Players Selected For Inaugural Regional Series

Players Selected For Inaugural Regional Series

Scottish Rugby today announced the two Scotland Women’s regional select sides for the inaugural ‘Regional Series’ with the first game kicking off at Muraryfield this Sunday (6 September, kick-off 11am).Created to provide performance players with an opportunity to play at more competitive level, by bridging the gap between club and international rugby, the Regional Series will be used as selection tool for the Scotland Women’s and development teams for the 09-10 season. Each player will play at least 65 minuntes over the three games (excluding exiles) and will remain with the same team throughout the Series, with substitutes made in accordance with the coaching team.Players will lead the training sessions and pre-match preparation (with the support of a coach) and will be expected to appoint their own captains.REGIONAL SERIES;Match One: Sunday 6 September, Murrayfield (kick-off 11am)Match Two: Sunday 13 September, Murrayfield (kick-off tbc)Match Three: 11 October 09, Murrayfield, (kick-off and date tbc) *this match will exclude exile playersREGIONAL SERIES TEAMSLIONS (BLUE JERSEY)15 Lynsey Douglas  14 Vik Blakebrough 13 Laura Steven12 Stephanie Johnstone 11 Ronnie Fitzpatrick10 Emma Evans9 Sarah Gill1 Ellen Beattie 2 Nikki Mcleod3 Roz Murphy 4 Joy Lyth5 Jilly McCord  6 Laura Hansen7 Ruth Slaven 8 Susie BrownREPLACEMENTS16 Beth Dickens (prop)17 Sarah-Louise Walker (hooker)18 Jemma Forsyth (Number 8) 19 Cara D’Silva (Wing)20 Lisa Martin (Half-back) 21 Julia Blair (Wing) 22 Morag Paterson (Wing / centre)23 Julie Sanaghan (Full-back)24 Tess Forsberg (Centre / back-row)25 Helen Munro (Second row)COUGARS (WHITE JERSEY) 15 Ciara Baxter14 Christina Ovendon 13 Lucy Millard12 Annabel Seargent11 Katy Green10 Tanya Griffith9 Louise Dalgliesh1 Heather Lockhart2 Sarah Quick3 Lindsay Smith4 Louise Moffat 5 Natallya Macholla6 Lana Blyth  7 Keri Holdsworth 8 Donna KennedyREPLACEMENT16 Mari Forsyth (Prop) 17 Louise Gray (Prop / number 8) 18 Marianne Oliver (Second-row / prop)19 Alsion Macdonald (Hooker)20 Jenny Miller (Scrum half)21 Claire Bain (Fly-half)22 Dianne Purvis (Fullback) 23 Joy Bark (Second-row)24 Joan Hutchison (Hooker / back-row)

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