This page contains information about the governance of rugby in Scotland, including bye laws, election rules and articles of association.

Bye laws

Scottish Rugby Bye Laws

Election rules

Premier, National and Championship Divisions (pdf)

Regional League representatives (pdf)

SRRA and Schools Division representatives (pdf)

Scottish women’s rugby forum representative (pdf)

Articles of association

Scottish Rugby Union Limited Articles of Association (pdf)

SRU Trust

SRU Trust Deed

Clubs in Membership of the SRU

Membership List

Standing Committee on Governance - Report & Recommendations  

Following the 2018 AGM, the Scottish Rugby Council’s Standing Committee on Governance, under its Independent Chair Gavin MacColl QC, was tasked with oversight of a consultation in relation to: a) player payment in the domestic game; b) the initial domestic league placement of the Club XVs of those clubs awarded Super 6 licences; and c) future domestic league and season structures. 

The Standing Committee’s Report and recommendations (together with the survey data received from clubs and a note of any other submissions made to the Standing Committee) can now be found below.

Standing Committee on Governance - Report and recommendations

Club Survey Data and Responses