Wider squad named for U18 Girls 7s programme

Wider squad named for U18 Girls 7s programme

Head Coach Gordon Lyon has named a wider training squad for the U18 Girls’ 7s programme.

The group will have evening and weekend training sessions before heading to Prague for a Rugby Europe tournament beginning on Saturday 15 July.

Gordon said: “It’s really exciting to name this group and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the start to this programme.

“The group will now have five weeks of training, and then we will name a preliminary squad to go to Prague, but the wider squad will continue to train to get some more 7s experience and to help us prepare for the games in Prague.

“The squad is a blend of younger players who will have two years in the programme, and also ones who were involved last year.

“The magnification of technical skills in 7s means that even if some of these players don’t continue playing 7s, they will benefit massively from the intense focus on their skillset, but giving an understanding of the game early to these players will hopefully give them the opportunity to one day play representative 7s rugby in the future.”

Scotland U18 girls wider 7s squad

Alanna Beetham (Edinburgh Harlequins)

Charlotte Burrows (Ellon)

Charlotte Russell (Stirling County)

Eilidh Craig (Ellon)

Eilidh McCulloch (Murrayfield Wanderers)

Emily Coubrough (Biggar)

Eve Cowe (Preston Lodge)

Freya MacColl (Stirling County)

Holland Bogan (Cartha Queens Park)

Hollie Howland (Stirling County)

Lucy Macrae (Stirling County)

Megan Hyland (Garioch)

Minala Taoi (Murrayfield Wanderers)

Niamh Robertson-Jack (Stirling County)

Niamh Ross (Annan)

Nicole Flynn (Stirling County)

Poppy Mellanby (Biggar)

Rianna Darroch (Highland)

Saara Archer (Edinburgh Harlequins)

Talei Tawake (Murrayfield Wanderers)

Zoe Mitchell (Annan)

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