2024 Guinness Women’s Six Nations

Hive Stadium, Edinburgh


5 - 15
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France score with final play

Cruel for Scotland as we lose out on a losing bonus point. After several phases Gros goes over.

5-15, and that’ll be it.


France win

Excellent in parts from Scotland, but it’s not enough. A 10-point win for France.

Scotland are back here in two weeks to take on England.

Final mention goes to our record crowd at Hive Stadium. Each and every one of you were fantastic, and we’re so grateful to you all.

See you soon.


Dropped by France

Perhaps a final chance. France drop it on our 22, and we’ll have around two minutes to get up the field and score.


Into touch

Kicks from either side, and as France try to run down our right wing they drift into touch.

Scottish lineout on halfway.


Jackal from France

A few phases from the lineout but then France get the penalty.

They kick to around 30 metres from our line.


Another penalty!

Some powerful carries and then France are pinged for not rolling.

We’re just outside their 10m line with the lineout on our right.


Charge down

We kick over the top, and Rhona blocks the attempted return kick.

French lineout around 30m from their line.


Evie turns it again!

France win their lineout and fire at the line phase after phase, but we hold firm and then Gallagher gets another jackal penalty!

We’ll have a lineout on our 22.


France penalty

Scotland build the phases but can’t move forward. Orr chips in behind and France return it, and then a few phases later we’re penalised at the ruck.

France kick to around six or seven metres from our line.



France don’t roll away, and Helen Nelson’s kick gets us around 35 metres out.


Not straight, and another prop swap

The lineout isn’t straight. Scotland will throw in instead.

Lisa Cockburn comes on for Leah Bartlett.


Lineout stolen!

We steal the lineout and clear to just outside our 22. France lineout there.


Into touch

France kick and Rollie makes a half-break, and Orr then does the same but is bundled into touch.

France lineout just inside their half.


Forward pass

We make metres on the left after the scrum, but the last pass is forward. French scrum just inside their own half.


Prop swap

Elliann Clarke is on, replacing Christine Belisle.


Kicked dead, and a change at 9

Another stolen lineout! Scotland clear to halfway, then France kick back but it goes dead. We’ll have the halfway scrum.

A change at scrum half, as Mairi McDonald replaces Caity Mattinson.


France pen again

Mwayembe gets the jackal pen a phase after Coreen Grant grabbed the ball when it hit the post.

France kick into the left corner.


Hits the post!

And Coreen gathers it!


TMO referral

Kicks from either team, and Nelson finds touch on halfway.

But we’re going back to look at a potential shoulder charge on Chloe Rollie.


France score in the corner

From the scrum restart, France work to the right and Arbey scores in the right corner.



France penalty

A penalty at the breakdown one phase after the scrum for France.

Queyroi will kick at goal, around 35 metres out.


Penalty given

Yes, referee Sara Cox deems it a shoulder charge. It’s a penalty where Rollie’s kick landed, so we’re taking a kick to touch from inside France’s half.

But it’s not found touch, and then Thomson knocks on when France kick it back.

France scrum just inside our 10.


Martin back on

Wright won’t be able to continue. Elis Martin comes back on at hooker.


Another injury pause

With France on the attack, again the referee makes the correct decision and stops play with an injured player. It’s Molly Wright who’s down.



Double change for Scotland, as Molly Wright and Chloe Rollie replace Elis Martin and Meryl Smith.


Nudge from Orr

France kick, and Orr finds space on the left to run it back.

Orr sees space in behind and boots, and it rolls out in France’s half for their lineout.


Knocked on

France steal the lineout and have an overlap on the left, but they drop the ball.

Our scrum, 10 metres from our line.



Lineouts galore. This one is France’s, and it’s just outside our 22.



Nelson finds touch. France will throw in from just inside our 10, on our left.


Straight out

Mattinson goes to the sky, but the ball sails straight out.

France’s lineout about 35 metres from our line.


Back into our half

We steal the lineout and kick again, but France return it and we’ll have a lineout just outside our 22.



France win their lineout, but knock it forward and an offside player collects it.

Scotland lineout just outside our 10.


Kicked dead

France stream down the right and then kick out to space on the left, but it goes dead.

We elect for a scrum about six metres from our line.


France lineout

France kick it back, and Meryl Smith spills it into touch.

France lineout on our 10.


Thomson restarts!



Teams back out

We’re about to get back into it.


Elation for Elis

Elis Martin got the only try of the first half, to the delight of the forward pack who worked a strong and well organised maul.

The ball is in there somewhere and grounded, promise!


Half time

France win their lineout and maul forward, but Gallagher and Rachel Malcolm are in there causing havoc and they’ve made the ball unplayable!

That’ll do for the opening 40. We lead by two at the break!


Emma steals it!

Mattinson kicks in behind, and France run it back. But Emma Orr steals it at the ruck, winning a pen!

We kick out in France’s 22 on the right.


France penalty

This time France get the breakdown penalty.

They kick it out just inside their own half, with the clock in the red.


Our lineout on halfway

Kickoff gathered, and the boot from Thomson to return it is huge!

France find touch on halfway in reply, and we throw in on our left.


Penalty again

An excellent maul gets us inches short, and France are forced to concede the penalty again.

We go back into the left corner.


It’s Martin, and our points are startin’!

Maul try!

It’s a try for Elis Martin on her first start for Scotland, as her throw-in finds Nelson and the maul hauls her over!

The conversion just curls away. 5-3.


Scotland penalty

We’re awarded a penalty for France going off feet at the breakdown.

Thomson boots it into the left corner.


Excellent territory gained by Thommo!

Thomson sends an excellent boot downfield which France just keep in play, but we soon get the lineout on their 22.


More great defence!

You’d have to say France have had the better of this, but Scotland’s defence is resilient and brave.

A counter-ruck causes Bourdon Sansus to knock on, and we have a scrum five metres from our line.


Our lineout on halfway

After an initial kick is charged down, we get the ball clear and substitute Bourgeois puts a foot in touch catching it!

We’ll throw in at halfway.


Held up!

It was Bourdon Sansus who went quick, and France worked all the way up to the line, but excellent work from a host of Scots including Stewart and Thomson hold the ball up!

We’ll exit via the goal line dropout.


Scrum pen!

The scrum wheels, and Scotland are given the penalty.

Nelson gets us just outside of our own 22.


France penalty

France win a jackal penalty in our half and go quickly, working play left.


Injury pause

Scotland on the attack, but an injury to Vernier in a tackle and play is correctly halted.

We’ll restart with a scrum for Scotland just inside France’s half, on our left flank.


France lineout

We kick clear, then France chip over the top but Alex Stewart catches brilliantly under pressure.

Then Thomson boots over the top to the right wing, and it rolls out.

France lineout just inside their 10.



France win their lineout and work a couple of phases, but Evie Gallagher makes a trademark steal at the ruck and wins the penalty!

Nelson going for goal.


Kicked dead

From the 22, Nelson tries to find space but it goes too long and over the dead ball line.

French scrum, just inside our half.



Nelson misses left, and France have the 22.


Narrow escape

From the scrum France come firing up the left, before working back right.

But a knock on from Konde ends the attack, and Scotland get the scrum on our own 5m line.


In the 22

France exit, and Scotland play a few phases before Thomson chips into the 22 and out.

The visitors throw in from there.


Another penalty

An intentional knock-on, and France get the penalty on our 22 in front of the posts.

They’re going for goal.


Lineout pinched!

We grab the ball from the lineout and exit!

France will throw in from around 25 metres from our line.



Queyroi makes no mistake.


France’s first lineout

Ambitious from Scotland as Mattinson decides to run a kick back and throws to the left wing for Coreen Grant in space, but it goes out.

France lineout, just inside their half.


France penalty

Romane Menager breaks almost through to the line, but she’s tackled and Christine Belisle grabs a free ball.

But we’re penalised at the ruck, and France kick to the corner.


Up to the 22

Thommo kicks again, and this time France can only put it out just outside their 22.

We’ll throw in on the right.


Now the first lineout

Three or four phases, then Lisa Thomson puts boot to ball.

France return it, and Scotland have a lineout around 30m from France’s line, on our right.


And another lineout

France steal the lineout, but then kick out on the full.

Another Scottish throw-in, this time on our left just inside France’s half.


First scrum

We exit from kick off, then France knock on.

We’ll put into the first scrum, a few metres inside France’s half.


Queyroi starts it!



Ready to go!

Scotland’s first home game of the 2024 Guinness Women’s Six Nations is seconds away.

Excited for this one?


Back inside

The teams head into the changing rooms, soon to reappear.


Anthem time!

To a deafening cheer from the record crowd, Scotland and France enter the pitch!

We’ll have a wee singalong, then it’s time to getting going.


Having a Lou-k

Louise McMillan scans the programme ahead of her 50th cap.


Worrming up

Emma Orr and the Scotland team are completing their warm ups.


Scotland team

Here is a reminder of your Scotland team to play France this afternoon.

Kick-off is now just 45 minutes away!


Pick up your programme

Our brand new tournament programmes looks so good!

Pick up yours at the stadium for £3.


Team arrival

The Scotland squad have arrived and were led into the stadium by Louise McMillan, who will make her 50th appearance today.



Scotland changing room

The Scotland changing room inside the Scottish Gas Murrayfield.


Jasmin Paris

Ultramarathon runner Jasmin Paris will be delivering the match ball for today’s game.

We encourage all fans to be in their seats promptly to give her the welcome her inspirational efforts deserve.



Coming today?

Here is everything you need to know if you’re coming along to Hive Stadium today.


This week’s podcast

Have a listen to this week’s podcast episode which features Scotland full-back, Meryl Smith.

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Kick-off times

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Tickets still available

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If you’re heading along to Hive Stadium today make sure you pick up our brand new tournament programme.


Record crowd

There will be a record crowd inside Hive Stadium today.

A crowd of more than 5,000 will be there to cheer on Scotland, beating last year’s record of 4,862!


It’s game day in Edinburgh!

Good morning from Hive Stadium in Edinburgh ahead of Scotland v France in the Guinness Women’s Six Nations.

It’s a big day for Louise McMillan, who will make her 50th appearance for Scotland this afternoon.

Kick-off is at 2.15pm and you can follow all the action right here.

If you’re in the area there are still tickets available here.


Kick-off 2:15 pm