Tom Kitchin on Sunday: Chicken Pie

Tom Kitchin on Sunday: Chicken Pie

Each day this week, Scottish Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin will be taking you through one of his recipes which you can try at home during lockdown. Please share your pictures or videos on social media with the hashtag #AsOneAtHome and we’ll share the best ones.

Today, Tom will show you how to cook ‘Chicken Pie’ and he spoke exclusively to to share some of his top tips and advice around this dish to help you along the way.

Tom Kitchin says: “It has blown my mind just how people who are embracing cooking during the lockdown, who have never had the time or even Mums and Dads who have maybe been taking the easy option shall we say! They’ve really embraced it! There is also a sense of achievement, you feel proud of yourself that you’ve achieved it and the confidence builds and the repertoire builds, which is really good. The more we are thinking about what we are eating because it is so important at these times, you don’t want to slip into junk food, carbs, sweet fest!

“The whole point of yesterday’s and today’s recipes is to show how you can get two meals out of a chicken. We poached the whole chicken yesterday and then picked all the meat off the bone, all the leg meat and the breast meat to make the pie.

“This is a pie for champions. We used one whole chicken to make the incredible broth which is unbelievable, super tasty and super healthy, fills you up with all the noodles and everything. We kept all the vegetables, shredded the other half the chicken, we bulked it out with all the other vegetables and we made a great chicken pie.”

For more from Tom Kitchin why not follow him on Twitter (@TomKitchin) or on Instagram (tom_kitchin)..

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Listen to Tom Kitchin on The Official Scottish Rugby Podcast as the Michelin star chef talks food and rugby.

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