on Wednesday 7 December.

U16 Schools Shield Final: Howe of Fife/Bell Baxter High School v North Berwick High School – 11am, BT Murrayfield Stadium Bowl

It was a bright start for Howe of Fife / Bell Baxter as Findlay MacIntosh crashed over the line to open the scoring, with Ross Maitland adding the extras.

North Berwick immediately retaliated when Cameron Fyfe powered over the line, with the centre converting his own score to bring the game back level.

As half-time approached, Howe of Fife / Bell Baxter soon found their stride again and were able to retake the lead, courtesy of Murray Clunas, with Maitland converting the score.

Howe of Fife / Bell Baxter looked dangerous before the interval, as the side were close to getting another try in quick succession but the North Berwick defence were able to halt the attack.

HALF-TIME: Howe of Fife / Bell Baxter HS 14 – 7 North Berwick HS

There was a slower start to the second-half, as both sides struggled to convert pressure into points.

North Berwick, who were sporting bleach blonde hair as part of a fundraising effort for My Name’5 Doddie Foundation, were soon able to bring themselves back into contention as Callum Perry dotted down under the posts to score, with Fyfe stepping up to the mark again with another successful conversion.

Both sides were looking lively as the game was coming to a close, with the teams eager to break the deadlock. With moments to go, North Berwick were deep in the opposition’s 22 but were unable to capitalise.

The sides had to settle for a draw, with Howe of Fife / Bell Baxter High School and North Berwick High School both lifting the U16 Schools Shield.

FULL-TIME: Howe of Fife / Bell Baxter HS 14 – 14 North Berwick HS

Player of the Match: Cameron Fyfe (North Berwick High School)

Try scorers: 

Howe of Fife / Bell Baxter High School: Findlay McIntosh, Murray Clunas.

North Berwick High School: Cameron Fyfe, Callum Perry.

Howe of Fife / Bell Baxter High School: 15. Logan Finlay, 14. Jamie Akers, 13. Fraser Greig (C), 12. Ross Maitland, 11. Brandon Seath; 10. Murray Clunas, 9. Ethan Williams, 1. Rohan Jones, 2. Alfie Adam, 3. Laughlan Bayne, 4. Findlay McIntosh, 5. Callum Gillespie, 6. Jamie Cloy, 7. Cameron Jack, 8. Jamie Syme.

Replacements: 16. Ewan Manzie, 17. Rory Duncan, 18. Adam Garnett, 19. Reeve Kelly, 20. Thomas Pickard, 21. Rory White, 22. Ben Black.

North Berwick High School: 15. Fergus Kinnaird (C), 14. Charlie Gill, 13. Finlay Milne, 12. Cameron Fyfe, 11. Struan Leitch, 10. Finn Ryan, 9. Gregor Mcintosh, 1. Archie O’Brien, 2. Rhoan Fraser, 3. Angus Waddell, 4. Adam Little, 5. Stan Watson, 6. Jake Hetherington, 7. Jamie Rowse, 8.Callum Perry.

Replacements: 16. Keir McMullen, 17. Innes Taylor-Williams, 18. Perry Angel, 19. Jamie Perry, 20. Ross Napier, 21. Joseph Gerald, 22. Daniel Smith.

Referee: Bryan Johnston
Assistant Referee 1: Walter Gaffney
Assistant Referee 2: Dave McKervail

U16 Schools Bowl Final: Berwick RFC v Knox/Haddington – 11.15am, BT Murrayfield Back Pitch

It was a quick start on the back pitch for the U16 Schools Bowl final as Berwick’s Ben Wilson added the first points to the scoreboard, with the extras added by Oliver Byass.

A fantastic steal from Berwick near their own line allowed the team to sprint up the field, with Charlie Smith earning his first try of the match. Byass continued his good kicking by adding the conversion.

An unstoppable Charlie Smith added another try to his U16 Bowl final repertoire by dotting the ball down in the corner. The conversion was missed.

Another quick turnaround for Berwick and this time another five points was added by Will Moor, with the extras added by Oliver Byass.

A rapid Alfie Taggart took the ball from the halfway line to right under the sticks, adding another try for Berwick. The extras were missed.

Knox/Haddington’s Hamish Maidstone managed to get his hands on the ball and complete the run to the try line, gaining the first points on the board for the boys in red. Extras were missed.

Berwick’s Ben Wilson added another five points to their ever-growing scoreboard, conversion missed.

HALF-TIME: Berwick 36 – 5 Knox/Haddington

Knox/Haddington Bruce Brownlee began the second half with a bang by adding a second try to his team’s scoreboard, and the extras were good.

A dive over the line for Berwick’s William Swales added another five points for the boys in black. Conversion was good.

Berwick’s Ayhan Yilmaz brought his team another try after some great attacking. Conversion was missed.

The boys in black were quick off the mark again and another five points were added right in the corner by captain Ethan Craze. Extras were missed.

It was a hat trick for Berwick’s Charlie Smith who added a third try to his day’s achievements and Oliver Byass topped it off with a successful conversion.

The tries kept coming in quick succession, this time for Knox/Haddington thanks to Ethan Rettie. Extras were missed.

Knox/Haddington’s captain Aiden Smith finished off the match in style adding the final five points to the heavy scoreboard.

Click HERE to watch the match highlights.

FULL-TIME: Berwick 60 – 22 Knox/Haddington

Player of the Match: Charlie Smith (Berwick RFC)

Try Scorers:

Berwick RFC: Ben Wilson (2), Charlie Smith (3), Alfie Taggart, William Swales, Ayhan Yilmaz, Will Moor.

Knox/Haddington: Hamish Maidstone, Bruce Brownlee, Ethan Rettie, Aiden Smith

Berwick RFC: 15. Finlay Valentine, 14. William Swales, 13. Ethan Craze (C), 12. Will Moor, 11. Ben Wilson, 10. Oliver Byass, 9. Alfie Taggart, 1. Max Goodridge, 2. Jack Allison, 3. Leo Wier, 4. Berry Mwachilenga, 5. William Brewis, 6. Anthony Burns, 7. Charlie Smith, 8. Ayhan Yilmaz.

Replacements: 16. Oliver Dakers, 17. Jacob Butler, 18. Evan Youngman, 19. Oliver Blake, 20. Oliver Shiel, 21. Tyler Stevenson, 22. Charlie Dunse.

Knox/Haddington: 15. Toby Craig, 14. Ethan Rettie, 13. Fergus Allan, 12. Aiden Smith (C), 11. Issac Mcnally, 10. Andrew Millar, 9. Rory Webster, 1. Thomas Hopkins, 2. Hamish Maidstone, 3. Finlay Patterson, 4. James Jack, 5. Sam Leach, 6. Murray Calder, 7. Luke Mercer, 8. Archie Rettie.

Replacements: 16. Bruce Brownlee, 17. Fraser Bennett, 18. Oli Harrison, 19. Rory Burns.

Referee: Beatriz Casares Fernandez
Assistant Referee 1: Craig McCann
Assistant Referee 2: Steven Dyer

U18 Schools Bowl Final: Lomond & Helensburgh v Morrison’s Academy – 1.15pm, BT Murrayfield Back Pitch

Morrison’s Academy got the first points on the board in the U18 Bowl final when a strong line break from Captain Cameron Brickell broke through Lomond & Helensburgh’s defence to dot down.

Lomond & Helen responded well and found themselves deep in the opposition 22 where they were awarded a penalty and a shot at the posts, but unfortunately a tricky angle saw the attempt unsuccessful.

Morrison’s Academy had done well to push their way back into the opposition’s half before the ball was spilled into the touch line for a line out. Lomond & Helensburgh retained the ball at the line out, but Morrison’s Brickell read his opposition’s play well to intercept the ball and dash to the try line.

Morrison’s Academy added a third try through front-row Jago McIntosh, who crashed over the line from short-range. Stand-off Henry Armstrong added the extras.

HALF-TIME: Lomond & Helensburgh 0 – 17 Morrison’s Academy

Helensburgh & Lomond came out in the opening 10 ready to put some points on the board. A charge down of the ball inside resulted in Morrison’s penalised for holding on. A quick tap and go just 10-meters out from the try line allowed Lomond & Helensburgh to edge closer to the try line before hooker William Harrison sailed between the sticks. Captain Robbie Devenny added the extras.

Morrison Academy came back into the game in the final fifteen to score three more tries. A long range pass to Archie McRonald allowed the winger to score in the corner and extend Morrison’s lead.

Number Eight Harry Blackie was next to contribute to the board as he crossed over the line from shortrange following a line our on the five-meter line. Armstrong’s conversion was good.

Another score in the corner followed, this time from full-back Ethan Clark who was subbed off as a reward for his good work.

Loosehead McIntosh claimed the final try in the dying moments of the game to wrap up the scores for Morrison’s.

Click HERE to watch the match highlights.

FULL-TIME: Lomond & Helensburgh 7 – 41 Morrison’s Academy

Player of the Match: Cameron Brickell (Morrison’s Academy)

Try scorers:

Lomond & Helensburgh: William Harrison

Morrison’s Academy: Cameron Brickell (2) Jago McIntosh (2), Archie McRonald, Harry Blackie, Ethan Clark

Lomond & Helensburgh: 15. T-Jay Lambert, 14. Lewis McElney, 13. Thomas Shaw, 12. Cameron Gow, 11. Cameron Picken, 10. Robbie Devenny (C), 9. Luca Gibson, 1. Samual Farrar, 2. William Harrison, 3. Iain Reaney, 4. Fabio Giarchi, 5. Alex Tacchi, 6. Rory Dunlop, 7. Jason Rae, 8. Toby Clark.

Replacements: 16. Taylor Kennedy, 17. Rhys Elias, 18. Mike Millar, 19. Denis Chamberlain, 20. David Crombie, 21. Finlay Martin, 22. Oscar Deighan.

Morrison’s Academy: 15. Ethan Clark, 14. Archie McRonald, 13. Kyle Beck, 12. Cameron Brickell (C), 11. Adam Kerr, 10. Henry Armstrong, 9. Morgan Wicks, 1. Jago McIntosh, 2. Duncan Fletcher, 3. Hamish Tuffee, 4. Hamish Hutcheson, 5. Caleb Betts, 6. Cameron Anderson, 7. Laurie Thomson, 8. Harry Blackie.

Replacements: 16. Charlie Harrow, 17. Nyasha Makusha, 18. Daniel Paterson, 19. Fergus Hammond, 20. Jack Bilsland, 21. James McLeod, 22. Angus Brown.

Referee: Robert McDowell
Assistant Referee 1: Steven Dyer
Assistant Referee 2: Walter Gaffney

U16 Schools Cup Final: Strathallan School v Stewart’s Melville College – 1.45pm, BT Murrayfield Stadium Bowl

It was a quick start in the U16 Schools Cup Final with Strathallan’s Ramsey Scott securing the first try of the match, with extras added.

Strathallan’s lead did not last long with Stew Mel’s Callum Jessop coming in wide with a try making the score even after a successful conversion by Howie Offord.

A quick turnaround as Stew Mel’s try scoring streak continues with a speedy Oli Anderson scoring the second try for the school.

A dive over the line by Strathallan’s Tom Smith added another five points to the scoreboard – The conversion was missed.

The roaring support from the Stew Mel supporters spurred the players on as Oli Anderson crashed through the defense to get his second try of the match putting Stew Mel into the head heading into half-time. Extras were missed.

HALF-TIME: Strathallan School 12 – 19 Stewart’s Melville College 

Stew Mel used the fourteen-man Strathallan team to their advantage with Taylor Gray bringing the first try of the second half paired with another conversion by Howie Offord.

The tries for Stew Mel were coming in quick succession, this time with Centre Adam Munro crashing over the line, with extras added.

Strathallan struggling to secure any points so far in the second half as a penalty by Howie Offord added 3 more points to Stew Mel’s every-growing scoreboard.

Strathallan found their energy with a speedy Alex MacKenzie racing towards the try line to close to secure the teams first points of the second half. Conversion was missed.

A dive over the line for Strathallan’s Max Clark along with a successful conversion by Connor Ferry helped close the point gap as the two teams headed into the final ten minutes.

In the final moments, a penalty try awarded to Stew Mel following another yellow to Strathallan saw them secure the 19-point victory.

FULL-TIME: Strathallan School 24 – 43 Stewart’s Melville College

Player of the Match: Howie Offord (Stewart’s Melville College)

Try Scorers:

Strathallan: Ramsey Scott, Tom Smith, Alex MacKenzie, Max Clark

Stewart’s Melville: Callum Jessop, Oli Anderson (2), Taylor Gray, Adam Munro

Strathallan School: 15. Ruaridh Piper, 14. Tom Smith, 13. Derek Mickel, 12. Jamie Lagley, 11. Fionn Tod, 10. Adam Williamson, 9. Conor Ferry, 1. Max Clark, 2. Maximilian Erasmus, 3. Ramsey Scott, 4. Archie McMichael, 5. Sebastian Goodman, 6. Fergus Thomson (C), 7. Alex Mackenzie, 8. Ellis Anderson.

Replacements: 16. Oscar Poutney, 17. Fraser Murray, 18. Tom Christie, 19. Orley Mowat, 20. Fergus Sherlock, 21. Ellis Anderson, 22. Finlay Trotter.

Stewart’s Melville College: 15:Callum Jessop, 14. Josh Kane, 13. Adam Munro, 12.Ruaridh Cavin, 11. Joel Bennett, 10. Howie Offord, 9. Lewis Macleod, 1. Finlay McLean, 2. Taylor Gray, 3. James Page, 4. Oli Anderson, 5. Ciaran Geddes, 6. Calum Robertson (C), 7. Benjamin Rosevear, 8. Evan McDonald.

Replacements: 16.Jamie Jarvis, 17. Archie O’Hara, 18. Rueben Kretzschmar, 19. Angus Abel, 20. Felix Percy-Robb, 21. Zach Mathieson, 22. Josh Penny.

Referee: Lee Fish
Assistant Referee 1: Bryan Johnston
Assistant Referee 2: Rebecca Wheater

U16 Schools Plate Final: Loretto School v Linlithgow Academy – 4.30pm, DAM Health Stadium

The first game of the day at DAM Health Stadium saw Loretto School and Linlithgow Academy vie for the U16 Plate title.

The opening 15 minutes of the game were largely spent inside Loretto’s half, with Linlithgow pilling on the pressure in attack, but Loretto maintained a strong defence to thwart the Academy’s opportunities for a try.

However, Linlithgow were soon rewarded for their efforts when Captain Ruairi Macleod slotted his penalty through the posts for the first of the night’s points.

Macleod took another stab for three points some four minutes later, but kick was just short.

Eager to get their first points, Loretto began to put the pressure on Linlithgow with their attack, and soon outside-centre Griff Williams flew across the whitewash for five points. Captain Kaylen Martin added the extras to take the lead.

HALF-TIME: Loretto School 7 – 3 Linlithgow Academy

Loretto reopened the scores in the second half when Martin slotted a penalty through the posts, extending their lead.

With just 15 minutes left on the clock, Linlithgow scored their first try of the game through Loosehead Cameron McHardy who crossed the line to narrow the deficient to within two points.

Linlithgow had a chance to retake the lead with a penalty, but the ball hit the crossbar.

However, shortly after the lead was retaken when inside centre Alfred Muir flew across the whitewash in the right hand corner of DAM Health Stadium with less than three minutes on the clock.

The game restarted with less than a minute left on the clock, but this didn’t deter Loretto. In the red, Lortetto pressed on to make every moment count, and after two minutes of additional graft Williams crashed over the line for his second try of the match to claim the win for Loretto.

Click HERE to watch the match highlights.

FULL-TIME: Loretto School Linlithgow 15 – 13 Academy

Player of the Match: Tristan Ballantyne (Loretto)

Try scorers:

Loretto School: Griff Williams (2)
Linlithgow Academy: Cameron McHardy, Alfred Muir

Loretto School: 15. Mitchell Clark, 14. Edward Cardwell Moore, 13. Griff Williams, 12. Struan Talac, 11. Oliver Little, 10. Kaylen Martin (C), 9. Benji Bone, 1. Ollie Shanks, 2. Josh Robertson, 3. Sam McCreery, 4. Rory Lang, 5. Hunter Crooks, 6. Tristan Ballantyne 7. Cameron Hastie, 8. Charlie Robbie.

Replacements: 16. Felix Schneider, 17. Nicolai Toureau, 18. Graham Lamb, 19. Matthew Hastie, 20. Alex Mitchell, 21. Archie Borthwick, 22. Rory Ligertwood

Linlithgow Academy: 15. Rory Donald, 14. Robert Mulla, 13. Rory Marshall, 12. Alfred Muir, 11. William Turpie, 10. Ruairi Macleod (A), 9. Finlay Bisset, 1. Cameron McHardy, 2. Kyran Lee, 3. Jack Wallace, 4. Lewis McGill, 5. Euan Johnstone, 6. Alex Hall, 7. Lewis Smith, 8. Finn Alexander.

Replacements: 16. Adam Philip 17. Harley Monaghan, 18. Miller Binnie, 19. Colum Cameron 20. Ethan Sargent, 21. Cyrus Knox, 22. Finlay Shaw.

Referee: Darroch Ramsay
Assistant Referee 1: Ciaran Stark
Assistant Referee 2: Steven Dyer

U18 Schools Shield Final: St Aloysius’ College v The High School of Glasgow– 3.45pm, BT Murrayfield Stadium Bowl

St Aloysius College came out firing in the first-half as captain Johnny Ventisei made a superb break, clearing a number of defenders in the process, before racing over the line to put the first points on the board, with the conversion attempt hitting the posts.

The High School of Glasgow’s response was prompt as Ben Taylor chipped the ball through the St Aloysius defence before Christopher Collins collected and cruised over the whitewash, with Harry Provan adding the extras.

Buoyed by the score, The High School of Glasgow were able to keep the scoreboard ticking as Provan darted over the line, before converting his own score.

Momentum shifted before half-time, as St Aloysius’ Anthony Grady crashed over the line to score, with a successful conversion by Matthew Urwin.

St Aloysius were able to take a narrow lead into the interval following a successful penalty attempt by Urwin.

HALF-TIME: St Aloysius’ College 15 – 14 The High School of Glasgow

The tables turned again at the start of the second-half, as Provan slotted through a penalty attempt to bring the side back into the lead.

St Aloysius responded in ruthless fashion, as Oliver McKenna strengthened his side’s position in the game after crossing the whitewash.

Moments later, an incredible solo effort from Michael Robinson saw the centre break at the 50m line before sprinting down the pitch to score for St Aloysius.

The High School of Glasgow rallied as Kwesi O’Hare grabbed the side’s third try of the match, with the conversion attempt unsuccessful.

St Aloysius were soon able to launch back into action as David McDonald crssed the line to open the gap on the scoreboard. The side were able to hold on to their lead in the last moments of the match, securing victory in the U18 Schools Shield final.

FULL-TIME: St Aloysius’ College 30 – 22 The High School of Glasgow

Player of the Match: Johnny Ventisei (St Aloysius’ College)

Try Scorers:
St Aloysius College:
Johhny Ventisei, Anthony Grady , Oliver McKenna, Michael Robinson, David McDonald

The High School of Glasgow: Christopher Collins, Harry Provan, Kwesi O’Hare

St Aloysius College: 15. Andrew McConnell, 14. Michael Conteh 13. Michael Robinson, 12. Johnny Ventisei (C), 11. Daniel Boyle 10. Matthew Urwin, 9. Mark McDermott, 1.Tiernan Smith, 2. Connor Duncan, 3. David McDonald, 4. Christopher Douglas, 5. Anthony Grady, 6. Marc Darroch, 7. Thomas Dunn, 8. Oliver McKenna.

Replacements: 16. Leo McCusker, 17. Callum Thomas, 18. Felix Longeran-Black, 19. Liam Bennett, 20. Oliver Heaney, 21. Ethan Jack, 22. Andrew Campbell.

The High School of Glasgow: 15. Kwesi O’Hare, 14. Jamie Ritchie, 13. Harry Provan, 12. Christopher Collins, 11. Fraser Munro, 10. Ben Taylor, 9. Paddy-Baume Kennedy, 1. Huck Hutton, 2. Miles Gordon, 3. Zain Shaikh 4. Ben De Laet-Gamble, 5. Nicholas Sheridan, 6. Lucas Reid, 7. Thom Bowman, 8. Toby Sim (C).

Replacements: 16. Sadiq Shaik, 17. Freddie Deane, 18. Gavin Scott, 19. Zak Changizi, 20. Fergus Currie, 21. Tom Fleming, 22. Duncan Maclean.

Referee: David Young
Assistant Referee 1 Robert McDowell
Assistant Referee 2: Digby Thomas

U18 Schools Plate Final: George Heriot’s School v Marr College – 6.30pm, DAM Health Stadium

It was George Heriot’s who applied the early pressure, and after a scrum five metres out got them close, number eight Harvey Woodman forced his way over from close range to get the first try of the contest after just six minutes.

The Edinburgh side doubled their lead in the 14th minute. From a maul on the right-hand side, the forwards dragged themselves over the try line, with Josh Harrison grounding the ball.

And they scored a third try just three minutes later. The ball was shipped from left to right, and Finlay McWilliam chipped the ball over the defence and won the race to ground the ball.

Marr got their first score of the game in the 27th minute, as Alasdair Campbell coolly slotted over a penalty from in front of the posts.

George Heriot’s then grabbed a fourth try in the 30th minute, as Max Wade broke through the defensive line and finished himself for an excellent solo effort.

Half time: George Heriot’s School 22 – 3 Marr College

Marr got their first try at the start of the second half, as Jack Broadfoot sped through a gap and under the posts from inside his own half.

Marr then brought the deficit down to just five points with 10 minutes to go. After several phases of carries from the forwards, it was Andrew Bowler who grounded the ball over the line.

George Heriot’s, down to 13 players after two yellow cards, re-established a two-score lead just three minutes later, as captain Fergus Wood took a quick tap penalty from five metres out and burst through the tackle.

And that was how it stayed as George Heriot’s School wrapped up the U18 Plate Final.

Click HERE to watch the match highlights.

Full time: George Heriot’s School 27-17 Marr College

Player of the Match: Max Wade (George Heriot’s School)

Try Scorers: 

George Heriot’s School: Harvey Woodman, Josh Harrison, Finlay McWilliam, Max Wade, Fergus Wood

Marr College: Jack Broadfoot, Andrew Bowler

George Heriot’s School: 15. Fred Davis 14. Finlay McWilliam 13. Sandy Renwick 12. Andrew Gilbert 11. Harrison Cockburn 10. Nicholas Lister 9. Alex Linklater 1. Finlay Gillgrass 2. Josh Harrison 3. Ollie Forbes 4. Oliver Berridge 5. Thomas Granville 6. Max Wade 7. Fergus Wood (C) 8. Harvey Woodman

Replacements: 16. Charlie Wynn 17. Rory Holme 18. Ben Finlay 19. Callum McLeod 20. Douglas Frew 21. Freddie Htet-Marshall

Marr College: 15. Ross Booth 14. Josh MacKenzie 13. Jack Broadfoot 12. Sam Christian 11. Dylan Tuton 10. Alasdair Campbell 9. Ruari Anderson 1. Rhys Sutterfield (C) 2. Fraser McCormack 3. Dylan Stevenson 4. Adam Murray 5. Scott Nicol 6. Sean Kelly 7. Andrew Bowler 8. Angus MacCallum

Replacements: 16. Harris Cummins 17. Adam Gallacher 18. Ciaran Gilmartin 19. Jamie Braddock 20. James Bell 21. Callum Cairns 22. Connor Rundle

Referee: Ciaran Stark

Assistant Referee 1: Darroch Ramsay

Assistant Referee 2: Steven Dyer

U18 Schools Cup Final: The Edinburgh Academy v Merchiston Castle School– 6.30pm, BT Murrayfield Stadium Bowl

Merchiston started strong defending their Cup title with a try secured in the first five minutes by Callum Brown.

The second try for Merchiston came in quick succession, this time with Outside Centre Ben Riley crashing over the line. The conversion was missed.

Merchiston’s Captain, Isaac Coates set in motion their next try when he made a cross-field kick which was chased down by number 15, Isaac Foley before being wrapped up in the Edinburgh Academy’s defence. Maintaining possession of the breakdown Merchiston recycled the ball from the left-hand corner of the pitch to the right where Lorne Wright was able to cross the whitewash for their third try. Isaac Coates added the extras to extend their lead before halftime.

HALF-TIME: Edinburgh Academy 0 – 19 Merchiston Castle

The second half ebbed and flowed with both teams showing grit and determination.

Edinburgh Academy broke through Merchiston’s defence in the final five minutes where EA’s Angus Largin scored the team’s first try of the match right under the sticks.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to secure the win and Merchiston have walked away with the title for the second year in a row.

FULL-TIME: Edinburgh Academy 7 – 19 Merchiston Castle

Player of the Match: Isaac Coates (Merchiston Castle School)

Try Scorers:
Edinburgh Academy: Angus Larkin
Merchiston Castle: Callum Brown, Ben Riley, Lorne Wright

Edinburgh Academy: 15. Eddie Murray, 14. Cameron Welch, 13. Munro Lawrie, 12. Charlie Lamond (C), 11. Toby Santry, 10. Will Hodgson, 9. Thomas Whyte, 1. Max Khurana, 2. Sammy Ghiradello, 3. Fraser Baggaley, 4. Oliver Finlayson-Russell, 5. Max Cunningham, 6. James Playfair, 7. Toby Edwin, Oliver Duncan.
Replacements: 16. Douglas Barrie, 17. Cosmo Khunapramot, 18. Hugh Bennett, 19. Calum Swanson, 20. Angus Larkin, 21. Hugo Rintoul.

Merchiston Castle: 15. Issac Foley 14. Lorne Wright, 13. Ben Riley, 12. Callum Brown, 11. Yeadon Davie, 10. Issac Coates (C), 9. William Tweedie, 1. Angus McGregor, 2. Gordie Stephen, 3. Max Napier, 4. Oliver Palmer, 5. Euan Robertson, 6. Oliver Gordon, 7. Glen Crawford. 8. Tom Currie (C).
Replacements: 16. Sharkey Singh, 17. Alasdair Bamberry, 18. Carl Nilsson, 19. Thomas Swift, 20. Myles McLaughlin, 21. Hamish Macarthur, 22. Thomas Robertson

Referee: Jonny Perriam
AR1: Craig McCann
AR2: Robert McDowell

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