Carrick Races For Scotland Glory

Carrick Races For Scotland Glory

To be a player or a supporter of any sport takes dedication – but the players of Carrick RFC are preparing to give that word new meaning this week. As the Scottish Hydro Electric Cup prepares for another thrilling weekend of match play, the Carrick side was looking forward to their match away to Arran.  However as well as being players, the Carrick team members are also supporters and were eagerly looking forward to cheering on the Scotland national team as they take on New Zealand at Murrayfield in the first of the Bank of Scotland Corporate Autumn Test.With both games scheduled to take place on opposite sides of the country on the same day – Saturday 8 November – it looked like the Carrick players would have to sacrifice either the wish to represent their club or the desire to support their country. Officials from Carrick, Arran and Scottish Rugby worked together to see if a solution to the dilemma could be found. Delaying the club game was one option but with both sides involved in competitive league matches and no suitable date in the fixture calendar, this was impossible.Carrick then decided there was only one option left. Rather than forfeit the match or miss the chance to see Scotland take on the world’s best team, Carrick will embark on their race against time using trains, ferries and automobiles in a superb display of dedication. With agreement from Arran it was decided to move the kick-off of their cup clash to 11:45am. The players from Carrick will, no doubt, play their hearts out before boarding the ferry from Arran to the mainland, driving to Glasgow and then catching a train through to Edinburgh – all in time to see Scotland kick off against New Zealand at 5:15pm.Being able to witness Scotland try to make history and beat the mighty All Blacks for the first time in 103 years will make the Carrick team’s odyssey more than worth it. As Carrick club secretary Rob Kennedy stated: They’ll weigh in for the club in the same way they’ll weigh in for the national team. They’ll have to cut their day out a bit short and they’ll miss some of the fun before kick-off but it’s a sacrifice the guys are willing to make. You’ve got to take your hat off to them!

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