Round-up: Day Two Women’s U18 Six Nations

Round-up: Day Two Women’s U18 Six Nations

Scotland Women's U18 continued their Six Nations campaign today after competing against Ireland and France at Wellington College

The format of the festival provides teams with the opportunity to play against each other, with today’s fixtures seeing Scotland compete against the two nations for 35-minute fixtures each.

This allows each player to start at least one fixture during the week-long festival, with a key focus on developing players as individuals and providing game-time opportunities against other nations.

Speaking after the matches, Scotland Women U18 Head Coach Duncan Harrison said: “A huge amount of praise to our girls on the effort and bravery shown out there today.

“Credit must go to Ireland and France who were relentless both side of the ball. The nature of the game credits the teams who can win the contact areas and we just weren’t able to get a foot in the door. Today was certainly a very positive step forward for us and I’m very proud of the group.

“Our sights are now firmly set on Saturdays game against Italy – and that’s a very exciting prospect.”

Scotland v Ireland 

Ireland got the first points on the board after four minutes with Lily Morris dotting down from close range, despite some gutsy defensive work from Scotland, with the score being converted by Caitriona Finn.

Scotland won a penalty and went for the line-out but unfortunately their attack was brought to a halt after being penalised for not releasing the ball.

Ireland launched themselves into action with a driving maul on the back of a line-out and with a quick pass out the backs, they ran over the whitewash for another five points.

Scotland rallied and a knock-on from Ireland presented the Scots with their first chance to put in at the scrum. Scotland were able to maintain the pressure and eventually won another penalty. The side were then able to get over the line just after 15 minutes with Hannah Dunnett bolstering through the green shirts to get the score, with the conversion attempt going wide of the posts.

A clever cross field kick then saw Emma Brogan collect the ball and dot down to extend Ireland’s lead. Shortly afterwards, winger Hollie Howland was shown a yellow for a deliberate knock on and Ireland were able to add to the scoreboard after a strong driving maul from five metres out saw Beth Buttimer crash down over the line, followed with a successful conversion.

The final minutes of the game saw Scotland have the scrum but Ireland then were able to intercept a ball and dash up the field to get the final score of the day and with the conversion going over, the referee called full-time.

Full-time: Scotland 5 – 31 Ireland

Scotland: Freya MacColl (Stirling County); Nicole Flynn (Stirling County); Freya Lejkowski (Biggar); Faye Sutherland (Edinburgh Harlequins); Hollie Howland (Stirling County); Isla Jamieson (Corstorphine Cougars); Hannah Dunnett (Caithness); Chloe Brown (Stirling County); Karis Craig (Watsonians); Eilidh Fleming (Stirling County); Holland Bogan CAPTAIN (Cartha Queens Park); Eva Finnie (Strathmore); Tessia Smyth (Stirling County); Megan Hyland (Garioch)

Subs: Rebecca Carroll (Perthshire); Alexi McLeman (Highland); Aicha Sutcliffe (Stirling County); Emily Coubrough (Biggar); Ellie-Jo Simpson (Perthshire); Rebekah Douglas (Corstorphine Cougars); Dawn Lawrie (Perthshire); Rianna Darroch (Highland); Lucy MacRae (Stirling County); Louise Taperell (Dumfries Saints);

Scotland v France

France came out firing in the opening period as Charlie Gauyat raced over the line to score.

France were on the charge again and on the fifth minute the side were able to extend their early lead with another score.

Scotland displayed some promising attacks, but a knock-on saw France regain possession but this was short lived as seconds later a knock on gave Scotland the scrum but conceded a penalty and allowed the French winger to bolt down the pitch for France’s third try of the game and a minute later getting another.

Scotland then regained possession at another scrum and gaining a penalty. It was like deja vu a complete minutes later with Scotland getting another scrum and then penalty, but it wasn’t to be for Scotland and France ended back over the whitewash.

Scotland claimed back possession after a great clear out but conceded a penalty seconds later.

France then took to the blindside claiming their sixth try and conversion. With less than 10 minutes to go, Scotland had two scrums but a French rip of the ball saw them sprint over the line for another score.

France took the ball out the side and Scotland had a line-out but France won it and back in the try zone with another conversion. A knock on from France at the restart drew the game to a close.

Full-time: Scotland 0 – 44 France

Scotland: Lucy MacRae (Stirling County); Hollie Howland (Stirling County); Faye Sutherland (Edinburgh Harlequins); Rianna Darroch (Highland); Dawn Lawrie (Perthshire); Freya MacColl (Stirling County); Rebekah Douglas (Corstorphine Cougars); Louise Taperell (Dumfries Saints); Rebecca Carroll (Perthshire); Alexi McLeman (Highland); Megan Hyland (Garioch); Holland Bogan CAPTAIN (Cartha Queens Park); Isla Wheeler (Hillhead Jordanhill); Ellie-Jo Simpson (Perthshire); Emily Coubrough (Biggar).

Subs: Chloe Brown (Stirling County); Karis Craig (Watsonians); Ella Williams (Bristol Bears); Eilidh Fleming (Stirling County); Aicha Sutcliffe (Stirling County); Tessia Smyth (Stirling County); Hannah Dunnett (Caithness); Isla Jamieson (Corstorphine Cougars); Freya Lejkowski (Biggar); Nicole Flynn (Stirling County); Eva Finnie (Strathmore).



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