2024 Guinness Women’s Six Nations



10 - 17
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A first win in Italy in the Six Nations! This unbelievable group continues to make history.

We went behind to D’Inca’s opening try, but responded quickly through Lana Skeldon to go in level at half time. Then second half scores from Emma Orr and Chloe Rollie secured a second win of the championship.

The final game takes place a week today, as we travel to Belfast to face Ireland with spots in WXV1 and the 2025 Rugby World Cup on the line.



Dangerous clean – TMO check

18 seconds left, and Rollie is penalised for a cleanout at the ruck which causes a player to tip. We’re going to the TMO to see if further disciplinary action is required.



Penalty kicked to our 22

We’re into the red. Italy kick the resulting penalty just inside our 22.


Yellow for Rollie

Yep, Rollie goes to the sin bin for the cleanout.



Italy within a converted try of drawing level.


Italy penalty

Italy claim the lineout and there’s some illegal mauling from Scotland. Italy kick the resulting penalty down to just inside their half.


Brilliant from Rollie

Italy kick ahead, and Rollie spots a gap and sprints back. The rapid full back gets up to the 22 before she’s brought down, and Scotland head to the left but Orr can’t quite stay infield.

Italy lineout around five metres inside their 22.


Lock swap

Fi McIntosh wins her second cap, on for Eva Donaldson.


Italy penalty

Tounesi piles through the middle, and then Scotland are penalised for not rolling.

It’s in the middle of the pitch just outside our 22, and Rigoni is going for goal.


ANOTHER Italy jackal

Scotland pinch the ball at the ruck and build the phases, but McDonald is isolated in the tackle and there’s another jackal pen.

Italy kick to just outside their 10m.



We kick to touch from kick off once more.


Not straight – and a free kick

Scotland get the scrum from another squint throw in, then get the free kick which is tapped quickly by McDonald.



An incredible team effort!

The maul is stopped, but it’s phase after phase, working all the way from the left corner to the right, then all the way back out left before Rollie spots a gap and steams over.




We kick to touch after the restart. Italian lineout just outside our 10.


Fran on the charge, then a high tackle

Momentum here!

McMillan steals lineout ball again, and Malcolm puts McGhie away down the left. She’s eventually brought down, but it’s a high tackle.

We kick into the left corner.


McLachlan for Stewart

Rachel McLachlan comes on in place of Alex Stewart.



Scotland lead!

A rip in the tackle from Scotland, and Thomson stabs a low kick into the right corner.

Italy just about field it under pressure from Lloyd, but the ball squirms out of the ruck and Emma Orr can’t believe her luck as she picks the ball up and runs over in acres of space.

7-12, the away side lead for the first time!


Not rolling

Granzotto appears to be tackled into touch, but the ball is deemed still in play. At the ruck, Lloyd is penalised for not rolling away.

Italy lineout on our 10.


Scotland pen

Italy hoof in a big kick which McGhie fields, and Rollie takes into contact with ferocity.

The hosts go for another jackal, but this time they don’t release first and we get the penalty.

Thomson finds touch just inside our half on the left.


Mairi on

Mairi McDonald replaces Caity Mattinson at scrum half.


Huge chance goes

Emma Orr bursts through, and finds Lloyd on the right wing. She steps inside two and is brought down just short.

We then fire out to the left and Rollie crashes up the wing, but Italy get another jackal penalty and clear their lines.

They’ll throw in from their 10m line.


Free kick

Scotland close the gap at the lineout. Italy get the free kick and tap and go.


Turnover ball!

As Italy run from deep, Rachel Malcolm creates a maul and wraps the ball up. It’s going absolutely nowhere, and Scotland get the scrum just inside Italy’s 10m line.


Huge kick from Thommo!

McMillan wins the ball at the lineout, and Lisa Thomson HAMMERS a kick down into Italian territory.

It goes out just outside Italy’s 22, inches short of a 50:22.


Scrum pen!

Instant impact from the props!

We win the penalty at the scrum, and Thomson thumps a kick well into Italy’s half.


Another Italian jackal pen

Many an Italian jackal today, and there’s another one. We had got up to the edge of the 22, but Clarke it hit hard in the contact and the jackaler wins the penalty.

Italy kick into our half, on their right flank.


Prop swaps

Elliann Clarke and Leah Bartlett come on for Molly Wright and Christine Belisle.


Squint throw

Scotland get the scrum as another throw goes awry. It’s about five metres outside our 22.


Dropped forward

Only a couple of phases from the lineout before it’s knocked on. Italy get the scrum a metre inside our half.


Heart-in-mouth moment

…unless you’re Chloe Rollie, who was cool as ice!

Mattinson attempts a box kick from just inside our 22, but it’s charged down and Italy look favourites to gather the ball. But Rollie uses her strength to win the race, and Mattinson finds touch at the second attempt.


Evie Gallagher ruck steal

The only thing as likely as a Skeldon maul try; a Gallagher turnover!

Good defence over several phases from Scotland as they keep Italy fairly quiet, then Evie G picks her moment at a ruck and clamps down on the ball.

We exit to just inside our own half.


Scotland scrum

It’s dropped after the lineout by Italy. We get the scrum just inside our own half.


Out on the full

The first real kicking battle of the game so far. It comes to an end when Mattinson’s hoof goes out on the full.

Italy get the lineout on our 10m line.


Italy lineout

Italy kick forward and the ball comes off Caity Mattinson’s knee and out.

The hosts have the lineout just outside our 10m line.


Back underway!



Half time

It’s all level at the break as a forward pass from Scotland brings us to the interval.

We were behind for less than two minutes before Lana Skeldon and the mauling forwards (great name for a rugby band, that) got us back on level pegging.


High tackle

With the clock in the red, we get the penalty for a high tackle deep in our 22.

We’ll keep playing though, and Thomson sends it down to our 10m line.


Let off

A couple of carries and then Thomson kicks, but it’s charged down by Seye. Tounesi romps forward, but there’s a spill at the base of the ruck and we’ll get the scrum just over 5m from our line.


Italy go again

The game is well and truly alive!

Scotland kick to touch from the restart, and then Italy’s backs work it left to right but a loose pass goes into touch.

Scotland lineout around 30 metres from our line.



Strong response

Italy gather the kick off, but then the ball peeks out of a ruck and Skeldon is on it in a flash. Then Seye plays it on the floor, and we get the penalty.

It’s kicked to the left corner.



The prolific Lana Skeldon!

Eva Donaldson catches the lineout, and an expertly constructed maul rumbles over.

Nelly draws us level with the boot. 7-7.


Italy take the lead

Arrighetti runs straight and offloads to D’Inca, who sprints for the right corner before stepping inside Lloyd and over.

7-0 Italy.



Neither side finding that clinical edge. 0-0, but there’s been chances for both.

Scotland clear their lines through Nelson, and then Italy throw a forward pass when running it back.

We’ll get the put-in to the scrum inside our 10m line.


Tackled to touch

Rhona Lloyd gets the ball on the right, but she’s double tackled and put into touch.

Italy lineout just inside our half.


Not straight

This time it’s Italy’s turn to throw squint at the lineout.

We take the scrum 7m out from our line.


Another jackal

Italy knock on after the lineout and Scotland fire forward through McGhie, but there’s another jackal penalty for Italy.

The Azzurri have the lineout around 30m from their line.


First Italian pressure

Italy break through the tackle and Leah Bartlett makes a tackle while off her feet. Italian penalty on our 22, and it’s kicked to just over 5m from our line.


Jackal penalty

Good gain from Skeldon and Thomson off the back of the lineout, but then a strong jackal from Italy and they get the penalty.

They’ll have a lineout just inside their own half.


Maul collapsed

Italy win their lineout and Christine Belisle mistimes a sack attempt, giving Italy the penalty.

Their latest lineout will be just inside our 10m.


Straight out

Eva Donaldson is robbed by a jackaler at the ruck, but then Italy kick out on the full.

We get the lineout just outside Italy’s 22.


Not straight

Not straight at the lineout. Italy opt for a lineout of their own on the same mark.


Scrum for Scotland

Italy win their lineout, but they take it into contact and Skeldon pinches it on the floor.

We fire the ball out far left through the backs, and there’s nearly an intercept from Granzotto but it goes forward.

Our scrum, just inside Italy’s 10m line.


Great scrum!

Big push from Scotland’s forwards, and Turani is penalised for not driving straight.

We’re around 10m out with the lineout on our right.


Tackler not releasing

After winning the lineout, Scotland get the penalty as Italy infringe in a tackle.

Thomson has kicked for touch and put us 20m out on the left.


Knock on

Overthrow at the lineout, and Italy run it from deep. They make gains on the left, but spill it forward when coming back into the centre.

Scotland scrum, around 30m out in the middle.


Messy maul and dropped

Italy make a nuisance of themselves and sack the maul post-lineout, and Malcolm drops it in the melee.

The hosts will scrum down 5m from their line.


Lineout in the 22

Italy exit from the scrum, but we make ground down the left through Rollie, Thomson and Fran McGhie.

Italy nick it back, but then bring it back into their own 22 and kick straight to touch, so Scotland get the lineout on Italy’s 22, on our left wing.


Another penalty

The maul gets going and there’s some illegal binding going on, so we get another penalty. It’s kicked into the right corner.


High tackle

We win the lineout and work it through the backs, and then there’s a high tackle.

We’ve kicked to around 15m out on the right. Lineout there.


First lineout – Scotland ball

Italy work left from the lineout, but a loose pass flees into touch.

We’ll get the lineout around 30m from our line, on our right touchline.


Lisa latches on in the ruck!

Scotland win the lineout and Helen Nelson clears. Italy run it back, but we get the ball again and this time Rollie hacks forward.

Italy then try to run it down the right wing, but the chop tackle comes in from Alex Stewart and Lisa Thomson wins the jackal penalty!

We kick to touch just inside Italy’s 10 on the left.


Dropped again

Louise McMillan rips the ball in contact in midfield, but then a few phases later the second row knocks on. Italy attempt to find space on the left, but Rhona Lloyd shoots out the line to make a vital tackle and we go back for the scrum.

It’s just inside our 10m line in the middle of the pitch.


Thomson to kick off

Always a passionate anthem in Italy!

Lisa Thomson has the ball in her hands on halfway, and she will get this one going in a matter of seconds.


Lost forward

The opening exchanges see Italy get through a couple of phases before kicking. Chloe Rollie gathers and rampages into contact, but it’s been spilled forward on the floor of the ruck.

Italy get the scrum around 30m out from our line.





Moment of silence.

Scottish Rugby extends its sincere condolences to Emma Wassell, her family and friends following the passing of her dear mother, Pauline.

Today the Scotland team will take a moment of silence before kick-off and wear black armbands in her memory.


Teams out!

We’re back out on the pitch!

Some important moments to observe now.


Media duties for the gaffer

Bryan Easson speaks to the broadcasters ahead of kick off.


Teams down the tunnel

The teams head back off the pitch for the time being, but that won’t be long as we’re less than 10 minutes from kick off in Italy.


Warming up

Getting prepped with 30 to go.


Ciao from Parma!

Scotland are off the bus and into the building at Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi!


Big day for Rhona

It’s a big day for Rhona Lloyd, who will win her 50th cap for Scotland in Parma this afternoon.

Go well, Rhona!


Italy Team

Here is the Italy team Scotland will face in today’s Guinness Women’s Six Nations encounter.


Scotland Team

Here is a reminder of the Scotland team to play Italy in the Women’s Six Nations this afternoon.


Hometown Heroes

Recently we caught up with Rhona Lloyd and Helen Nelson to chat to them about what it took to get to the Scotland team and find out about some of the places crucial to their development.

Watch Hometown Heroes Here


Match Preview

Read our match preview ahead of today’s game in Parma.

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It’s game day!

Good morning from Parma ahead of our fourth round match against Italy.

Kick-off is at 4.45pm BST and you watch the match on the BBC Scotland channel or follow the action here.

Kick-off 4:45 pm