​Supporting Injured Players at Home

​Supporting Injured Players at Home

Lara Wilson, Scotland Women’s Performance Nutritionist, spoke to Healthspan to highlight the key role that nutrition plays for our injured players and shares how we support players at home.

Prior to the current Covid-19 lockdown, Scottish Rugby’s international players were taking part in an intense period of competition with the Men’s, Women’s and U20s Six Nations Championships. Unfortunately, as with any high-level competition, several our players sustained injuries and as a result, they are still going through their critical stages of rehab whilst based at home. Nutrition is one of the primary controllable factors during recovery from injury, therefore Scottish Rugby continues to focus on helping these players with their nutrition during this phase.

Scotland’s Jenny Maxwell, who is currently recovering from ACL surgery, said: “During my rehab it is really important for me to use nutrition to aid my recovery and this is something that I am totally in control of.

“Good nutrition alongside my physical rehab will help to speed up my recovery while helping me retain lean muscle mass and stay fit and healthy throughout.

“Since my injury I have really been focusing on foods that will do those things. This includes foods high in Omega 3 to help reduce swelling, Vitamin C to help build healthy ligaments along with protein intake, to help build and maintain muscle mass.

“Having a sponsor like Healthspan means I am supported in having everything I need for a swift recovery, especially at a time when going to the shops isn’t always that easy.”

Lara Wilson, Scotland Women’s Performance Nutritionist, highlighted some of the key role’s nutrition plays for our injured players.

She said: “Nutrition plays an important role in supporting our players recover from injury. Nutritional intakes can be adapted to; reduce inflammation, manage body composition, preserve lean mass and prevent any nutritional deficiencies. Above dietary manipulation, supplements can play and important role in speeding up the return to play process.”

“In addition to a balanced and varied diet, for players recovering from connective tissue injuries, we are promoting foods high in vitamin C such as berries, kiwi fruit and oranges. Vitamin C plays an important role in the formation of collagen. Accordingly, it is good practice to focus on foods high in vitamin C during recovery from these types of injuries.

Furthermore, working with Healthspan has allowed us to advance this strategy with the use of Healthspan’s new Elite Collagen Repair drink, which can assist recovery from connective tissue injuries, helping our players get back to full fitness.

We are continuing to work with Healthspan to supply our injured players, including Jenny, with the essential nutrition that they need during this period to support them in their recovery”

Always check with a qualified nutritionist or dietician before taking any supplement

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