Ladies Avoid Victory Against Rhc

Ladies Avoid Victory Against Rhc

Kath Vass reports from a lovely afternoon at Myreside. For the record, the match was played on the stand pitch:Kath Vass reports from a lovely afternoon at Myreside. For the record, the match was played on the stand pitch: Watsonians Ladies V Royal High Corstorphine – it’s not over yet! Sunday, 1st. April, 2007 An impressive crowd of in excess of twenty people turned out to see the Ladies in one of the toughest games of the year. The Season for the Sunday element of Watsonians is by no means over and a lot rides on the rest of what is seen as a very disjointed program. Another stunning spring day and the girls from both sides seemed to relish the ideal rugby weather. This match was like the previous day’s mens clash, a game that could have gone either way on paper, but an inability by the home side to see the opportunity out wide, meant a possible ten points were not won. Three scores spread through the first half by RHC meant a sad score of 0 -17 as half-time approached and the bench was swelled to two by the arrival of Sophie to join the ailing Kips (‘flu) watching the fray. Immediately after the break Sophie went on to rest the increasingly experienced Sarah Mckeown who had held on to the wing in the first forty. A storming run after a deft reception of a hurried RHC kick by Captain Pratt, made what could have been a dangerous situation an attacking chance as the ball travelled up the park in style. Aggressive determination kept RHC in their half for a long time, but a turnover ball and an incisive run by one of the RHC Internationalists turned the situation all too quickly. 0 -22, with the conversion Watsonians were now trailing 0 – 24. Naive handling by Sonians lead to a penalty in a great position for RHC, but even a nicely placed kick to the corner and a successful line, Sonians still managed to snatch the ball away and clear to safety. A position the home side found themselves on repeated occasions. The fight went on as Sonians continued to attack from the home try line to run up the right wing, an excellent run and pop by Emma Jones then had the ball stopped as RHC killed the momentum giving a penalty to Sonians. At this point the International hook Sarah-Louise Walker had to be replaced due to a recurrence of a knee niggle, by Kips. A rearrangement of the pack saw the versatile Joyce Shute move from centre to the front five and Cookie into the number two slot. With barely 15 minutes to go there was an extended stoppage as two RHC players managed to clash heads in a spectacular fashion. Luckily help was at hand so the girls had one attendant each, also happily, apart from a slight tendency to squint, both players carried on and the crowd marvelled at the resilience of a blonde’s and a redhead’s skulls. During this gap, the valiant Kips came off as the flu took hold once more, allowing Sarah Mckeown the chance to run on again. An unfortunate offside by the skipper meant another dangerously placed penalty for RHC and a kick corner. But no advantage came again from the resulting line and the ball was kicked away. Sadly this did not prevent another late score after a fumbled Watsonians line and RHC sailed under the posts meaning a try swiftly followed by the conversion. 0 – 31. Still unbowed, Sonians were up for the battle to the last. The kick-off to RHC was narrowly missed being taken by Joyce Shute who roared toward the sluggish RHC forwards. Time came to an end as there were more stoppages as fatigue set in, another rumble to the far line and then no-side. Final Score 0 – 31. Player of the Match : Beenie (Louise Fraser) see the photo with her arms raised high!

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