Age Grade Law Variations (AGLVs)

Rugby is a game for everyone; all ages, levels of experience and body types. Children can prosper through rugby in an environment where having fun, learning and building confidence are prioritised.

It is the responsibility of all adults in the game to create an environment that is player-centred, development-driven and competition-supported. This applies to coaches, parents, teachers, volunteers and supporters.

A new set of Age Grade Law Variations (AGLVs) were introduced to support a more enjoyable and inclusive game for players in mini rugby and the boys youth game. Further to this, a bespoke set of AGLVs for the girls youth game were introduced in 2019-20, following the same principles of developing an enjoyable and inclusive game.

The AGLVs provide a game play environment that allows players to learn the skills of Rugby Union in a progressive manner, eventually building towards the 15-a-side game.

Training videos and supplementary information on the AGLV’s can be found on Training & Education’s Online Training Hub powered by Hive Learning.

Click on the below links for the AGLVs:


Mini & Boys AGLV Overview

Mini Rugby

U9 (P4)

U10 (P5)

U11 (P6)

U12 (P7)

Boys Youth Rugby

Boys U13

Boys U14

Boys U15

Girls Youth Rugby

Girls U12

Girls U14

Girls U16

Girls U18


The diagram below shows the tackle laws for the U9 (P4) – U14 (S2) game in the Mini-Boys pathway, and the U12 & U14 game in the Girls pathway.

Key Principles

A key principle behind the new AGLVs is to provide a playing format with building blocks up to the 15-a-side game, aligning to the Blueprint ‘The Scottish Way’. The laws allow players time to get to grips with the basics of running, evading, catching and passing the ball before tackling and contact skills are gradually introduced, with the aim of having a positive impact on player safety.

2022/23 will see ta review of the current AGLVs. During this period Scottish Rugby will continue to undertake a match analysis project to determine the impact of each set of laws in comparison with the previous set of AGLVs, as well as asking coaches, referees and players for their feedback.


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