The Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Tool

Child wellbeing and Protection in Sport Tool has been created in partnership between Children 1st and sportscotland and helps ensure children and young people stay safe and have fun while taking part in sport.
The free self-assessment and action planning toolkit is a great way to assess your clubs progress, get advice and support about what more your club can do to create a safer environment for children and young people and meet best safeguarding and child protection practices.

What to expect:
The toolkit is a step by step guide that takes you through a set of simple questions relating to the 8 Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport.
It helps you to identify areas for development based on your responses.
Links you to advice and resources to help improve policies and practice.
Enables you to create your own action plan with assigned tasks.
Is a working document therefore can be visited many times to review and update any progress.

It doesn’t have to be the CPO’s responsibility alone to carry out and complete this tool. We recommend completing this with other club committee members so that this becomes a group effort to ensure the best practice is being promoted. The toolkit doesn’t need completed all at once, working on one standard or section at a time might be more beneficial as the action plans can be carried out in depth.

To access the toolkit or create a profile, please click on the link below.

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