Your journey to BT Murrayfield

Your journey to BT Murrayfield

Your journey to BT Murrayfield

We want to be part of your matchday experience. Send us videos of your journey and feature in a unique Scottish Rugby edit. Here are some examples of what we're lookng for: A pre-journey clip, maybe packing bags/having breakfast/getting ready to leave the house, a clip from just before the journey starts - maybe meeting in the car park, putting bags in the hold/boot, stepping onto the bus, a clip from the journey itself - maybe shouting support, singing Flower of Scotland, passing road signs, sleeping, eating, or arriving at BT Murrayfield, maybe on the tram, disembarking buses, catching first sight of the stadium, a clip of you enjoying the fan zone/pre-match atmosphere outside the bowl, or inside the bowl - people in their seats, fireworks, anthem, game, a clip from after the game or from your journey home.

Max. file size: 50 MB.

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