Scottish Rugby Limited Board

The SRL Board is responsible for the ongoing management and operations of the Scottish Rugby Union Group. It reports quarterly, through the SRL Chair, to the SRU Custodians on the main aspects of its operating role, including strategy and financial and various other significant topics.  Copies of Minutes from SRL Board Meetings, which are available to download, can be found below.

A link to the SRL Board Committees’ Terms of Reference can be found here.

Current Scottish Rugby Limited Board Members:-

John McGuigan, Chair – Appointed on 22 May 2023

Shona Bell, Chief People & Engagement Officer – Appointed on 1 January 2021

Hazel Swankie, Independent Non-Executive Director – Appointed on 14 August 2021

Alex Whelan, Independent Non-Executive Director – Appointed on 12 June 2023

Mike Soutar, Independent Non-Executive Director – Appointed on 3 July 2023

Ruth Davidson, Independent Non-Executive Director – Appointed on 19 July 2023

Chris Stewart, Independent Non-Executive Director – Appointed on 1 March 2024

Robert Howat, General Counsel

For any information or enquiries relating to the Scottish Rugby Limited Board please contact:-

Angela McCracken, Head of Legal & Governance – [email protected]

Laura Mahadea, Executive Assistant & Paralegal – [email protected]

Scottish Rugby Limited Board Minutes 2024

Scottish Rugby Limited Board Minutes 2023

Scottish Rugby Limited Board Minutes 2022

Scottish Rugby Limited Board Minutes 2021

Scottish Rugby Limited Board Minutes 2020

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