FOSROC Super6 Premiership Player Pool

FOSROC Super6 Premiership Player Pool

Following the conclusion of the FOSROC Super6 on Sunday 30 October, and subject to the 2022 Super6/Premiership Player Pool, some identified FOSROC Super6 players are now permitted to play in the Tennent’s Premiership from Tuesday 1 November 2022 with their first opportunity to play coming this weekend in round 11 of the competition.

The FOSROC Super6 Premiership Player Pool, in partnership with the Premiership Clubs, enables an important opportunity for players needing additional game time to access it if possible and add value and depth to our current Premiership Club Squads over the next few weeks.

Players allocated to one of the ten Tennent’s Premiership teams are eligible to participate in the Premiership (but not in any Premiership clubs last five league matches) as per the National Competition Rules.

Furthermore, any FOSROC Super6 player who became Long Term Injured (LTI) during the FOSROC Super6 tournament who will be returning to play, or a player who joined a FOSROC Super6 team mid-way through the tournament as a replacement for a LTI player are also afforded the opportunity to play in National Competitions without this affecting their Super6 status for next season.

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