Matchday Information

Italy v Scotland, Saturday 9 March, 3.15pm local time (Stadio Olimpico)

If you are travelling to Rome for the Italy v Scotland game this weekend, please be aware fans cannot take backpacks, strollers, or bulky items into the stadium. FIR’s partner Radical Storage will provide storage facilities for your belongings, a one minute walk from the stadium (within the Peroni Nastro Azzurro Terzo Tempo Village, Foro Italico Park) or in one of their 120 spots across Rome. Space is limited and storage fills up quickly so reserve your spot!

More information on stadium storage

Please note: the following items will not be allowed in the stadium on Saturday:

  • Hard-tip umbrella (pocket-size umbrella will be allowed)
  • Glass receptacles
  • Can/tins in general
  • Knives and Sgian-dubh (even if part of traditional Scottish clothing)

Click here for more information on what will and won’t be allowed in the Stadio Olimpico

For further information on Stadio Olimpico you can visit the official FIR website.

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