Values & Respect | Statement from Gav Scott, Director of Rugby Development

Values & Respect | Statement from Gav Scott, Director of Rugby Development

The below statement was issued today (Tuesday 25 January) by Gav Scott, Director of Rugby Development via Club & Schools Communications.

“Watching our clubs and schools return to play in these last five months after so much time off due to covid-19 has been so heartening. However, we know that in the last two years frustrations have been built up, and in some cases, these frustrations have caused improper behaviour on the side-lines and on the pitch to creep into our game.

“Let’s remember, rugby is a fantastic outlet for our stresses and angst, provided we all conduct ourselves in a respectful manner. No matter how good, bad or indifferent you think a player or match official’s performance is, nobody deserves to be met with aggressive behaviour.

“On behalf of Scottish Rugby, I would like to encourage and remind players, volunteers and spectators of the game to continue to create supportive environments and use our great sport as a source of enjoyment, particularly as we all bounce back mentally and physically from the impact of covid-19.

“Rugby is a game for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s your first time playing or spectating at a club – or your 100th – we all have a responsibility to make sure our behaviours reflect the values of our game: respect, leadership, achievement, engagement and enjoyment.

“Below, you’ll find a link to our new Values & Respect video, and over the coming weeks you will see images and quotes shared across Scottish Rugby channels about the importance of our values of the game. I invite you to share this video and our posts with your membership, to reinforce the positive behaviours we all wish to see across our sport.

“If you experience any inappropriate behaviour within the rugby community, please visit the Discipline section of our website, HERE. All matters will be investigated through Scottish Rugby’s established disciplinary processes, and our regional Rugby Development colleagues will be on hand to provide necessary guidance and support.”

“The last two years have been tough on everyone, and we are seeing tensions surface at games and directed towards match officials and players. I would urge everyone in the Scottish rugby community to remember our core value of respect.”
Gav Scott

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